A New Roommate

I know I often wear a strap-on and there are indeed moments when I wished I had a cock, an actual cock with sensory nerve endings attached to my brain so I could feel their soft squishy pussy’s wrapping around me, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be a man.

In fact being a woman has it’s clear advantages, look at my latest roommate for example, twenty two year old, terribly naive, she even brought her parents to the roommate interview. I’m pretty sure her dad wouldn’t be paying her rent and she wouldn’t be living here, if I were a man.

In a way it was their own fault, it was their own prejudice thinking a woman like me couldn’t be a pervert, but alas I was. There were hidden camera’s around her bedroom and bathroom and I oftentimes watched her masturbate in bed or in the shower. She had quite the libido. Tonight I was all done with the watching though, tonight I would touch her, I would take her.

When she was in her room I locked the door from the outside and attached a cylinder of sleeping gas to her airco unit. Her room was small and the gas was potent so it wouldn’t take long before she would start to feel the effects.

I saw her grab her head, she got up from the bed, dizzy she stumbled towards the bathroom, she took a sip of water but obviously it didn’t help her to feel better. Now she swayed towards the window, she tried to open it, but I guess she was loosing control quickly and she didn’t have the strength and the coordination to open it. Or, you know, it could be the extra lock I put on her window that made it impossible to open, you never know for sure with these things.

She fidgeted with the window for a moment and rested her head against the glass, I thought she was done for, that she would sink to the floor right then and there, but she turned around again. Stumbling and swaying, she reached for the door and tried to open it, which of course she couldn’t. She softly knocked on the door. I even heard her yelling for me. ‘Miss Sutton,’ A weak but distinct voice. ‘I don’t feel so good, can you help me? Miss? Could you call an ambulance please?’ Her volume was fading quickly, the words got slurred and then I heard a dull thud. On the camera I saw she’d fallen against the door and slumped onto the ground. For a few minutes more I let her lay in the drug infused room and then I turned of the gas and went in. The moment I opened the door she slumped out onto the ground, her lips slightly parted, her body delightfully limp.

I opened a window and waited for the gas to dissipate again, then I lifted her body and put her on the bed. I tied her down and poured some chloroform onto a cloth, with the gas gone from her room she would wake up any time now and we couldn’t let that happen could we?

I waved the chloroform in front of her face ensuring myself she was totally knocked out and then I unbuttoned the jacket of her pajama. She was a skinny young girl, her collarbones quite accentuated and the arch of her ribcage was clearly visible. I ran my hand over her chest, feeling up her torso, her skin silky soft, the ridges of her ribcage beneath my fingers until I found my way towards her boob. Because she was laying on her back her boob almost appeared to be flat, yet when I squeezed my hand into her chest I could create quite a soft squishable dollop of flesh. For a moment I played with her nipple and then I moved on further down.

I pulled the pajama pants of her hips, because of her tied down feet the pajama pants had to keep dangling around her ankles. I didn’t care I wasn’t interested in admiring her ankles. My mind was completely usurped by her pussy.

I buried my face into her pubes. Usually I liked my girls cleanly shaved but with this one her pubes were a reminder of her naivety. As if she had no clue that one could shave her pubic hair off, or maybe that was just the story I told myself. I rubbed my lips around her pussy, kissing her inner thighs, her labia, her clit.

It may be a coincidence that the moment I kissed her clit she started moaning. It might be totally random that the moment my lips touched that little nodule her drugged little mind started to wake-up, but I choose to believe she was moaning because she liked it.

I choose to take it as an encouragement as a challenge. I sucked the clit into my mouth completely and flicked my tongue back and forth. Another moan. See, she liked it, despite her mind being asleep, her body was experiencing pleasure.

My own pussy was throbbing too, there was a warmth spreading quickly up into my tummy. I wanted to fuck her, but I wanted to let her moan one more time, just one more time.

‘What?’ She mumbled.

I circled her clit with my tongue. It was clear she was waking up now. Her body was moving, stretching, she tried to grab her head and discovered she was tied down.

