I sucked him again

My wife had left for the weekend and Cindy was spending time with her husband so I was all alone and bored.

I had been thinking about the last time I had sucked Tim's cock how good it felt in my mouth, how it throbbed when it started to spew its sperm. I liked the warm texture of his cum as I swirled it around with my tongue. How the taste stayed on my lips all while Tim took my cock and milked out my load in return.

I started stroking my cock thinking about how Tim's cum tasted then decided right then I wanted some more. I wanted to be naughty again thinking how I would drop to my knees and offer my mouth to him. The more I thought about his little cock the more I wanted to suck him off . My new found interest in having a cock jerk and shoot warm cum down my throat so I gave Tim a call.

He was happy to hear from me when he answered my call telling me to come on over "we are in the barn". There was some thing about having sex in the barn made me think about the different things I wanted him to do to me.

I haven't yet but maybe I would let him lay me back on a bale of hay and fuck me. I have never been a bottom but with his small cock I dont think it would be a problem . Maybe some other day I thought because today I wanted his cum in my belly .Since Tim shoots a lot of cum and can cum several times with no problem I was sure I will get my fill.

It didn't ring a bell when he said "we "until I went in the barn and again he said "we" are up in the hay loft.I started to get a bit nervous as I climbed the ladder wondering just who "we" was.I had fucked his wife once with him, could it be her. If so she likes to swallow cum also I will not get any if she was there.

When I made it up to the loft I found Tim sitting on a blanked where a guy I didn't know was also sitting .They both had their pants off and Tim was stroking him when he stopped and introduced me."This is Dean"he said "Dean this is Bob ,the guy I told you about that is new at sucking cock. Take your pants off Bob and sit down Dean wants to see how well you can suck cock"Tim said offering me Deans cock.

As I dropped my pants I was gazing at the size of his cock, it was at least 9 " .Now I can easily suck Tim's cock but Deans big cock was going to be a challenge,a challenge I was up for. I got on my knees in front of him and took a hold of his cock it was thick as well and hard as a rock.Dean chuckled when I commented on the size of his cock and how his big balls hung low under it.

"This is my first big cock "I said to him as I opened my mouth wide slipping the head past my lips. It felt so hard yet soft as I pushed my lips farther down his shaft , my tongue licking away on the shaft. I started sucking back and forth trying to take as much of this monster as I could in my mouth.

Tim sat up beside Dean moving my hand to his cock , now I was feeling naughty I said to my self. My mouth was watering allow his cock to slide deeper each time I went down on it.I could suck Tim's cock easily in my throat but this one was feeling even better as it hit the back of my throat. I started sucking from one cock to the other really enjoying the different tastes of their precum.

I have gone from sucking one cock to now sucking two I thought how awe some it might be with more.I closed my eyes imagining many cocks around me ,guys slapping their members against my face.Damn I said to my self am I becoming a cock whore,a cum dump,is this how it all starts.

I gagged when Dean placed his hands on my head and pushed his hips up forcing his cock down my throat and held it there.I was surprised after swallowing a couple times that my throat muscles relaxed and I stopped gagging.I was moaning as I sucked harder at that thick piece of meat feeling his balls slapping my chin.

They talked back and forth and praised me on how well I was performing and how close they were getting ."He swallows too"Tim said to Dean I never slowed down sucking Deans cock I wanted some cum. I wanted to feel their warm cum sliding down my throat and into my belly.

The next thing I felt was Tim leaning forward shoving his small cock against Deans in my mouth. Dean continued shoving his meat down my throat.I was getting face fucked by both and couldn't believe how great it felt .

My mouth felt full , a pressure that didn't hurt ,a new feeling I was starting to like as Tim started cumming shooting his sperm along side of Deans cock . I had to swallow fast to keep all inside my mouth, I wanted none to escape .

Dean pulled his cock away slapping it on my cheeks smearing some of Tim's cum around .They were telling me what a good cock sucker I was. I was happy that they liked how I was doing as Tim's soft cock finally slipped from my mouth.

Dean then slipped his cock back into my mouth telling me he was going to cum as well. I couldn't wait to taste his hot cum ,I wanted to feel his sperm as I sucked harder. When the first shot entered my mouth I tried not to swallow but man he had a big load too ,buy the third shot I had to open my mouth.Dean pulled out painting my face with some warm cum so I could swallow then put the head back into my mouth.I finished him off feeling his cock twitching and throbbing enjoying how his meat filled my mouth.

I was savoring the flavor as I swished his cum around when Dean pulled out and got on his knees beside me.I was now able to concentrate on cumming my self so I thought But Tim had other ideas."Lay down" he said and when I did he put his again hard cock in my mouth. .

Dean now had his hand on my cock squeezing it as he watched me sucking Tim .

Tim slammed me harder and faster for quite a while while Dean started sucking on my cock. My jaw was getting sore by the time he let out a groan then stopped. A warm stream of cum entered my throat , and unloaded again deep in side me. I could feel him starting to move in and out of me slowly while I sucked the remaining cum from him.

I couldn't tell Dean I was cumming because of my mouth being still full of cock but could tell he liked it. He sucked on me long after I finished cumming finally taking his mouth off telling Tim this was fun.

We all sat up talking about how every thing went well and Dean praised me for how well I did. Maybe we can do this again we all said as we put our pants on and climbed out of the loft.Dean gave me his phone number and I left to go home I was pretty proud .

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