New Neighbor - Rhonda and Mary-Ann

John Dawes was 23, and having just won the lottery, bought a new house in a beautiful suburban community on the outskirts of town in a cul-de-sac. The rest of his winnings went into savings bonds and stock investments, his parents having raised him responsibly before they passed a few years prior. On top of all that, he kept his job as a fabricator at a plant on the other side of town.

John was broad shouldered but slim, not much fat evident. His hair was an indeterminate color between red and blonde and brown, cut short enough to keep out of his eyes, which were a different color depending on the season (currently it was springtime, so they were a grey-green).

Today, he arrived at his new home, his truck loaded with boxes. Across the road, an SUV pulled into the last house on that side's driveway, and a pair of women a little bit older than him got out, one with short brown hair, and the other with long blonde hair, both of whom noticed his presence and waved. He waved back and watched them enter their house.

Since it was late in the day, and his cousin would be arriving in the morning to help him with furniture, John decided to grab a box or two of essentials and leave the rest for tomorrow. So he grabbed what he needed and unlocked the front door, stepping into a little foyer. It was a modest house, but plenty of space to serve his needs.

The next morning, the neighbors got some action to watch, as John's cousin Sean came and helped him move his couch and other furniture into the house, which still left the house less than half-furnished. He hadn't fit much into the overpriced closet that he had been renting before, but it all came with him. By noon, they were done, and Sean bid his goodbyes.

There were a few boxes of clothing to get out of his truck, so he decided to do it that afternoon, and spend the evening sorting his clothes and putting them away. As he took stock what needed bringing in, the neighbors across the street pulled into their drive, and both women got out. The shorter one with the blonde hair said something to the taller one, to which the taller one seemed to agree.

He noticed all this before he returned to his boxes of stuff. Footsteps on cement caused him to look up to see both women coming up to him, so he stood up and nodded at them.

"Hey there neighbors, I'm John Dawes."

The woman with shorter hair spoke, "Welcome to the area, John. I'm Rhonda Park, and this is my wife Mary-Ann."

Mary-Ann grinned and waved, "Hi!"

Wedding rings glittered on their left hands.

John smiled and shook Rhonda's hand, "Glad to meet you both. You live here long?"

"Yeah, since they laid out the area, our house was the first built." Rhonda glanced back at their place, putting an arm around her wife's shoulders. She was taller than Mary-Ann, with a stylish short haircut that faded down to nothing the closer it got to her neck. She wore minimal make-up, but she didn't need it since her beauty came naturally. Her eyes were blue and discerning. Her body was lithe, and she was sure of her movements, confidence imbuing her expressions.

Mary-Ann was bubbly and cute, wavy blonde hair framing her face which always seemed to be smiling a smile that always included her blue eyes. She was curvier than Rhonda, a trim body set on a slightly wider frame. Her personality seemed to match her expressions, flighty and carefree.

Rhonda's eyes fell on his truck, which John had inherited from his dad. She cocked her chin at it in interest.

"That a '94?"

He glanced at his truck, glad that she noticed. He didn't consider himself a 'car guy', but he was proud of what knowledge he held about this truck, since he liked it so much.

"Yeah!" he said, tapping the tire with his shoe, "factory engine in it, less than 200,000 miles. Its been taken care of by everyone who owned it, so it runs great."

Rhonda moved to the side, eyeing the lines of the truck.

"Stepsides, nice. V6?"


"Solid work truck, man. I'm a little jealous." Rhonda leaned on the bed of the truck, hands half folded as she regarded John across the truck, her mouth cocked in a half-smile.

"Yeah they aren't around as much as they used to be."

John liked Rhonda immediately, glad that there was someone around who could share in his conversations about technology and machines and other stuff he was interested in.

"Well Mr. Dawes, how about you come over for dinner sometime soon? We'd love to get to know you." Mary-Ann proposed, coming around the truck to where Rhonda leaned.

Rhonda glanced at her wife, and John perceived a question in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced by assent and agreement, then she looked back at John.

"Yeah, sure thing, and please call me John, both of you," He said.

"Okay, 'John'!" Mary-Ann replied with a smile.

"Cool, man. We'll let you know tomorrow or the next day." Rhonda said.

"Looking forward to it."

After bidding a smiling goodbye, they returned to their house, and John unloaded the boxes of clothes from his truck. He was glad to know that couple, and looked forward to technical conversations with Rhonda on occasion. His social life seemed to be growing already, and he hadn't even been here a week yet!

A couple days later, after work, there was a knock on the door. John opened it to find Rhonda Park from across the road standing on his stoop, her eyes in mid glance, sweeping back to him from looking at his truck. John knew she was a lesbian, and tried not to obviously check her out, but he couldn't help noticing in the fleeting looks he got just how attractive she looked, with her minimalist make-up accenting her face perfectly, and her body well-cared for. She always wore loose-fitting shirts though, deflecting any casual attempt John made to check out that aspect of her.

She invited him to dinner at their place, so they could get to know each other, which he gladly accepted. He was glad he had no plans that evening, so that he could spend it getting to know his neighbors.

Precisely at seven that evening, John knocked on the door, which was opened by Rhonda, who quirked a smile at him.

