Fiction, BDSM

It was around 11 AM the next morning when Allison woke up to the smell of coffee, unsure of how to feel about the night before. She was embarrassed for many reasons, not the least of which was waking up naked on a stranger’s couch. But she was also happy at the same time. Allison was looking around on the ground for her clothes when she realized that they seemed like they were recently washed and folded neatly in a pile on the table next to the couch. Her purse and her cell phone, which was in her pocket last night, sitting next to the pile. That was when she heard movement in the kitchen “good morning, Sunshine, coffee?” Lacey asked with a smile.

Lacey was dressed in very revealing pajama shorts and a tank top with her hair up. Allison caught a glimpse of the symbol from the card on Lacey’s right butt cheek. “What?!?” She thought to herself.

“Restroom?” Allison asked, Lacey gave here directions “down the hall and on the left”.

Allison made her way to the restroom wrapped in the blanket, carrying her clothes and cell phone. On her way there she noticed many doors, most that were closed. The thought of another person opening one of those doors and watching her walking around clad only by a blanket entered her mind and was not pleasant. She found the restroom and while looking in the mirror, Allison asked herself if what she was experiencing was real. Is this the situation she was really in?

Once she was dressed, Allison made her way back to the kitchen. “I think I should be going” Allison said to Lacey, unsure of how she really felt about everything. “Okay” Lacey said “If you have questions or something you’d like to talk about, we can do that first if you’d like.”

How was she always able to detect the perfect thing to say? Something dead on, but not in a pressuring way.

“Steele?” Allison asked, she was having a real problem with finding words and making a sentence.

“What about him?” Lacey asked sincerely.

Allison: “Doesn’t he live here?”

Lacey: “Yup. I guarantee that he wishes he was out here with us last night. Right now, he’s working.”

“What does he do?” Allison inquired.

“We, you and I, we don’t talk about work. We have jobs, they pay the bills.” Lacey responded. “How do you take your coffee? Cream and sugar?”

Allison nodded her head, embarrassed again. At this point curiosity trumped embarrassment.

Allison: “What do you mean ‘he wishes he was out here’? Isn’t he, like, in charge?”

Lacey was smiling again as she walked over with a couple of mugs and handed one to Allison before sitting on the couch. “Steele is absolutely in charge. He is in charge of me because I allow him to be. Just like last night I was in charge because you allowed me to be in charge of you.”

“So why didn’t he come out?” Allison asked.

“Would you have been okay with that?” Lacey responded, acting as though this was a missed opportunity. Allison’s body language indicated that she probably would not have been.

“Steele isn’t just ‘in charge’, he is also responsible. He knew you were not ready so he didn’t come out” Lacey told her.

“There is something we need to talk about.” Lacey said. “First of all, we understand if we never hear from you again. There are no worries if that is the case.” Allison was nodding as Lacey spoke. “If you like what happened like last night, we can do that, but Steele will be involved from now on.”

Allison was not sure how that made her feel. She also realized that she didn’t know what that really meant.

“I want you to take your time and think about it. If you have questions, ask me – I would ask that you do not let your imagination scare you out of it.” Lacey continued. “The answer might be something confusing or something that needs to be seen; I’ll try my best to help you understand.”

Allison nodded. At this point she didn’t know how to talk to Lacey and it was showing on her face. “What’s up?” Lacey encouraged taking a sip of coffee.

“The whole ‘Mistress’ thing?” Allison asked.

“When the mood is right, it typically lets you know” Lacey replied “For now, call me Lacey and talk to me like a friend that you respect.”

It was quiet for a moment then Lacey said “We will push you, but first we will find out what you like and don’t like and we will respect your boundaries. We also ask that if you decide to continue meeting with us, that you not be with other people sexually for hygienic reasons.”

“How will you push me?” Allison asked. Lacey responded “In many ways both sexual and otherwise. First, we will get you a makeover…” Allison cut her off “What’s wrong with how I look?”.

