Man in the cage

The dog cages were in the back of the house. Trent walked along the
cages looking carefully. He needed a good hunting dog and picking the right
dog was important, not too young but not old, big, aggressive but not
ferocious, able to scent and a capacity for intelligence that was, at times
and in its own way, close to human. A dog a man could count on to run on
the hunt and find its prey, the rabbits and squirrels and (in season) deer
that filled a man's cookpot with the meat that his pocketbook couldn't
provide by other means.
One cage was larger and stronger built than the others, and the
doghouse inside was much larger. Trent didn't want a dog so big it'd need
such a big house, but he was curious. Dog must be strong, for not only was
the cage double-strong, the dog inside was on a chain strong enough to
detain an elephant. He couldn't quite see what was inside, not from here.
"Hey, boy! Come on out, tch-tch-tch!" he clicked a dog-summons.
The chain stirred, but the dog didn't come out.
"Come on, boy, come on. Tch-tch-tch-tch-tch!"
The chain rustled, and out came the occupant of the doghouse.
Trent blinked. Good God! This wasn't a dog, this was a man! In his
early twenties at a guess, his hair unkempt, his nude, burly body bearing
more than the usual amount of hair, but his blue eyes looked up hauntedly
at Trent.
"You''re a man!" Trent stammered.
"Yes." the man sighed.
Trent struggled to find an intelligent question to ask. "Why they got
you locked up in here?" His accent turned that into "Whuh theh gots yuh
locked up in hee-ah?"
"I have to be locked up." the man said as if that explained it all.
The owner of the dogs was approaching him. Trent turned to meet the
man. "Mister Williams, why you got this man locked up like a dog?"
"What?" Mr. Williams seemed surprised by the question. "Oh, you mean
Jared? Yeah, poor guy, he's not right in the head. Have to keep him locked
up out here. Best that way."
"You can't lock up someone like a...a dog."
"Oh, he knows he belongs here. Just ask him." Mr. Williams, a large,
cruel man, turned to the captive and said, "Don't you belong here, Jared?"
"Yes, sir." Jared replied without looking up.
"Don't you worry none about Jared. I keep him well fed and plenty of
water and such. He's not a bad sort, but it's safer if he stays in
there. Now, come on, you said you wanted yourself a good hunting dog?"
"I got a couple of young ones you can look over down this way."
Trent followed, but looked back. Jared's hands were on the chain link
fence, looking out at Trent with a look of longing, loneliness and sadness
that tore at Trent's heartstrings. He determined that, soon as it was dark,
he was coming back and getting that poor man out of this crazy man's
clutches. If he was actually addled, then Trent would get him to the men in
the white coats, get him the help he needed!
He didn't buy any of Williams' dogs, his excuse that night, if caught,
was that he wanted to look at another couple of the dogs again, that would
work unless he was captured in the act of freeing Jared.
The night came on, and was dark as dark could be, the moon was down
but would rise soon. He didn't want the moonrise, for when it did come up,
it would be practically full. And it would be up soon! The only light was
that which splashed out from the house's windows, it gave everything a bare
minimum of light, just barely enough to see big things with little ability
to see the littler ones unless you were right upon them.
The dogs, for a mercy, were sluggish from their feeding and didn't
bark. Trent stumbled now and then, but not too badly, the run between the
cages was reasonably smooth with only an errant rock or piece of board here
and there to make his way treacherous. And he knew Jared's cage was close
to the house itself, the back of the cage looked upon one side of the
house, it would be even better lit than the rest of the dog's cages.
Jared was outside of his doghouse, sitting on the bare ground, licking
the last of his own meal, Mr. Williams must have fed him after he fed the
dogs. In a way, that was good, Jared must have been fed the same food
Mr. Williams' wife made for him.
He got up to Jared's cage and Jared looked up, seemed to not be the
least surprised. "You've come."
"Yeah, going to get you out of there."
"You cannot." Jared shook his head.
"I brought wire cutters." Trent showed him the large thing, long
handles topped with a C-shaped pair of blades that would chomp onto wire
like teeth, the long handles would let him apply a lot of force. Only the
toughest metal would defy such a bite!
"They won't work."
"I got to try." Trent said doggedly and put the cutters to work on the
lock to the cage's door. A mere, cheap padlock, it cut like butter, for the
wire cutter was made to cut barbed wire on Trent's farm.
"You're making a mistake." Jared told him as he entered the cage. "The
moon will be up soon. You must leave, and now!"
"Hope to get you free before that happens." Trent agreed.
"No, you don't understand." Jared told him again. "If you don't leave
now, you'll be trapped like me!"