"Right on time, I like that."

John was ushered into a comfortable living room, with potted plants in every corner. Within a minute, Mary-Ann came out saying that dinner is ready. She looked good, her blue jeans hugging her healthy hips quite nicely.

Dinner was well made and tasty. The conversation was easy and flowed well, where John learned more about his neighbors.

Rhonda is a car mechanic working in the next county over, meanwhile taking college courses in computers and programming. Mary-Ann keeps the house and is an aspiring writer, having written for the newspaper where they used to live, and has a natural green thumb, as evidenced by the plants both indoors and in their garden in the backyard. John told his story of learning how to weld and become a metal fabrication specialist for the biggest factory in town, and how he didn't give it up even after he won the jackpot in the lottery.

"I've always wanted to learn how to weld, could come in handy if I ever wanted to branch out." Rhonda said.

"Well, see if our new neighbor will teach you!" Mary-Ann responded.

"I'd be glad to, if we can get our hands on material. Shouldn't be a big deal."

Rhonda said she would keep it in mind, her interest clear.

The conversation shifted to other things. Rhonda and Mary-Ann had met in high school and immediately fell in love. They'd been together ever since, and now, both of them turning 28 years old this year, they were considering children.

"Oh, how I'd love to have a little girl to raise like I was!" Mary-Ann said with a dreamy expression on her face. Rhonda looked at her wife and smiled faintly, looking like a woman in love. John was happy they had each other, seeing in them an ideal for something he'd like to have someday, provided he met the right woman.

After dinner, Mary-Ann shooed Rhonda and John out to the back porch, in and amongst the veritable forest of plants that Mary-Ann had filled the yard with, while Mary-Ann cleared the table and washed the dishes. From seemingly nowhere, Rhonda produced a well-rolled doobie which they shared, talking about cars and weed and family.

"So, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"No, I'm very single. Might change now, since I'm better off, but I'll have to see how things shake out."

Rhonda blew some smoke out before responding, "Good luck, it's hard to find the right one. I got lucky."

"Yeah you did!"

The words were out of John's mouth before he realized he was referring to Rhonda's wife. Thankfully though, she looked at him with a grin.

"She is the full package, wife material. Hot as hell too, which is a bonus."

They hit the joint a couple times before Rhonda continued.

"You ever interested in having a family?"

John considered Rhonda's question.

"I mean, I wouldn't mind meeting a woman who is good for me, and for who I am good too. I imagine having kids would be inspired by that."

Rhonda nodded, "Good answer. You're still a kid though, so you've got plenty of time to think about it."

"I may be just a kid to you guys, but to a high schooler I'm pretty much an old man!"

Rhonda's face spread into a smile and then she laughed. For some reason, John loved her laugh. He decided to shift the subject.

"Are guys looking at in-vitro, or at adoption for when you have kids?"

Rhonda looked at him when he asked that question, studying his face for a moment.

"Something like that, yeah."

There was something to that subject that had a dimension of depth to her that he couldn't access, John knew it. These subjects are complicated and dire though, so John let the subject drop. Soon, Mary-Ann came out and helped them finish the joint, smelling of cleaning supplies and dishwater.

"Sooo what did you guys talk about?" she asked, looking at Rhonda.

"Oh, pretty much everything we talked about at dinner." Rhonda replied, meeting Mary-Ann's gaze. John again caught something that passed between the pair, but for the life of him he couldn't figure it out.

Sufficiently socialized for the evening, John said his goodbyes as darkness was falling. He promised to show Rhonda how to weld over the weekend, and thanked Mary-Ann for the delicious meal.

Back at home that night, he analyzed the evening. It was cheery and fun, with great food and good company, he couldn't have imagined the evening going better. But there was an undercurrent underlying the event that John couldn't put his finger on. Were they tense inviting a hetero guy over for dinner? He had never had any issues with people being homosexual, and he was sure he didn't put off a phobic vibe. But he couldn't think of what else it could be. He decided next time to clear the air and figure things out. He didn't like secrets hanging over relationships, even relationships as superficial as being neighbors.

That sunday, John got invited over for some after dinner smoke and conversation, which he agreed to. They were stubbing out the joint when, after some eye contact with her wife, Mary-Ann spoke up to John.

"You seem like a really nice guy, John, I'm really glad we met you. I don't want things to be awkward, so I think I'm just going to come out and say it."

Again she glanced at Rhonda, who gave her a slight nod and an encouraging smile. After a deep breath, Mary-Ann looked back into John's questioning face.

"As you know, we want to have a baby. We were wondering if you would give it to us."

Her face went red as she finished the sentence, and Rhonda smiled and looked at John steadily. John blinked in confusion.

"You want me to go to the sperm bank and donate so that you can have my genetics?"

Rhonda laughed abruptly and covered her mouth, and Mary-Ann shifted in her seat.

"Uh, not quite…" Mary-Ann said, looking like she was going to die of embarrassment. Rhonda put a hand on Mary-Ann's leg and looked back over at John.

"We aren't going for in vitro or anything like that. What Mary-Ann is trying to say is that we would like for you to give us a baby. Like, the old-fashioned way."

For a split second the concept didn't register with John, but then it dawned on him, his brows rising high.