Lacey had clearly struck a nerve, this was not her intention, she thought Allison would enjoy the experience. “Nothing.” Lacey said. “Maybe I shouldn’t have started with that. Just out of curiosity though, why did you reach out, and why did you come to my place?” Allison was now uncomfortable and decided that she wanted to leave. Lacey showed her out and Allison went home to cry before her afternoon course on economics.


The range of emotions that Allison had felt over the last couple of days was unbearable. She felt ecstasy and embarrassment in quantities that she was unfamiliar with. Outrage became one as well. What was the ‘end game’ here? Did this random couple want to use her? For sex? What did she mean they would ‘push’ her?

Another week came and went by before Allison finally calmed down.

When Allison finally did calm down, she was mortified. Was this woman, the woman who she envied; trying to show Allison how to be more like her? And did Allison push her away for it?

Lacey took care of Allison in ways she had only dreamed of, and then Allison blew up because of a misunderstood kindness taken as a criticism.

At this point Allison had no idea what to think or how she was going to fix things; if they were fixable at all.

Allison decided to message Lacey, but she didn’t know where to start. “Hey” was all she could come up with.

Two days went by and Allison felt like she had lost Lacey forever. “I’m sorry.” she wrote.

A couple of hours later, a response came. “Prove it.” Lacey had written.

Allison was not expecting this, yet again. “How?” she wrote back.

“Are you free this Friday night?” [Lacey]

“Yes.” [Allison]

“Pack a bag with the sluttiest outfit you own, and meet us back at the mall at 8pm. Wear makeup, shave your legs and pussy, and do something with your hair.” [Lacey]

“Okay” [Allison]

The butterflies in her stomach had been replaced with lead, but Allison knew that she wanted to see where this was going to take her, and in spite of everything – she trusted Lacey. Lacey had taken care of her that night after all.

Allison was at the mall waiting near the shops where she had first seen Steele and Lacey when she noticed a man who she thought for sure must have been looking at someone else, looking at her. She blushed and looked away. Maybe Lacey was on to something.

Steele and Lacey showed up and walked over to Allison. Allison expected them to be upset but they were smiling and walking hand-in-hand. Steele was wearing dark jeans and a button up shirt with the long sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Lacey was wearing a dark skirt with black tights and a light button up top. Steele introduced himself and offered to buy the ladies smoothies in the food court.

Was there no end to the way these people were going to surprise her?

They sat in the food court which was filled with the noise of mall-goers and vendors. Allison felt completely out of place, like a third wheel on an awkward date in high school with her popular friend her friend’s boyfriend in college. Lacey broke the ice “How do you want to feel, Allison?” she asked.

This did not help the awkwardness.

“I’m going to guess; you tell me if I’m right.” Lacey continued. “You want to feel ‘safe’ more than anything. You want to feel nervous, maybe even a little afraid; but you want to know that everything will be okay. And you want to feel slutty but you don’t want others to think of you as a slut.” It was very apparent to Allison at this point that they were in a food court although it didn’t seem like anyone could hear their conversation.

Allison nodded her head in agreement.

“Say it” Lacey said, not in an extremely demanding way but forceful enough that the other night on the couch came to Allison’s mind “Yes, that’s how I want to feel mist- Lacey.”

Steele smiled and spoke “We are not going to make you come with us. If you would like to come with us, you will be safe. We will make you feel the ways that Lacey just expressed, and that you said you wanted. You will be free to leave whenever you’d like, but if you do come, you will be respectful and you will apologize to Lacey”. Lacey put her hand on Steele’s arm, he looked at Lacey and he stopped talking.

“Think about it.” Lacey said. “We hope to see you tonight.”

Steele and Lacey said ‘goodbye’ pleasantly and left the mall.

It didn’t take long for Allison to decide that she wasn’t done with this experience. She practically ran to her car and had to keep herself from speeding too much on her way to their house, surprised she remembered how to get there.

When she arrived, she felt lost again. Do I just knock? Do I bring my bag? What am I doing here?

