Panty Dreams

Granted I may be weird, but I have this thing about panties. I can not explain how it got started, but I just know it is... It happens mostly when I go to the bathroom in public washrooms. It happened just a few moments ago, my boyfriend knowing nothing about it. We went to dinner, like usual... and I needed to pee. I seem to need to pee more often when I am out then when I am at home.

So I went to the women's bathroom. And like usual, there is a line... a long line of other women who need to pee. Okay, this is where and when it starts. I am in the line patiently waiting, like all the other women and my mind goes to the noise the other women are making in the stall. I can hear them take down their skirts and pants. I can hear the distinctive noise of zippers and snaps. I can hear the removal of their panties as they slide down the skin of their legs.

As the soft fabric rustles against the thin hairs of the upper leg. I can almost hear (and I am sure this is purely in my own mind) the pubic hair sighing their relief of finally being free. I wonder how many women have the pubic hair shaved and or cut back. I wonder how many have it growing wild, like mine. Free and long... allowing it to caress its soft shafts between their legs! I even wonder what type of panties they are wearing. I have gotten really good at this... I can tell, just by the sound, what type of panties a women is wearing. I know when a women is wearing g-strings that kiss the wet lips and ride high between the cheeks. Actually, these are my favorite type of panties.

I enjoy wearing g's cause they make me hot and wet. When I get into the stall, I spend several minutes fingering my own clit as I imagine the panty material running, nestling and shielding other women's clits. I have never wanted or desired to kiss or suck on another women's click.

But I have always wondered what it would be like being that slim piece of material shielding the world away from their delicate wet lips. I sometimes want to put my hand there, and help shield other women's clits from the world... I want to be in the stall with them and see them go through the motions of unzipping and pulling down.

I want to nestle my lips against the moist fabric that just shared the space with their lips. As I said... it is weird. My boyfriend can not figure why I come back from the bathroom wanting to touch him. Actually, I want to just put something stiff and hard between my lips. I want to close my eyes and remember those familiar noises of other women peeing and removing their panties.

It is also the noise that peeing makes that turns me on. Unlike a man, the noise women make is soothing like a soft romantic song of a bubbly brook. It is that noise combined with my wicked imagination and my fingers that get me going.

I rub my fingers in deeply, massaging the same spot and push myself to the edge. Once I was out with girlfriends and just needed a stiff one to penetrate me. I grabbed the first guy, a waiter, and pulled him into a back room. He looked a little shocked and didn't seem to know what to do. I pulled his pants down and found his hardness. I closed my eyes and imagined the wonderful noise of other women's panties and peeing. I placed his hard cock deep into my mouth.

I sucked hard encouraging his cum into my mouth. I made him hard again, and shoved him deep between my wanting lips. I rode him hard and fast.... and then I let out a little tinkle of my own. My own hot juices spread over his ankle kissing slacks. Feeling the warmth of the pee slide between my swollen lips and down my legs. Listening to my own sweet music as my thighs sighed with pleasure. Okay, so the guy was a bit upset that I peed on his pants... but so what?

It was a combination of the noise of peeing and imagining other women's panties... that combination and his stiffness... made me cum. I just couldn't resist peeing on him too!

Just thinking about that has gotten me horny. I wanted to explain so that maybe someone else will understand. You see... I told one of my close girl friends about my fixation and she automatically accused me of being a lesbian... I have no desire to have sex with other women...

I just like to imagine about their panties and peeing. Anyways, I thought I could trust her and I found out I couldn't. She told everyone. She might as well had taken an advertisement out and told the world. Women look at me strange when I go into the public bathrooms on campus. It is like everyone knows. I wonder if she posted it on one of the internet chat rooms. Yo, everyone... Brenda has this thing... this strange thing about the noises other women make in the bathroom... like peeing.

My boyfriend broke up with me. He said that I was truly weird. I would think a guy would find it cool. So, I am writing this to try to explain to anyone who is willing to listen. Like I am not weird... and yeah, how I get off is weird... but it should be cool too!

The day after we broke up, I met this other guy on campus. He is really cute and I never thought he would ever be interested in me. I am not ugly or anything like that. But I am an average cute women; whereas, I imagine him being with these knock model types.

He sat down with me during one of my classes. We chatted for a long long time. It was sort of weird, but we both share the same strange fantasies. He enjoys going into the guys bathroom and listen to other men pull down their underwear too! He also gets off by listening to them pee. So we made a major concession. We both taped our favorite sounds. We wear head phones as we are getting off with each other.

I have never experienced sex as wonderful as when I am with him. He knows how to please me and is willing to go down on me, even risking that I may release a little hot stream of my own. He rides me long and hard, just as I like it. We are both engrossed with each other and engrossed with our individual panty and peeing music as we get off. It is simply wonderful. I guess every story has a silver lining and this is mine. If my girlfriend hadn't back stabbed me and told everyone on campus my secret, I would have never had an opportunity to date Brian - my perfect match! By Szilagyimi woman panties dick.

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