Blessed Be

"Dance in the moonlight maze. Dance until the power of light and dark meet, becoming one. Dance until the power of the body courses and flows. Dance in the heat of the moment. I request thy dark father who governs the lower regions of the world and eternity to grant my desires. I request power for my loins. I request the eternity of my rein. I give to thee freely my body and thee vessels you see before you."

"Get up vessels, and undress. Undress and show our father your naked bodies. Show our father your hard willing cocks. Show our father your willingness to be penetrate and be penetrated."

"Now kneel before me. Yes. I give to thee my cock. Take my cock into your mouth. Yes... oh yes. That feels so very good. Yes. Rub your tongue over my cock and my balls. Yes. Suck on my cock hard. Yes, like that. You there... yes you. Go stand behind me. Ah. Is your cock ready servant of the unholy? So use it. Place your hard member between my cheeks. Place it deep up my tight ass. Yes."

"I beg of thee my lord. He who governs my heart and mind. Accept these offerings. Come into my body. Let my cum be yours. Let my orgasm be yours. I beg of thee...."

"Ahhh... You on the floor. You need to continue sucking on me. You over there - yes to my right. Pull that table over to me. Stand upon the table and allow me to suck on your cock. Yes stand before me."

"Dearest master, there are now three. Three willing slaves to fuck me. I beg of thee come into my body and feel their hands. Feel the pleasure of the tongue on my shaft. Feel the pleasure of a thick cock deep up my ass. Feel and taste...hmmm... taste the pleasure of a thick cock being dangled in front of your mouth."

"My soul is for your taking as is my body. I beg of thee to allow me to do your bidding. Enjoy the pleasure of a hard cock pounding deep... yes, harder and deeper. Get it in deeper. Spank me. Yes, spank my ass. Ooh... yeah like that. Suck my cock.... yes and play with my tight balls. Hmmm... tasty. Do not cum yet. Hold it. Wait for our dark master. Master I beg of thee... my ass burns for you. My cock swells to attention for you. I stand waiting to cum. I beg of thee... let me feel you inside me. Fill me, your willing vessel. Place your hard cock inside me. Allow me the pleasure of being your sexual slave."

"Suck on my cock. Let me suck on yours dark master. Your magnificent cock. Let me place your cock inside me holding it deep. Let me taste and feel your hot cum spraying in my face. Allow me the pleasure to please you for all eternity."

"Dark master... I beg of thee take me, I am yours. Feeling the tight balls slapping against your bare ass. Feel the hardness of a salty cock inside your mouth. Hmmm... taste the cum. The sweet cum. Ohhh... yes, yes, yes, fuck me harder... suck me harder... harder... yes, yes. I am going to explode... I am going to cum... Yesssss.... more more more more.... harder.... yes, yes.... fuck me harder.... deeper.... yes yes yes.... oooh oooh its its its.... I goin g toooo explode!"

"Ahhhh master.... you have cum!"

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