Big, black, uncut monster

It's been several years, but I still fondly remember
the spring that changed my young life forever - the
spring I spent at baseball training camp in Florida.

Sports were never all that important in my family. My
dad's a prominent lawyer. Sports to him are something
poor kids worked at to get out of their situation.
Playing a sport for money is something they do to
arrive. We arrived three generations ago. We're old
money. We represent players, but my father still
thinks in terms of "us" and "them."

Me, I never could fit in. I just liked playing base-
ball. The minor league contract offer and invitation
to attend spring training came as a shock to me. I did
hit .458 my senior year, but most of my hits were
singles. I played third base where my quickness paid
off enough to make the all-sectional team. I was good,
but many others in our area were just as good, and some
were better. I knew that my stats were impressive
mostly due to the mediocre teams I'd been facing.

I thought about it for a week. Dad, of course, advised
against it. I signed the contract anyway. Dad was
pissed. He planned for me to attend Yale. You know
the routine. I was supposed to follow in his footsteps.
The paperwork had already been approved at pre-law

The first night I lay in bed in Florida, I wondered if
I'd made the right decision. Everything was so dif-
ferent there. We were housed in a cheap, roadside
motel. The older, established players wouldn't arrive
for three or four weeks. There were more than enough
of us to make the small baseball field seem crowded,
though. Everyone there was the star of his local team.
Some had played pro ball before, but the vast majority,
like me, were just young guys scared that the coaches
would realize that they didn't belong.

For many, that fear was justified. More than half
wouldn't be there by the time the old pros arrived.

My roommate was Calvin Johnson. He was 6'5" of carved
ebony, a natural born baseball player. He could do it
all. In camp, the coaches changed him from left field
to right, a move that Calvin took as an insult. That
just made him work harder.

The first time I saw Calvin, he was standing in front
of the toilet, cock in hand, pissing. We were assigned
to a double motel room on the end nearest the highway.
I dropped my bags and called out as I entered the dingy
room. He answered in a deep, booming voice. When I
turned to look, I saw him in the bathroom mirror. That
long black thing in his hand was soft, but it looked
longer than my prick did totally erect. He finished
pissing, gave it a few shakes and tucked it back into
a jock.

As we shook hands for the first time, that sweaty old
jock was the only thing covering Calvin's magnificent
body. Like I said, I'm built for speed. Calvin's body
was pure power. He was the ultimate as a home run
hitter. You could see the hours of pumping iron show-
ing through the ebony sculpture of his physique. Every
inch of his supple, black skin molded around fluid
muscles that bulged as Calvin moved. I was amazed at
how smooth his body looked. I learned later that my
black roommate shaved to get that smooth, hairless

Only under the jock did Calvin have hair, and that was
a thatch of curly black brush that grew around the base
of his cock.

During the day, Calvin and I were in different groups
going through drills and testing. After the evening
meal, we went back to the seedy motel and talked about
the day. Competition was fierce, but since I was
trying out for third base and he was in the outfield,
neither of us was a threat to the other. We talked
about baseball and sex, the two common topics around
a training facility. Calvin was twenty, a year older
than me, but from his stories I guessed that he'd had
much more sexual experience than anyone from my group
of friends. The things he mentioned casually were
more exciting than the bragging tales of my buddies.

At lights-out time, a coach came around to perform a
bed check. If a player missed bed check, he was fined.
I wasn't making enough to pay many fines, so I was
always in bed on time.

The first night, Calvin and I were already in our beds
when the coach checked us off his list. He clicked
off the lights. Calvin got up and locked the door.
Even with the lights off, our room wasn't all that
dark. The Motel sign at the street eluminated our
room with a red tenged glare that looked other-worldly.
Calvin's bed was nearer to the window, so I could see
his outline as he got back into bed. I watched as he
tossed the sheet back and turned over onto his back.

Calvin's black frame was obvious against the white
bottom sheet. It was a hot spring in Florida. Calvin
slept in a pair of shorts, but I saw him pull them
down. A hand started moving at his waist, tugging at
his soft cock, slowly building it into a huge hard-on
that stuck up in the air, silhouetted in the red light.
I could tell how long it was by judging his cock
against his large hand. The distance he had to stroke
to reach the tip showed me how huge his boner actually

In a short time, Calvin started grunting. His hips
arched up. I saw his cream flying, the cum looking
florescent in our dimly lit room. Calvin grunted
again, a second and third wad of flying cum covering
his chest. Calvin then wiped up the mess with a face
cloth and rolled over on to his side facing me. Seconds
later, he was breathing steadily as if asleep.