She walked up to the door with her bag over her shoulder and knocked.

A beautiful woman that was not Lacey answered the door. “Good evening” the woman said. She was wearing some type of maid outfit that looked more like a slutty Halloween costume than anything else. Allison placed this woman in her late 20’s. A collar with a bell around her neck, thick eyeliner contrasting harshly with her platinum blonde hair. A corset around her waist pronouncing her breasts which weren’t large but wearing that, who would care? The corset seemed to have a short frilly skirt exposing black stockings which were hugging her legs. Allison also noticed that this woman was wearing high heels with some type of strapping mechanism with little locks hanging near her ankles.

“I’ve been told to expect you, come in.” The maid opened the door all the way and gestured inward. “May I take your bag?” She asked politely. Allison handed her bag over.

“Lacey?” Allison asked, having trouble with words again.

“They will be here shortly; can I get you some water?”

“Yes, please.” Allison said, absolutely dumbfounded.

As the woman walked away Allison noticed that she was walking with great posture, and intent; fluidly. She placed Allison’s bag on a table then walked toward the kitchen. Allison was left in the open area wondering if she should sit on the couch or what might be expected of her.

The maid came back and handed Allison a glass of iced water then escorted her to the couch. “They will meet you here. Goodbye for now.” The maid left down the hall, the bell ringing quietly as she walked, and opened one of the doors that Allison saw the last time she was here while looking for the restroom.

“Good evening Allison” Lacey said in what sounded like an excited voice, like a friend showing up for a party. Steele was smiling, walking with what appeared to be a glass of whiskey.

“Hi, thanks for inviting me back.” Allison said, just as confused as ever with this couple. Steele sat down on the couch and put his right ankle on his left knee, making himself comfortable.

Lacey took Allison by the arm and asked if she wanted help with the outfit she brought “let’s go see how it looks” she offered. As awkward as it seemed to Allison, she was kind of relieved to have Lacey help her.

Allison picked up her bag and Lacey escorted her to a room that was pink and purple with very feminine furniture and fixtures including a vanity mirror and a large bed that was overrun by stuffed animals, fluffy pillows, and an even fluffier blanket. There was a bathroom with a bathtub that looked like it belonged in a hotel directly joined to this room.

Lacey closed the door saying “let’s get some privacy”.

“What are we working with?” Lacey asked as if they were getting Allison ready for a date.

Allison’s sluttiest outfit apparently consisted of a skirt that went past her knees, a baggy button up shirt and a thong that looked like it had never been worn. “Okay” Lacey said. We might have something here. Lacey opened a closet and a dresser, and pulled out some much more revealing clothing. Handing Allison a shorter black skirt and a low-cut top Lacey said “see if these fit” happily pointing her in the direction of the bathroom. The entire time Allison was changing, she was wondering once again ‘what am I getting myself into?’.

Allison emerged from the bathroom very nervously, holding one arm at the elbow with the other hand. Lacey smiled and said “that will do for now”. Lacey removed her own top and skirt revealing lingerie that looked like it was from a magazine. She was wearing thigh highs, not tights, affixed to a garter belt which wrapped itself elegantly around her body. A red push up bra peeking through black lace.

Allison was observably nervous about whatever was about to happen. Lacey approached her, putting a hand on Allison’s waist.

Lacey: “You are safe, everything will be fine. If it becomes too much, what do you say?”

Allison looked back at Lacey “Red?”

Lacey stopped and looked at Allison.

Allison: “Red, I say red.”

“Perfect” Lacey replied. “Steele won’t push you, just listen to what I say and do what I tell you to do."

Lacey grabbed Allison’s hand and practically pulled her out of the room then escorted Allison arm-in-arm.

“Stand here” Lacey pointed in a spot and Allison stood there. Allison felt Lacey move her body into better posture. Her legs spread at shoulder width, her arms behind her, one hand holding the other. Lacey whispered in Allison’s ear “Back straight, belly button to spine, focus on your breathing, address him as ‘Sir’ if he talks to you, address me as ‘Mistress’.”