"Oh." he said, now understanding the secret undercurrent of his socialization with the Parks. They shifted in their seats.

"Uh, I'm sincerely flattered you think so well of me."

Mary-Ann smiled and leaned forward, "You're one of the nicest guys I ever met. You're skillful and competent, we both like you as a person, and your genes seem to be healthy." she giggled self-consciously and played with her hair, "as you can tell we've been interviewing you since we met you."

"Yeah, seems so," John said, "And, uh, which one of you would- would I-?"

"Since I've had sex with a man before, I would carry the baby. " Mary-Ann said, placing her hand on Rhonda's hand. At this, Rhonda's eyes shifted subtly, adding further dimension to the scenario.

John's mind raced, and he struggled to think.

"So, how would this work?"

Rhonda spoke up, "We were thinking, basically a threesome. Both of us want to be there for the conception."

John was already getting hard thinking about these things, and he wasn't sure if they noticed. He ran a hand through his hair and blew out his breath.

"This is very unexpected, but yes. I am willing to help you ladies out."

Both girls sighed, relieved.

"So, when do we do this?" John asked.

"Well," Mary-Ann said, "I'm ovulating as we speak, and for the next day or two. We can get started tonight, if you want to!"

John's heart raced.

"Y-yeah, okay tonight works!" he said, "Uh, I've never had a three-way. I just don't know how to do this while being respectful to your marriage."

Mary-Ann's face broke into a sympathetic face, and with a smile got up and walked over to him, holding out her hand. John let her help him to his feet and lead him over to the couch, where he sat down between them, and Mary-Ann sat on the other side of him from Rhonda, who was half-smiling at him comfortably.

Mary-Ann took his hand and kissed it.

"You're so sweet, John, that's another reason why we picked you. Rhon and I love each other very much, and we've talked about threesomes extensively. You aren't going to come between us, so don't you worry about that."

Rhonda put a hand on John's shoulder, squeezing encouragingly. Her eyes were glowing with confidence and excitement.

"Yeah, don't worry. You're the coolest straight dude I've ever known. You're like a friend of our family now."

John was touched by how the Parks regarded him; there was no evidence of lies in their eyes.

Then Rhonda leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Now let's fuck my wife."

John looked over at her, and saw the encouragement in her expression. Movement on the couch made him turn back to Mary-Ann in time to see her shirt come up over her head, revealing her breasts imprisoned by a white bra. The shirt flew across the room and Mary-Ann stood up and walked in front of both Rhonda and John, her arms going behind her back to unclasp her underwear. Her eyes flicked from Rhonda to John as her bra fell away to land on the floor. Her breasts were full and perky, not a single sign of age or gravity affecting them, with quarter-sized areolas and little dark pink nipples. Simultaneously, both John and Rhonda breathed deep and sighed at the sight of the beautiful woman.

"Wow." John said appreciatively.

"Right?" Rhonda agreed.

Mary-Ann smiled coyly at the pair watching her, and wiggled her shoulders so that her breasts shook back and forth, bobbing and jiggling healthily. John's cock strained at its confines in his pants as he watched her impressive display. She sidled over to the pair on the couch, and held out her hands, one to each of them, and helped them to their feet. Both Rhonda and John clasped a hand over one of Mary-Ann's tits, causing her eyes to flutter and her breath to catch. She slipped a pair of her fingers into his beltline, staring into his eyes.

"Let's get rid of this and go to the bedroom."

Her whispered words were heeded, and they made a train to the bedroom. There, John found a king-sized bed, with a subdued color scheme to the room, giving off a homey, comfortable feeling. He fumbled with his shirt, pulling it over his head, revealing his slightly toned midsection.

Mary-Ann rounded on John, closed with him, and edged her head toward him, inviting him to close the embrace. John's heart leapt as he leaned in and touched his lips to hers, her body pushing against his, feeling her bare breasts squash against his chest. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, and he pushed back, the muscles sliding around and against each other.

Mary-Ann broke apart from him with a gasp, and backed away towards the bed, licking his spit off her lips. Rhonda was already pantsless, proudly displaying a neatly trimmed bush which barely hid her pussy, as she gathered the hem of her shirt to pull it off.

"C'mon kid, you're behind." Rhonda said, her cheeks tinged with red.

John quickly unclasped his jeans and let them fall to the floor, his shorts following, leaving his hard on to point out from his crotch, balls swinging free in the warm indoors. By the time he looked up, Rhonda was bare-chested, sporting a sexy pair of tits, smaller than her wife's, and with a lighter pink color to her nipples. Her eyes were on his cock, which was fully erect at exactly six inches long and thick enough to need a large-size condom. If they had needed one.

"Wow." Rhonda said.

"Right?" Mary-Ann said, thumbing open the fly of her pants, "Rhonda hasn't ever seen a penis in real life."

"Do you like what you see?" John asked her, using his hand to stroke himself.

Rhonda stepped toward him, glancing between his eyes and his cock. He let go of himself so that she could touch him, which she did, grasping him around the shaft with one hand. She smiled, caressing him, "It's so soft, but yet so hard."

