Touching the Zone

It glided up and up... touching the trees. The wind pulled it's form faster and faster as it glided on the breeze. It's form kept changing as the wind pulled it's molecules around changing it's destiny. Each leaf and branch changed it's arrangement sculpting it's form into something new... something mysterious. It was concerned that it may not be normal once it zoned. Zoning was important. It would land and then become.

This was it's first zone... It's first time. All was new to it and different. It was use to the same, before the opportunity to zone... and then it happened. It happened without notice.. without intent. It had tried before, but each time it resisted it. It... the energy around it and in it wouldn't listen to it's mental voice. It soared again through and up... It was concerned that perhaps it had done something wrong, though in hind sight there was no manual or class that taught an individual to zone. You either had it or you didn't. It had it and so did it's siblings. Though it was no longer an individual. It was and yet was not.

It was told it skipped a generation or two, that explains why it's parents didn't have it, nor any of it's friends. It wanted to experiment with someone, but there was no one... It's siblings had all zoned long before It... Once you zoned, you can not go back... back to who it was before... to the being... to the body. Zoning forces It to change... into something unknown... and open vessel about to be evacuated. An open arena that It would temporarily fill until it was time to zone again.

It's vessel... the form It was before was now dead. It briefly saw It's parents mourn for their loss... only to realize that they had not lost It, not for real that is. That It had zoned, and hopefully would come back as something recognizable... but that was not up to It and It had no control... It's parents knew this... and yet they still held onto hope.

Before zoning It was a beautiful young teenager with a boyish figure. The boys use to tease It before It showed them It's secret. All zoner's had secrets... hidden talents to delight and explore senses that were not always available to the norms. That is what It called those who could not zone... norms. Norms lived their day to day life not realizing that there was another plane... another place or time for them to exist. Zoning took you here or there... it took the individual to the place or time of an open vessel. Past or future had no barrier.

It's form continued to mold and change. Each molecule changing its position... building and breaking down. It knew It was becoming. How It knew It did not know. It was a feeling... an idea that stirred in It's brain. It's first zone would be to help... to encourage.

Zoner's are able to touch a Norm and send their erotic soul into another plane of existence. One that was filled with the pleasure of touch without actually touching. It's grandfather called it "Mind Fucking". But It did not like that term... it was too trashy... too limited. Zoner's were able to bring a Norm to the brink of fulfillment... exquisite enjoyment by just allowing their minds to touch.

It was moving downward... accelerating. It thought for a moment that It was going to crash. That allowing It's mind to wander had somehow hindered the zoning... had unbalanced that part of It that was in control... though It hardly believed that any part of It was in control. It felt out of control... and never felt as if It had any control over the zone... it was just something that was. It knew that It was not crashing but rather needed the speed to penetrate... to become one with the Norm. It molecules had changed enough to fit the same format of the Norm. It was going to become... It was exuberant with the prospect... being It's first time.

It took only moments... and there was blackness. A few minutes of unknown... of confusion as It became accustomed to It's temporarily new home. It felt different and rough. It looked into the closest mirror and discovered It was no long what It was before... but a he. It understood why It felt so different. It was strapped in a wheel chair and couldn't feel It's legs.

It knew that It was suppose to teach him... the vessel It was now in... to zone. Since his tour of duty he had not been able to fulfill his needs. His body did not respond to his physical needs. It no longer became erect and ready... his tortured mind was filled with what was... versus the newness of what could be and what is... It knew now what It had to do... It's first assignment.

His eyes were closed and It knew he felt It... and in his mind saw It. It was like being in a dark corridor with nothing except a small light. Under that mysterious light source It stood... pristinely beautiful... his fantasy... what he wanted. It touched his mind and filled him with the possibilities. Since Itself was now part of him, he had working parts that could be expanded and exploded. But It was not a female of the species... It was a he... a he in his head.

He was also fighting with finding and recognizing his true self. The need to feel and be... without the world making any judgments. To explore that part of himself he was unwilling to open and see. The door in his mind opened and initially he rebelled. His mind was gently put into a deep sleep, allowing him not to escape. It was in control and was making him face his fantasy as if it was a reality.

Opening the door... and helping him to step through... to another threshold of something new... something that held more possibilities than the hell he trapped himself into. It needed to encourage him into a fulfilling relationship, exploring all the possibilities.

It had powerful shoulders that expanded wide. A full smooth chest. It looked down and noticed the penis... a wonderful large specimen that would make any man proud. Long and thick it held its form well. As a he, It walked out of the door... and into his fantasy. It reached out to him and allowed him to touch the implement he desired.

It's penis swelled with delight and the man faltered. His mind still struggled against the possibilities... the possibility of touching something he had... something that was part of his soul and yet, not his. It walked toward him and wrapped It's thick arms around him. It pulled him near making him feel safe. His clothing melted away from his glorious form.

In his head he had legs... long shapely strong legs with a powerful appendage dangling between them. He felt the first initial pain of penetration which was softened by the gentle kisses on his neck. Tenderly, It slowly and with compassion, stuck the penis within. It stopped, waiting for his body to respond and relax.

Gradually the penis penetrated and as gradually he started rotating his hips begging for it... wanting it to go deeper. The arms held him and stroked his chest. His own hands stroked his member and one reached between his legs, tantalizing and cupping the balls belonging to the other penis... The moment was slow and warm... delightfully erotic and true.

It started chewing on his ear and speaking all the words he dreamt some he would say... telling him and assuring him that all was well... That he was safe. Finally, he was safe. The dead bloody bodies of his nightmares no longer had a hold... only It. It had cleansed his mind, filling his memory with images of the he... that was really It. A hand reached down and caressed the cheek of his firm and supple end.

It pulled the appendage in further completely penetrating him. His body rocked with the first wave... he held on tight waiting for the next assault. Wanting to completely enjoy the moment and expand with it... be filled with it. Holding him gently, It finally pulled out... It knew he wanted more... required more... but It was being called. Again, It was forced to zone... leaving the man behind.

Touching his mind... he was now able to achieve his dreams... to find a real lover to fulfill his fantasies. That was the reason It was called to help... called to penetrate and touch his mind. Now It was free again. It's molecules changing again... repositioning themselves. It was flying high... soaring toward the tops of the trees. The wind held It again... and once more It was changing. Again It wondered what will be next...

Written By Tyuge

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