After that show I had to relieve my aching nuts. Some-
thing about seeing this supremely masculine guy jacking
off made my own cock surge into a roaring hard-on. I
whacked myself off, trying to keep silent, but my
orgasm was too exciting. My cum shot up, the first
jet flying all the way past my head. I guess I was
horny. I could hear Calvin chuckling as I cleaned up
with a tissue and dropped off into the sleep of

It became a regular for us, even if we didn't talk
about it. We started sleeping in the nude. After
bed check, both of us jacked off. I stopped trying
to hide it. I let my groans sound as loud as Calvin's.
The box of tissue sitting on the table between us
rapidly diminished. (After all we were in our prime,
and horny. We weren't allowed female companionship
during the early traning period.)

On the first Saturday night in camp, the ritual
changed. There is no lights-out time on Saturday.
Like always, we were talking about sex as we got into
bed. The door was locked, but the lights in the
bathroom were still burning. As Calvin started jacking
off this night, I could clearly see him and even more
clearly see his beautiful black cock.

"Wow, Calvin!" I hissed.

I thought there was something a little funny about the
look of my roommate's big cock, other than it being
black. Now, in the light, I got a better view. As he
started running his hand over the still soft prick, I
saw the difference. Calvin was uncut!

"Never saw a snake before, Kirk?" Calvin laughed.

"No," I whispered seriously. "I'm circumcised. Every-
one I know is. Are most black men still natural?"

Calvin laughed, but he didn't point out how stupid I
was about the world. He just kept moving his hand
over that growing black monster. As it grew into a
full erection, the skin still completely covered the
knob until his fist tightened and skinned it down.

"What's that feel like?" I asked in an awed whisper.

"Great," he said, and laughed again.

"No, Calvin." I said softly. "I mean what does it
feel like to have that extra skin on your dick?"

"How would I know, Kirk," he said. "Mine's always
been like this. What's it like to have a round head?"

"I guess that makes sense," I said.

We jacked off silently for a minute or two. I watched
his hand moving. He watched mine. I had to lube up
with spit and precum. He just glided along, fisting
that skin back and forth.

"Well?" Calvin said with another of his infectious
grins. "Who's gonna go first, Kirk? You wanna feel
it, or not?"

I got up, going to Calvin's bed. As he moved to make
room, we stretched out side by side, both very nervous.
This was a first for me, but not for Calvin, I found
out later. His hooded meat lay up on his belly. Heavy
balls hung low in the crinkled sac. I reached over,
one finger stretching as I touched the shaft of his
silky black hard-on while Calvin reached for my prick
at the same time.

The thick hunk of cock meat in my hand throbbed as I
started jacking it off. The foreskin felt so wicked
as it moved with my fist, sliding up and down. His
dribbling precum coated the head of his cock and the
inside of that naughty skin. All I had to do was to
move my hand to get a reaction from Calvin.

Down on my own dick, Calvin's fist was too firm. He
fisted me, expecting the skin to move. On my cut cock,
the skin was stretched so tight that it was about to
split. Calvin's hand didn't feel good. In fact, it
was beginning to hurt a little.

"You've got to keep it wet," I groaned.

Calvin spit in his hand, then went back to jacking me
off. Each time, I got dry again quickly. He was get-
ting frustrated.

"Wet it again,"' I groaned.

"Fuck this shit!" I heard his snarling.

Suddenly, Calvin turned and took my stiff prick between
his lips. Startled, I jerked. I'd never had a blow
job before. I'd heard about them, but I still wasn't
sure that giving head wasn't some sort of joke that my
friends kept running on me. The forbidden thrill of
Calvin's mouth on my cock made the feelings even more
erotic. He started to pump a fist over my prick as he
pulled his mouth from the head.

"You gonna do me, too?" he asked, his dark eyes flash-
ing passionately in the motel room.