John's breathing got shallower as she touched him, and moved one of his hands up to cup one of her tits, lightly kneading the spongy tissue. Rhonda looked at him with eyes wide and lips parted, an unexpectedly feminine squeak leaving her throat, and her breathing light against his face. After a few mutual gropes, Rhonda blinked and swallowed, letting go of his reproductive organ and twisting slightly so that his hand fell from her breast.

"Let's focus on Mary-Ann, okay?"

John nodded as Mary-Ann kicked her pants off and stretched to her toes.

"I'm ready. Let's do this." she said.

Rhonda slipped her hand around his waist as they moved toward Mary-Ann.

"I'll get her ready for you." Rhonda said. John came around the side, his cock wobbling back and forth, while Rhonda knelt between Mary-Ann's legs.

John got to watch the effects that Rhonda's tongue and lips had on Mary-Ann for the next couple of minutes. She laid there at first as he sat next to her, with her eyes on his, as her wife ate her out, the expressions on her face subject to the whims of Rhonda's tongue. After a particularly loud moan, Mary-Ann refocused back at John with a grin, "She's REALLY good at this."

"It looks like it!" John responded.

Mary-Ann's eyes slid closed and her mouth opened; her breathing intensifying, and vocalizations accenting her breath. She suddenly took a deep breath, and one hand shot down to grip Rhonda's hair, pushing her hard against her pussy.

She came hard, spasms accompanying her moans of sweet pleasure, her fingers digging into the bedspread.

Rhonda finally came up for air, and climbed up on top of her wife, clear and whitish liquid smearing her lower half of her face and dripping down her chin and neck. They made out passionately, little moans coming from Mary-Ann as she came down from her pleasurable high. When they broke apart, Rhonda looked over at John, who was transfixed by the display of pleasure, pre-cum beading at the end of his dick.

"Your turn to cum, and you know where we want it."

He came around to where Mary-Ann's legs unwrapped from around Rhonda's bare lower back, allowing her wife to leave her embrace, and leaving herself open for John to have access. Rhonda's pussy was dripping a little bit, but Mary-Ann's snatch was a slick mess, after all the work Rhonda had done there. Rhonda lay beside her wife on the bed as John came up between Mary-Ann's legs, and his cock touched her labia. He looked up at them both, who were both looking at him with expectation in their eyes, "Ready?" he asked.

Mary-Ann nodded, "Go slow at first. Haven't had anything in there for a decade."

He rubbed his glans in the mess of fluids, and used his hand to coat his tool in lubricant. Then he positioned himself at her entrance, and pushed in.

Both Mary-Ann and John gasped deeply as the head of his cock slipped up and inside her. The slightest push slipped his dick deeper into her, so he put his hands on her hips and bottomed out. It was extremely tight.

Her face was one of distress, but not of pain. Her eyes slow-blinked as his meat pushed her inner tissues aside, and she released her held breath slowly through her teeth. Rhonda was watching John's cock disappear inside her wife, and put one of her hands against her own pussy, drawing circles with her fingertips.

John, knowing he wasn't going to last long at all, used his hips to pull back only to push back into her, her breathing in sync with his thrust.

"Okay?" he said, looking up at Mary-Ann, who nodded with closed eyes.

"I'm gonna cum soon," he said as he worked his hips, Mary-Ann panting in unison with his thrusts as he moved in and out of her pussy.

Rhonda got off the bed and walked around to his side, putting one hand against his thrusting lower back, and her lips near his ear.

"Cum inside her!"

His floodgates opened with a groan. Heat bloomed in his gut and chest as his orgasm built higher and higher, Mary-Ann grunted in tandem with his thrusts as his cock swelled to maximum hardness. His breathing became more rapid, and he hissed it out through his teeth; Rhonda's hand swept up his chest, her breath fiery against his skin.

He bucked his hips forward as his semen shot through him and into her, shot after shot splashing into her cervix and the area around it. He held himself rigid as he planted his seed in her deepest reaches, his whole body flexing and straining with the effort, Rhonda holding on to him.

Finally he released his held breath and staggered back, his cock pulling free of Mary-Ann's embrace. Regaining her state of mind, she pulled her legs up, changing the angle of her pussy, and keeping as much of the fluid he gave to her inside her folds. Some of it bubbled at her entrance, but it didn't drip. Rhonda held on to John as he weaved on his feet from the strength of his orgasm.

"Whoa, you okay dude?"

He nodded, "Yeah, just came hard."

They both collapsed on the bed next to Mary-Ann, who was laying with eyes half shut, hands around her knees as she held her legs to her chest.

"What is that, yoga?" John asked sincerely.

Both Mary-Ann and Rhonda laughed before Mary-Ann turned her head to him.

"No, silly, it's to keep your cum inside me, and let it drip through my cervix."

John nodded, "Makes sense."

Mary-Ann, curious, asked, "How long has it been since you had sex?"

John looked at the ceiling and sighed, "This was my first time."

Together, the girls said "What??"

He looked back at them sharply, seeing their incredulous expressions and not knowing why, "What's the big deal?"

Mary-Ann got her elbows under her, letting her legs fall to the bed, "You lost your virginity in a threesome, and not with someone you care about?"

He looked between the two, feeling like he was missing something.