Trent turned to look at Jared with exasperation. You break into a
place to rescue a prisoner, the last thing you expect is to have to argue
with the prisoner about being freed. He turned to look and his eyes met
Jared's...and he was lost.
Jared's eyes caught the minimal light of the stars and house and
glowed at him. Trent blinked at that, he'd never seen a man's eyes glow
like that. A cat's, yeah, but not a man's, and not even a dog's. They shone
greenish and their sadness permeated Trent's very soul, he felt drawn
toward Jared, wanted to comfort him, care for him...serve him endlessly.
"The moon has risen." Jared told him. "You have waited too long. You
are too late."
Trent blinked at that, he was still undiscovered, the house
silent. And the moon couldn't be more than tree-height, for no light yet
reached him from the full glow.
He raised the wire cutters and Jared let him close without a
protest. Trent placed the cutters at the loop of thick wire that fastened
the metal collar about Jared's neck, and he bore down. Harder. The wire
must be of some sort of special tempered steel, for it did not release.
"It is no use." Jared told him. "You cannot cut this chain. Let it
And the gentle suggestion, where loud argument would not have swayed
Trent, stopped him, he lowered the cutters.
"What can I do?" He asked Jared. "What can I do to help you?"
"Just be with me." Jared told him. "It won't be long now, the moon
will rise over the trees in another half-hour and when that happens, it
will all be over. Just be with me now, and I will show you everything when
the moon rises."
As cryptic as that was, it satisfied Trent, and he let the cutters
fall to the ground and knelt beside Jared. Jared looked into Trent's eyes
and those greenly glowing orbs spoke in ways that words would have taken a
long time to communicate. All the loneliness, the longing, the need that
dwelt in Jared's spirit was transmitted to Trent, and he knew just what
Jared wanted, and more, he felt no qualms about giving it to him, even here
and now, among the dog cages on a stranger's land, to a man he'd never met
before and felt certain was more than a little "touched in the head." None
of that mattered, not in light of that need, that loneliness, that longing,
that reached out to him.
Trent reached out his arms and let Jared's large, muscled, hairy ones
enclose him. He expected Jared's mouth to be that of an unkempt prisoner,
that is, filled with coarse, rotten teeth and foul breath, but the mouth
that met his own was clean, soft and warm, there was a flavor of fried
chicken and some vegetable or other (Jared's meal had been a short time
before), but none of it was unpleasant.
Jared's hand pulled at Trent's clothing and Trent let it fall from
him, or pulled it from himself as needed. So he relinquished his hunter's
jacket, his heavy denim shirt, his heavy workboots, his thick work socks,
his battered blue jeans, his worn but serviceable t-shirt, his briefs, all
of them yielded without his protest in the space of a couple of
minutes. Naked now as Jared, more naked, for Trent's own muscled farmboy
body was mostly hairless, and his modest thatch of brown hair on the top of
his head was nothing alongside Jared's longer black mop on his own head,
Trent placed himself back into Jared's embrace and surrendered himself to
Jared's desires.
Jared kissed him ardently, on the lips, on the cheek, on the neck, on
the shoulder. But as he kissed, he trembled. "It's too late, it's too
late." He murmured between kisses. "Please, remember that I will not hurt
you, no matter what happens, I will never hurt you."
"Of course you won't!" breathed Trent. He knew that having a man's
cock up the ass must hurt like hell, not that he'd ever had it done to him,
but he knew it would tear his bowels, make him bleed, but that it could be
endured and the pain overcome. "You won't hurt me."
"I won't, I swear it." Jared's breath was hot on his shoulder as he
bore Trent over onto his back. Trent let himself being borne down, and the
dust of the cage's ground was cold on his back, for autumn was in full sway
and winter was not far away any longer. He didn't care, for a thick coat of
man-flesh was on top of him, and he wrapped himself around it, arms and
legs, and shifted his ass so that Jared could penetrate him.
Jared gave a low growling sound that was as feral as those of the
wilder dogs around him, and he hawked spit into his palm and then reached
down, presumably to grease up his prong with it, and Trent was grateful for
that, another hawk-and-reach, and then Trent felt the thick glans push up
against his anus. Oh, God, Jared was huge! He felt the pud like a baseball
bat being shoved between his buttocks, and he gasped, held on tight, for
refusal was impossible to conceive, his brain rejected anything but strict
obedience to whatever Jared wanted.
Jared growled again, and this one was closer to that of the animal,
and then he shoved that thick bat-sized dong at Trent's anus, and the huge
bulb hit his sphincter and pressed into him inexorably, and he groaned as
his asshole was stretched to the limit and beyond, as it tore him in sundry
places, it sank into him, and Trent felt pain and pleasure rush through his
brain together, a mixture like fire and ice, both bit at him but in a way
that he could not separate one from the other, even though they dwelt at
different ends of the same spectrum.