Calvin's experience paid off for us. He showed me how
to get into a sixty-nine position with him. As I
gawked openly at the huge black thing only inches from
my face, my roommate was busily sucking at my prick.
It felt good. Damn, it felt good! I closed my eyes and
groaned as Calvin's tongue rolled across the underside
of my throbbing prick. He pushed a hand between us,
finding my nipples with his strong fingers, pinching
and pulling out on the white buds to make me groan
louder. His other hand cupped my balls.

I'd never felt anything like this in my life. Granted,
my sexual experience to that point wasn't something to
brag about, but the things Calvin was doing to me still
felt wonderful. The uncut black cock I was watching

My dad was pissed about my coming to Florida. I was
wondering how he'd feel if he could see me now, in bed
with a black man, getting ready to suck his cock. That
thought of my dad watching me made my cock jerk in
Calvin's sucking mouth.

Calvin was on his side like me. I reached around his
hip, my hand resting on his heavily muscled butt. I
leaned forward, kissing the velvety tip of the black
man's big boner. He humped his hips in time with his
cock. Fucking. I knew what he wanted. My lips opened.
After I licked around them to moisten my suddenly dry
lips, I put my mouth over the tip of his black cock.
The next time he moved his hips, the top two or three-
inches of his meaty thickness thrust into my mouth.

His precum broke over my tongue. The sweet juicy goo
melted into my tastebuds, filling my senses with the
flavor of wild honey and musk and other tastes that
made my body shiver. The tip of my tongue peeked out,
searching for more, probing over his pisshole while
his juicy foreskin rolled all the way down over my

"Go for it, Kirk," I heard his soft groan. "Suck that
black dick, boy."

"Mmmm," I purred deep in my throat as I greedily bobbed
against his crotch, taking his knob fully into my mouth
and swabbing the tip with my lusty tongue.

He tasted wonderful and his cock felt as if it was made
just for my mouth. The crinkly ball sac pushed up
against my forehead. Calvin's hot sucking got faster.
The head of my cock went deeper, sliding right down
into his throat. No way was I going to duplicate that
feat, I knew, not with Calvin's huge black bat swelling
even bigger inside my mouth. His cock must have been
ten inches long, and all of that lovely throbbing
length was begging for my attention.

I used my mouth on the top half of my black roommates
uncut beauty, allowing my fist to caress the rest. My
drool and his loose foreskin made it easy. I let my
fist fly up and down the long shaft as my mouth and
tongue attacked the head of the black pole. Calvin was
groaning with me now as his wonderful throat took more
and more of my aching hard-on. He couldn't seem to get
enough of my white cock.

The rod in my mouth throbbed. I held on tightly to the
veiny stalk of cock meat while I swirled my tongue
madly over the inch or so just under his piss hole.
My guts were melting and getting set to spurt out
through my cock. I was so close to cumming that I felt
my heart pounding in my chest, feeling as if it was
right on the verge of bursting from the effort of
filling my overstretched cock with blood.

Right at that exact moment, Calvin shaved a finger up
into my butt - and wriggled against the tight knot of
my prostate.

My cum shot out, filling Calvin's mouth. I was busy
experiencing the same thing, only in reverse. While I
got off with my cock still buried in the black out-
fielder's sucking mouth, he was slamming his cock into
my mouth, hitting over the wall of my throat on each
wild stroke. Hot, gushing cum splashed out with
tremendous force. I had to pull up. I backed off his
cock a little to keep from gagging and ruining his
orgasm. No. I wasn't trying to deny him the same
delight that Calvin was giving me. I wanted to do him
all the way to the end. I kept my mouth glued to his
hot cock, sucking and flicking that slimy, rolling cum
that continued to hammer out in home run blasts from
the piss hole in the end of his beautiful, black bat.

With my mouth full of cum, I rose up to the tip of
Calvin's cock and swallowed. The rich, sweet cream
slid down my throat.

For the rest of that spring training session, Calvin
and I were lovers. He just loved using that big dick
of his. During the day, he was as manly and gruff as
any other ballplayer, but at night Calvin was gentle
and patient as he broke in a willing, eager young man.
I wanted to do it all, and to do it immediately. When
Calvin brought up the subject of butt-fucking, I was
all for it, although the thought of me fucking him
didn't occur back then. All I wanted was to feel that
big, black, uncut monster up inside me...

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