Rhonda got up and came around the bed, John sat up as she sat down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Mary-Ann, all attempts to keep his cum inside her abandoned, sat up completely, and hugged him.

"We wouldn't have asked you if we had known." Mary-Ann said, her voice muffled.

"Yeah, the first time is supposed to be special," Rhonda said.

John had no clue about how sex could have different levels of specialty. He knew he was a horny young man and these ladies wanted to get it on for the purpose of breeding, so he obliged, glad to finally get some. But he had apparently missed something. "I didn't know," he said, at a loss.

Mary-Ann sat up and looked him in the face, "It's okay. If I had known…"

"You should come back tomorrow and we'll do this again." Rhonda said, flexing her fingers on his shoulder.

"Yes!" Mary-Ann said, excited, "We wanted you to come back a couple times while I'm ovulating, but we'll make tomorrow special for you."

John agreed, and he got dressed. They bade him a good night and he walked back across the street to his house, and after a shower, he laid in bed, thinking about everything that happened since he met Rhonda and Mary-Ann, and realizing that he had a lot to learn about sex and relationships. His concentration on school and work and other duties obviously left gaps in his life experience, so he was glad he met people as nice as the Parks who were considerate and willing to educate him. He sighed in contentment and drifted off to sleep.

The next day, after work, and precisely at six o'clock in the evening, John Dawes knocked on his neighbors' door. Immediately, it was opened by Rhonda Park, trim and tall, whose face softened with a smile as soon as she saw him.

"Hey kid, come on in!"

John stepped over the threshold, his eyes taking in Rhonda's appearance. Every other time he had seen her, she was dressed in an old pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt and either a bra or a sports bra. Today though, she wore a pair of tight-fitting shorts, and a spaghetti-strap shirt, with no bra underneath. She was a picture of beauty to John, which was probably what she was going for.

"Wow, Rhonda, you look amazing!"

She rolled her eyes as she smiled wider and blushed a bit. Then her eyes were drawn by something towards the kitchen, which she inclined hee head at.

"Keep your eyes on the prize, John."

Following her advice, John turned to look and spotted Mary-Ann. She came striding out of the kitchen, a yellow and white floral sundress hugging her form in some places, and merely suggesting at her form in other places. Her hair was shiny and bouncy, framing her smiling face nicely.

"Oh! Glad you're here, I've been excited all day!"

She came up and hugged him tight, which he returned. Rhonda wrapped her arms around the both of them, squeezing them together. Smelling them all together and hearing Mary-Ann sigh with contentment caused John's dick to twitch and begin to grow.

"I'm going to go set the table," Rhonda said, leaving the embrace, "John, do what Mary-Ann says, okay?"

John nodded and watched her go, her ass gyrating nicely in her shorts. Mary-Ann pulled away and looked John in the eyes.

"So, we did a little research last night and today, about what guys like, and I hope you'll like the stuff we came up with."

"Oh, I'm sure I will, but you didn't have to do that for me." John replied.

"Pfft, it's the least we could do for giving me your seed and your virginity!" Mary-Ann said with a dismissive gesture. Then she stepped backward toward the couch, crooking a finger at John.

"We saw this on a porn site, thought you would want to do it."

She turned around and bent over the couch armrest, pulling up the hem of her dress, to reveal a sexy plump ass, with no panties on. As she finished her bend, her pussy poked out between her thighs looking slick and inviting. John sighed at the sight, his cock growing uncomfortably in his pants. Mary-Ann looked over her shoulder at him.

"I want you to fuck me like this, and cum inside me as soon as you can."

For a second, John was stunned, but he overcame it quickly.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" He said, and stepped over to her, his pants falling to the floor. He stepped out of the pile of clothing, his cock bouncing as he walked, came up behind Mary-Ann and grasped her ass cheeks, loving the feel of them in his hands. A sheen of dampness covered her pussy, so he soon let go of her flesh and gripped his cock, guiding the head toward her entrance.

They both moaned together as he pushed into her, her body accepting him into her with ease.

"Ugh, you're so wet already!" John said as he pressed his lower belly up against her ass.

"Rhonda got me ready for you," She replied breathily, "Now fuck me!"

So he did. He pulled out and plunged back in, her ass clapping against him, and a grunt escaping her as her tight pussy gripped him firmly. He set as rapid a pace that he could sustain and grabbed her hips, pounding her from behind. At first her moans accented each thrust, but they turned into longer moans that lasted a couple of thrusts each.

As he fucked her, he caught motion above the couch, and looked to see Rhonda leaning in the kitchen doorway, one hand down her unbuttoned shorts, the other hand clutching one of her titties, and her mouth hanging open as she watched John fuck her wife.

He knew he wasn't going to last long anyway, but something about Rhonda watching them and jilling off to them flipped a switch inside him.

With a moan, John felt his system flex, driving the sperm from his balls to mix with his fluids and rush down his urethra. His moans culminated as he slammed into Mary-Ann as deep as he could, the head of his cock pressing up against her back wall, and his pearly white cum squirting exactly where it needed to go.