Jared's growls were coming at him more frequently, like a dog atop
him, poor guy, he'd been around dogs so long, he couldn't even think how to
express his desire save in the same way as a dog would. Those hairs on his
back felt thick and lush, too, strange, though he'd noticed them, they
shouldn't feel this thick. It was like he could grab a double-handful of
back-fur and hold on with it. Hey, he could!
The cock was deeply imbedded in him, now, Trent could feel it pulsing
in him and the pain was gone entirely now. Jared began to thrust at him,
but in a way that was unlike any motion Trent had ever felt or thought of, that's not true. It was the way a rabbit hunched at another
rabbit, with the arched back and rapid jabs into its mate. Jared was moving
like that, like a rabbit...or like a dog! How long had he been locked up
with these dogs like this? Did he think he was a dog, in some ways?
Jared raised up on me and Trent looked up into his face...and gasped!
It had changed. Trent wasn't looking into a human face any longer, he was
looking into a wolf's! Jared was... "A werewolf? You're a werewolf?" he
asked in panic.
Jared just snarled at him and Trent subsided, didn't dare move. That
cock was still moving in him and it felt...oh, God, it felt so good! Trent
moaned and clung tighter to the heavy man/wolf that was ramming his ass,
and a long, hairy arm scooped up one of Trent's legs and shoved it up
against Trent's chest, that lifted his buttocks upwards, which gave Jared a
higher angle to ram his cock into Trent's ass, and Trent moaned, a single,
loud groaning sound and ejaculated. "Hunnnh-HUHHHHNNNNNNHHHH!" He sprayed
his wads into the thick thatch of fur that now covered Jared's formerly
naked body and the werewolf snarled louder and crammed his prong deep into
Trent and held it there and threw back his head and howled the howl of a
Trent felt the hot flood of jizz pouring into him and he moaned as the
scalding fluid seethed into his ravaged ass. It stung like hell where his
bowels had ripped slightly from the violation of the insertion, and Trent
fainted completely away, falling from there into a sleep deeper than any he
had ever known before.
When he opened his eyes, it was to full daylight. He moved, felt then
the heavy collar fastened about his neck. It was fastened to a chain as
heavy and thick as the one that Jared wore. He looked about and saw Jared
close by him. Looking at him with an expression of deep, eternal
sadness. "You are awake now?"
"Yeah, I.... What happened? I got caught!" The memories of the night
before flooded into his brain and he gasped, "You're a werewolf?"
"Yes, you know now." Jared told him softly. "Now you know why I must
remain in this cage."
"But...the moon wasn't full last night! Full moon was over a couple'a
days ago!"
Jared smiled. "The movies and stories don't have it all right. We
change whenever the moon is in the sky. No matter where or when it rises,
unless the Earth itself blocks it from us, we change."
Trent felt himself over quickly. " haven't bitten me! Why am
I chained up like this?"
"Again, you don't know the full truth. You only need to be infected
somehow. The exact way is not important. In this case, you have received my
seed and it has entered you. You will now become a werewolf as am I."
"I'm now going to be a...werewolf." Trent wrapped his brain about
"I'll help you." Jared told him. "I'll help you all I can. We'll face
And Jared's arms went around his body. Trent saw that the hair on his
body was now thicker than it had been before, from pale brown hairs
scattered sparsely about, there were now more of them, and thicker and
darker. He shuddered and let Jared hold him while he mourned the loss of
his humanity.
A couple of weeks later, the moon was close to new moon and hung high
in the middle of the daylight sky, some sixty degrees behind the sun in its
flight through the heavens. A man came to look at the dogs Mr. Williams had
for sale. He was a longtime customer of Mr. Williams and paused when he saw
the big heavy-duty cage. "Hey, you got two of them now, don't you?"
"Yup." Mr. Williams said.
"Sure you don't want to sell me one of them?"
"Sorry, them two ain't for sale. You can see that they're attached to
each other."
For the two big burly wolf-like beings in the cage were in heavy,
rutting mating, one mounted on the other, humping away and snarling. The
one beneath was a bit smaller than the other, and his fur was brown rather
than black, but he was snarling with equal ferocity as he was rammed by the
one on top, his blunt muzzle pointed upwards in sexual ecstasy.
"Yep, I guess you can't interfere with true love." the buyer opined,
"Yep, old Jared here had got himself a playmate now. Reckon he'll be
happier from now on. Not to mention sexually satisfied!" And Mr. Williams
barked a rough, cold laugh.
They passed on and behind them, the two werewolves continued to mate,
safely confined in their cage.

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