‘What’s going on?’ She mumbled again.

I should’ve let her inhale another whiff of the chloroform, but I was too obsessed with her little moans. I felt I deserved another moan, I was entitled to another moan. She was struggling in her bounds now, trying to push me away, mumbling questions trying to figure out what happened.

I slipped my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could, and there it was, another little moan. Well it wasn’t a moan exactly. It was more like a surprised gasp. Her breathing quickening and there was a involuntary spasm in her thighs. I fucked her pussy with my tongue, tasting her sweet and salty arousal, her pubes itching my nose.

I didn’t want to put her to sleep yet, I wanted another gasp, another gasp and another moan. I worked on the pussy, and her breathing became more and more superficial.

‘Why are you...’ She started asking, but the moment I sucked on her clit she couldn’t talk anymore. She just stopped mid-sentence, pressing her lips together, letting out a very controlled exhale.

Yet her control didn’t last long, the moment I pressed my tongue against her clit she let out a moan again, and soon there was no stopping her, there was just moaning and panting, her back convulsing with horniness.

I got what I wanted. I could sedated her again, press the chloroformed rag into her face once more, to assure me her unconsciousness and make certain she wouldn’t remember or talk. Yet I wanted to make her cum. That thought had etched itself in my mind, I wanted to make her cum before I put her back to sleep.

My tongue swirling and licking all around her pussy. Not only her panting and moaning was a testament to her arousal, but also the wetness of her pussy, the slippery juices on my cheeks and chin were quite the indication that she liked it. It didn’t take long before her back started arching, a tension all throughout her body. Her breathing so rapidly it almost resembled hyperventilation. Then she let out a moan, a loud loud moan, almost a scream. Her eyes were rolling up in her skull, her back was convulsing and her hips were trembling into my mouth. I put my tongue deep into her pussy and marveled about the spasming insides, feeling the cramping pussy of a girl orgasming on a cock, that was the main reason I wanted a cock, just to have that experience, to feel her pussy milking my cock.

Tonight her pussy was just milking my tongue and unfortunately I couldn’t spray cum into her pussy. When she reached the other side of her orgasm I pulled my tongue out and spit on her pussy. The white bubbles of saliva dripping of her clit and passed her pussy lips. It wasn’t sperm, but it was mine, it were my fluids that now marked my territory.

‘Wow.’ She mumbled. ‘That was awesome.’

‘I know.’ I said. ‘Now it’s time to go back to sleep, we don’t want you to be a tattle tale and run off to the police or your daddy or who ever, do we?’ I grabbed the cloth of chloroform and pushed it into her face again.

‘What?’ She asked. ‘Why? Why would I tell anybody about this?’ Her protest and confusion were soon muffled by the cloth though. She breathed in the chloroform and her eyes glassed over, soon she had this delightfully numb look on her face, as if she didn’t even know what was happening around her, there was a devotion in her eyes though, a devotion and an adoration as if she was falling in love with me, maybe that was just wishful thinking. Her eyes rolled close and her head slumped to the side with a faint moan.

I didn’t even grab my strap-on that night. I just rubbed my pussy against her thigh until I came too. Still trembling and glowing I sank down on top of her body. I kissed her muggy cheeks that reeked of the chloroform and I nibbled on her earlobe. The late night and the orgasm must have made me sleepy and I drifted off.

I woke up when she began to stir again, although it took awhile before I realized she wasn’t struggling in her bounds, instead she was rocking her hips rubbing her pussy against my thigh, while my pussy still rested against hers.

Gently I started rocking again, we were scissoring now, rubbing ourselves against one another. Following each other, creating a rhythm with the two of us. I felt her lips pressing into my neck, kissing my neck, licking my neck.

‘I need to know.’ She whispered in my ear. ‘Is this real or is this a dream?’

‘A dream.’ I said.

‘Too bad.’ She mumbled. ‘Well we’d better enjoy it before I wake up then, don’t we?’

I smiled and pressed my lips against hers, her mouth parted and she welcomed me inside, her tongue softly exploring mine.

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