She cried out at his thrust, gripping the armrest she was bent over, feeling his dick making its deposit within her. Again he thrust against her with a guttural growl, to which she responded with another feminine grunt; the couch skidded an inch across the floor with the force of his thrust. Again; grunt, groan, skid. Once more, and John let out his pent-up breath and relaxed his muscles, his cock throbbing in Mary-Ann's cum-flooded snatch.

A moan came from across the room, and with a glance, John saw Rhonda jerking and frowning with her mouth open as her fingers worked their magic while shoved down her shorts, her knees shaking as she leaned against the door frame.

Short of breath, he slowly pulled out of her musculature, their mixed juices covering his softening cock. As she released him, he could see her pussy flexing as it closed back up to its usual state, until a cock came to open it up again. Some of his cum welled at the opening.

One minute and thirty seconds had passed since John came through the door.

She slowly stood up straight, stretching her back out from being arched over while being pounded against, her dress falling back over her ass. Then she sighed breathily and turned around, looking at John with dreamy eyes, one hand between her breasts.

"That was so hot." she said as John leaned against the chair, catching his breath in his post-nut haze of pleasure.

"I knew he'd like it," Rhonda said, striding up beside her wife, the button on her shorts undone, "and I knew he wouldn't last very long."

John quirked an eyebrow at Rhonda, who grinned playfully at him.

"Hey, I'm still ready to go." he said, massaging his cock, which was shiny with Mary-Ann's juices, and at attention still.

Both girls looked at his cock at the same time, surprise on their faces, and then they looked at each other.

"Dinner won't be completely ready for another fifteen minutes," Rhonda said.

"Let's go then," Mary-Ann said, looking back at John with embers smoldering in her eyes, "back to the bedroom."

They all turned and headed for the hall, John behind the couple. He got up close behind them and grabbed both of their asses at once, not hard, but just enough to let them know he's there. Mary-Ann giggled a little bit and glanced at him with play on her face. Rhonda gasped and stared at him with a complex expression on her face; John wasn't sure if she wanted to punch him or jump on his cock. She blinked and turned back towards the bedroom as they entered, where the undressing completed.

Mary-Ann, the star of the show, shucked her dress and played with her titties until John came up and grabbed one of them, kneading the spongy flesh in his palm, making his dick surge with strength. They made out, his cock trapped sideways between their hips as they pressed their bodies together, their mouths busy against each other.

Rhonda, naked, came up beside them and fondled her wife's breast with one hand, and massaged her back with the other. Mary-Ann, with a wet sucking sound, pulled her mouth from John, their tongues mingling together for a moment, before turning her attention to Rhonda. Her hips drew away from John's, and rotated to embrace Rhonda's hips as they kissed, their breasts pressing against one another.

John watched the women express their love for one another, while lightly jerking his cock still covered in Mary-Ann's lubrication. After a moment, the embrace comes apart, and Mary-Ann grabs Rhonda, pulling her backward toward the bed.

"Come sit on my face while he fucks me!" she whispered, to which she received a rapid nod of the head.

Both girls rolled onto the bed, Mary-Ann laying on her back with her legs far apart, and Rhonda walking on her knees to get into position. John came up between Mary-Ann's legs as Rhonda threw one leg over Mary-Ann's head, bringing her snatch down to within eating distance, and with her back to John.

John admired his handiwork; a line of cum ran down both of Mary-Ann's legs, and as he watched, more of his semen oozed out of her vag as she flexed herself. He took that as an invitation, and stepped up to her, pressing his cock against the semen-filled opening until her body opened up to accept him once again.

In he slid, accompanied by her gasps and moans, her tunnel more thickly lubricated because of the seed he had planted earlier inside her. He started up a thrusting rhythm, and realized that he would be able to go longer than he planned, so he established a speed that would let him go for a long time.

He looked up as he thrust, and watched Rhonda's back muscles flex as she rocked her hips against her wife's mouth. John, seized by impulse, took his hands from Mary-Ann's hips and leaned forward to clasp Rhonda's shoulders, and then gently pulled her back against his chest with one arm across her collarbones and the other coming up to grip her left breast. She gasped, but leaned with his embrace, keeping her vag against Mary-Ann's lips, and looked around to try and catch John's eye. John continued to roll his hips, sliding his dick in and out of Mary-Ann as he breathed on Rhonda's shoulder, looking into her eyes as he felt her chest rise and fall with breath.

Then he took a chance. Since he hadn't yet, he leaned in and kissed Rhonda as she was looking at him. For a moment, she froze solid, but she quickly rolled with it, pushing her tongue into his mouth and she reached up with her hands to grasp his arm across her collarbones, and the other to cover his hand that kneaded her breast, her hips gyrating with abandon.

"Ohhh, John, fuck meee," Rhonda murmured against his mouth, even though he was only fucking her by extension. Mary-Ann's tongue and lips were busy, doing successful work on Rhonda's flesh.

She moaned and then gasped strongly, her grip on him leaving marks as she shuddered, her clit tortured to orgasm by Mary-Ann's ministrations. John hummed with appreciation as he felt Rhonda's body react in his grasp, holding her so that she didn't fall, all the while still rocking his hips against Mary-Ann's open crotch.

