First Gay Experience

Two of my friends and I were drinking beer and watching
TV one night when the subject of sex came up. Ed
suggested we watch a video he had stashed away. Bill
and I were willing to go along so he put it in and
started it. The action started with a guy entering a
room and sitting on a couch. He was wearing tight
shorts and nothing else. Soon another guy entered the
room and joined him.

Well I was puzzled and wondered where the women were.
Then the two guys talked awhile and then the second
one put his hand right in the first ones crotch. Now I
was really confused. When I looked up from the screen
I saw Ed and Bill watching me. I was sitting in a chair
and they were sitting on the couch. But still I didn't
understand what was going on.

The action on the screen started to heat up when the
two guys started feeling each other up and rubbing each
other's crotches. I finally realized that there weren't
going to be any girls and that this was a gay movie.

I was a shocked but to my surprise; not really turned
off. I was curious and I've always been open-minded.
Soon one of the man had the other guys cock out and was
stroking it slowly. Ed suggested I go and get us all
another beer because nothing exciting would be happen-
ing in the movie for a while.

Reluctantly I went, not really wanting to miss anything,
but not knowing why. It took me a while to fetch the
beer and when I re-entered the living room I was
shocked to find Ed and Bill sitting close to each other
and rubbing each other's crotches. They took the beers
from me and acted like nothing unusual was going on.

I sat back down and watched both them and the movie.
Soon the guy in the movie had bent over and had taken
his buddies cock into his mouth. I must admit I felt
my dick stir a little at the sight and wondered what
it would feel like to get some head from a man who
knew how it felt to receive it.

In the meantime Ed and Bill were still rubbing each
other through their pants. I thought, what the hell,
and began to rub myself a little as I watched the
movie. It did release some of the physical tension.

We all sat like that through the movie. Me rubbing my
erection and Bill and Ed playing with each other's.
The guys on the screen went through a sixty nine scene,
and ended up with one sitting while the other guy
straddled his hips facing us and lowered his butt over
the first guys dick. He bounced up and down on it while
the first guy reached around and played with his cock.
The top guy shot his load out into he room and you
could tell that the sitting guy shot his load up inside
his buddy's butt.

When the video ended Bill asked me what I thought.
I told him I that I didn't know what to think. I was
embarrassed because I had a really hard cock and ob-
viously was turned on by what we'd just seen. I could
also see that both Ed and Bill had hard cocks. I swal-
lowed hard and excused myself to go pee. When I got
there I was in for another bigger surprise.

Ed and Bill were both naked on the couch and each had
a hold of the others erect cock. Both of them were rock
hard and I was getting that way again very quickly. Ed
asked me to come over, so I went and stood right in
front of them and watched as they slowly stroked each

It dawned on me that I wanted to do it with them. I
had a momentary flash that what was happening here was
homosexual and that I didn't want anyone else to know
what we were doing. But I was strangely turned on by
what I was seeing and wanted to participate in it. I
hesitated, standing there very close to them not know
quite what to do.

Bill took care of that by leaning forward and unbuckling
my belt and opening my pants. As he pulled them down,
I was really embarrassed because I was wearing nylon
bikini briefs. But they didn't laugh. They just stared
at my stiff rod bulging in its pouch.

As Bill lowered my pants to my ankles, Ed caressed my
dick. It jumped at his touch. I liked it, I liked it a
lot! I took off my shirt at Ed's suggestion and kicked
off my pants. Now I was standing before them in just my
briefs and socks.

Bill pulled down the front of my briefs and my cock
sprang free. He leaned forward and took my dick into
his mouth. It felt wonderful, his mouth and tongue were
so warm and wet and the sensation of his tongue action
made me tremble all over. It felt so good in fact that
I easily got over my embarrassment.

Ed reached out and played with my balls while he
stroked Bills cock. I rested my hands on Bills head
as he sucked on me, enjoying his moves so much.

Ed then stood and moved behind me as Bill continued
his licking and sucking. I could feel Ed's stiff rod
rubbing across my skin as he moved around behind me.
Ed reached around me and pinched my nipples and rubbed
my belly as Bill worked on my cock.

I took a chance and reached behind me to grasp Ed's
cock and gently play with it. He in turn licked and
kissed my neck as he played with me. With my free hand
I reached down and played with Bills nipples. We were
really getting turned on by all this, especially me. I
had never done anything like this before, but I liked
it. I wondered how far I would go.

It didn't take long to find out. Bill sat back and Ed
pushed me down to straddle his hips as the guy in the
movie had done. I knelt with a knee on each side of
Bills hips and leaned into him. He began playing with
my nipples as Ed played with his cock. I looked down
and saw that Ed was rolling a condom down over Bills
cock. I knew I was about to get fucked up the ass. But
I kind of wanted it as hot as I was. Ed finished his
job and placed Bills dick head near my rear entry. I
felt it enter me slowly and surprisingly it really
didn't hurt. In fact it felt good. Soon I was raising
and lowering my ass over Bills cock.

Ed came over to our side and placed his cock between
us. Bill and I took turns licking and sucking on it
while we fucked. Soon Bill was gasping about shooting.
Ed went and laid on the couch and played with his cock
as he watched Bill shoot a load up my butt. When Bill
had finished coming Ed shook his dick at me and told
me to get down there by him. I raised up of Bills
softening rod and knelt by the couch and sucked Ed's
cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked and bobbed up
and down on his cock until I felt the wet gush of come
fill my mouth. It tasted salty and not unpleasant.

Then Ed and Bill pushed me back onto the couch and
both went to work on me at once. They took turns
licking and sucking my cock while they played with
my nipples and balls. It didn't take to long for me
to shoot. Bill took my entire load in his mouth.

As we relaxed with another beer, they asked me what I
thought. I told them I wanted to do it some more. They
laughed and said we could do it all night. And that is
exactly what we did. Three-way gay-sex can really be

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