Finally, Rhonda came out of it, and despite being short of breath, kissed John again with passion. Glad he finally got to, John returned the kiss with equal energy. When they seperated, Rhonda had a mission in her eyes.

"I want your cock inside me." she said, her eyes filled with need.

"What's going on up there?" Mary-Ann's muffled voice came from below.

Rhonda extricated herself from John's embrace, and threw a knee over, revealing Mary-Ann with the bottom half of her face completely soaked. John slipped and slid inside Mary-Ann a couple more times before withdrawing from her.

"Are you sure?" John said, looking at Rhonda, who nodded with conviction.

"Yes. I want to make you cum, so that when you cum inside my wife, it will be my doing."

John nodded, understanding her position; no means to impregnate the woman she loved. This was as close as she could get to doing it herself. Mary-Ann sat up and rotated to face her wife, everybody short of breath.

"We talked about this, but now you want to?" Mary-Ann said with concern, touching Rhonda's leg. Rhonda laid a hand over her wife's, and smiled encouragingly as she glanced at John.

"He's the only guy who turns me on. So, yeah, I want to."

John thought he understood what was going on, but he looked back and forth between the two as they looked at him.

"I want you to penetrate me," Rhonda said, looking at John, "so that I may please you to orgasm," she continued, getting off the side of the bed and coming over to touch his cock, "so that you'll cum in my wife and get her pregnant," she said, her lips brushing his, "Understand?"

John nodded, "Yeah I do. I'll be as gentle as I can."

Rhonda pressed her lips against his again, thrilling John to no end, until she pulled away from him with a moan. She looked at him with a predatory gaze and stepped backward to the bed, her tits bouncing perkily with every step.

"You should lay down on the bed," Rhonda said to John, who complied, laying on the spot that Mary-Ann had vacated, scooting up toward the pillows more.

Mary-Ann was whispering something to her wife as John got into the requested position. Rhonda whispered back, and the pair kissed, looking deep into each other's eyes. Then they pulled apart and both got on the bed, Rhonda fiddling with her clit.

"Let me see the pussy that'll make me cum," John said, to which Rhonda turned toward him and got to her knees on the bed, showing the curves of her hips and the swell of her pussy mound, topped by a neatly trimmed bush. Underneath, her lips dictated the entrance to her vag, from which her fluid still leaked. John reached over and passed a finger between her pussy lips, drawing forth a gob of lubricant, and sucked it off of his finger, relishing in the taste of virgin pussy.

"Are you ready for me?" Rhonda asked, shuffling over to his dick, which was still hard and soaked. John nodded and laced his fingers behind his head, ready for a show. Mary-Ann crawled over and sat next to John's crotch on the other side of her wife, ready to hop on when Rhonda brought him to bust.

Rhonda threw a leg over him and Mary-Ann reached over to hold John's dick in a straight-up position, and Rhonda lowered herself until his glans mashed against her clit. She edged forward a little bit and then lowered herself some, until the head of his cock broke ground.

Deeply she gasped as his muscular member slipped inside of her, where no man had gone before. John sighed in unison with her gasp, slow blinking at the feeling of how tight her pussy gripped him. Despite her tightness, he slid completely into her, and she seated herself firmly in his lap, where she leaned forward and put her hands as braces on his chest. For a second, with eyes shut, she just breathed, her breasts rising and falling and jiggling as they did.

Then she started moving, grinding back and forth on him, angling his dick forward and back inside her. Her eyes opened, looking at him for a moment before glancing at Mary-Ann, "Time to make a baby."

John reached up and pulled at Rhonda's arms, bringing her down to him for a kiss, which brought a smile from her and a playful giggle. Then she sat back up and started riding him, lifting her hips and pushing them back down, sliding him into and out of her depths at a regular pace. Mary-Ann, on her knees, one hand between her thighs, one lip caught between her teeth as she watched her wife fuck their neighbor.

Again Rhonda's brows met and a look of concentration covered her face, and her hand left his chest to slide between their crotches to swirl around her button. She squeezed her eyes shut, almost a look of disbelief infusing her concentrated expression.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" she said in a rush, picking up the pace.

John knew that his endurance was running out extremely quickly, and when Rhonda said those words in the tone she did, he couldn't help it, his system began to surge.

"You're making me cum," he said to the bouncing figure on his cock. No response came from Rhonda, as her orgasm built and built by her own attention.

"Rhon?" Mary-Ann asked, which also went unheard.

He looked over at Mary-Ann, trying to impart that the time was now as he orgasmed, "I'm gonna- ughhh!"

He bunched his ass and thrust upward, a healthy shot of semen blasting against Rhonda's cervix.

Rhonda's eyes popped open in realization, even through the haze of her building orgasm, and she quickly rolled off of him with Mary-Ann's help, who climbed atop him. His second burst of semen shot straight up Mary-Ann's stomach as she positioned herself, then she sat down promptly on him, rolling her hips as they moaned in mutual pleasure, milking the rest of his seed from his body.

As she rolled off of him, Rhonda lay perpendicular to them, splaying her legs and frigging her pussy to catch the remains of her imminent orgasm, which came on her like a truck. She yelled softly and bucked her hips, her snatch opening, flexing and stretching as she came.

John sighed as he finished ejaculating inside of Mary-Ann, all of his muscles relaxing as he lay back on the bed. Mary-Ann, with his cock still held within her, leaned forward, covering his head with her hair, and kissed him gently. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her, and thrust up into her with his post-orgasm cock as they kissed, pushing what semen did get into her as deep as it would go, and causing her voice to groan out her pleasure.

Mary-Ann sat up and looked over at Rhonda, who was watching them with her hand laying limp in front of her pussy.

"You were a little late there, don't you think?" Mary-Ann asked her wife as she got off of John.

Rhonda nodded, her face conflicted.

"It just felt so good, it took me by surprise. I heard you two speak, but it wasn't until you-" she gestured vaguely at John's crotch, "you know, that it dawned on me."

She drew her hand from her pussy and flexed, her prim pussy lips opening and closing slightly until a blob of pearly white fluid welled at the entrance and oozed out of her. She reached down and gathered the fluid with her fingers, and looked at John when she saw it.

"I may have gotten pregnant too."

Mary-Ann got off the bed and walked around to her wife and sat down next to her, John shuffling around on the bed to sit near.

"If you do," Mary-Ann began, "then we'll be pregnant together. And I would love that, as much as I love you."

They kissed, a kiss of love, instead of lust which the kisses all around had been composed of all night. John smiled, influenced by their love, glad that they had each other, and glad to help them grow closer.

When they broke apart, Rhonda brought her semen-covered fingers to her mouth and put them in, sucking John's cum from her hand like he had done with hers before, staring at him as she did, her expression signifying that she loved the taste in her mouth.

Mary-Ann, with a wordless sound, swiped her fingers through her own pussy and came up with a dollop of semen, sucking it off of her fingers too. Then, as though simultaneously inspired, the wives kissed again, John's semen being exchanged between their mouths.

Lust thrilled it's way through John, but his dick could only twitch; sadly, he was spent for the moment. Both girls finally quit kissing and swallowed the semen they had, Mary-Ann with a dainty little 'ah' after she swallowed.

They took turns showering, washing the love and the lust from themselves, and then sat down for dinner.

Both Mary-Ann and Rhonda were in great moods, especially Rhonda, who had never even had a dildo inside her, much less had sex with a man before.

"God, it felt so good when you first went inside me. It's like my insides all moved aside to let you in. I thought it would hurt, but instead, it turned me on so much!"

John smiled at her, "Yeah I noticed you thought it felt good after you failed to get off of me when I said I was cumming."

Rhonda laughed sheepishly, "Yeah, I was caught up, wasn't I."

Mary-Ann, glowing in satisfaction and contentment, reached over and gathered up her wife's hand.

"Despite everything not going to plan, I'm glad it worked out the way it did."

Rhonda smiled affectionately at Mary-Ann, "Yeah, me too."

They were finishing up dinner when Mary-Ann stiffened and got up from the table, reaching under her sundress to her crotch, making a scooping motion and coming up with a bit of pearly cum.

"It's still leaking out!" she said, using a napkin to clean off her hand.

"Let's go into the living room so you can lie down, and keep all of John inside you."

Following Rhonda's suggestion, the threesome went and sat, Mary-Ann lying down with her head in Rhonda's lap on the couch, and John in the chair he usually sat in.

"So, tomorrow I will no longer be ovulating," Mary-Ann said with a sad expression, "which means our sessions have come to an end, John."

He nodded, understanding, "I knew it was too good to last," he said with a grin.

"Don't worry, we will let you know if Mary-Ann is pregnant, because if she doesn't get pregnant we are going to need your help again," Rhonda said, emphasizing the word 'help'.

"You got it." John said, a bit of a cavalier attitude in his tone.

They both looked at him straight before Rhonda spoke again.

"John, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely the last few days, meeting you and having sex with you. You are always welcome over as our friend and neighbor, we can't stress that enough."

Mary-Ann continued, "But you're still a young man, with plenty of experience waiting to come. We want you to go out there and date, not stay fucking us. We aren't going to stand in the way of you growing in life."

Rhonda shifted her legs under her wife's head.

"There's a girl out there for you. Go find her."

John felt rejected, and lost.

But remarkably quickly, it dawned on him that they were right, that he was already too invested with them, so much that when they said the healthy truth about the situation, he had a negative reaction. He decided to roll with their suggestions, and do a lot of thinking about relationships.

"Thanks, you two. You're right, and that's just what I'm going to do."

With smiles all around, they broke up for the night. John went over to Mary-Ann and gave her a hug while she was laying down, wanting to keep his seed in her garden. She gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, and stared into his eyes as he backed off.

Rhonda walked him to the door.

"Well," she said," that was unexpectedly awesome. I think you just turned me bisexual, John."

"Glad to be of service," he said with a laugh, which Rhonda returned.

"I'll never forget this." he said sincerely. Rhonda's face broke into one of empathy, and she leaned in to give him a full-body hug. Their arms pulled each other tightly against each other, their hips touching and her breasts mashed against his broad chest.

They pulled apart finally with sadness in their eyes, and Rhonda leaned in to kiss him, which John reciprocated, gentle, soft love being exchanged.

She leaned in the doorway as he walked back to his house, watching him go.

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