Allison nodded.

Lacey composed herself and walked in front of Steele who was now watching TV while waiting. She faced Steele then gracefully fell to her knees in front of him.

‘What is going on here?!?’ Allison thought to herself, almost panicking.

The TV turned off.

Lacey now on her knees, hands folded on her thighs, back straight, eyes closed, face angled slightly toward the ground.

“Come” Steele said and Lacey crawled to his feet then continued crawling between his legs which were now spread, she crawled up his left leg until her head was resting on his thigh. His left hand caressing her hair, he asked “You will be responsible for her?”

“I will, Daddy.” Lacey said, now looking at Steele.

“Very well.” Steele said then called “Scarlette!”

The maid came out, kind of rushing but still composed, the bell ringing louder because of the movement. “Yes Sir?” she said eagerly.

Lacey stood and ordered Scarlette to “demonstrate, inspection, wall” pointing at the wall.

“Yes Mistress” Scarlette replied. Immediately, but still controlled, Scarlette walked to the wall and placed her hands and forearms flat on the wall. Her legs spread wide and her ass out, like she was getting ready to be spanked or fucked.

Lacey walked over to Allison “Do you see Scarlette?” Allison nodded.

Lacey grabbed Allison by the face, this time a little harsher than she had been the other night. “Bitch, when I ask you a question, I expect a response and that response had better have the word ‘Mistress’ in it. Is that understood?”

Allison could see Scarlette allow herself a quick smile. “Yes Mistress” Allison said quietly.


Allison had not, until the other night, thought about being spanked by another woman. If she was being honest with herself, she was kind of turned on by it. She felt a warmth in her pussy which began to distract her then –

“I can’t hear you when you don’t speak clearly”. Lacey said inches from Allison’s face.

“Yes, Mistress.” Allison said louder.

“That’s a good girl.” Lacey said, caressing Allison’s face softly.

“Do you see Scarlette?” Lacey asked again.

“Yes Mistress”. Allison responded.

“You will assume this position whenever I tell you to do so, is that understood?”

Allison: “Yes Mistress”

Lacey: “Go stand next to Scarlette. Inspection, wall, now bitch.”

Allison tried her best to replicate what Scarlette had clearly done many times in the past.

“Good” she heard Lacey say as she felt Lacey making slight changes to the way she was standing. Allison felt Lacey hold her waist, then she felt Lacey’s body standing behind her.

She felt hands following her legs from ankle to knee, then from the knee up the thigh. Allison moved her legs out of nervousness. *Smack* another spank on the ass and Allison stopped moving. Allison felt two hands, one on either hip work their way forward and then down. One hand remained just above her pussy while the other followed Allison’s body upward before moving to the wall.

Allison had fantasies in the past of exactly what she was experiencing, although the person feeling her up was always a man. Being controlled by a woman was somehow even more exciting, or maybe it was just that this was ‘real’ and not a daydream. Regardless, Allison’s heart was racing again, she felt her veins throbbing as she was left clueless as to what would come next.

Lacey whispered in Allison’s ear “I will search you every time you come here from now on. If you have one pubic hair, or your make up isn’t done, or I don’t find you acceptable for any reason, I will send you back to that room and you will get ready for me all over again. Do you understand?”

Allison: “Yes Mistress”

Allison felt Lacey’s fingers playing with her clit, “good girl” Lacey whispered then bit Allison’s ear lobe. Allison knew that Lacey was aware of just how turned on she was by this point, her previously unused thong starting to feel wet.

Lacey then left Allison who was still on the wall.

“Scarlette, demonstrate, humble”. Lacey ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” Scarlette acknowledged.

Scarlette turned around and gracefully came to her knees, legs spread, then put her hands on the ground and crawled with her arms while her knees remained in place until her forehead was on the ground. Her forearms flat on the floor, hands folded over each other, her ass in the air.

Lacey: “Allison, replicate”

Allison: “Yes Mistress.”

Allison tried her best, but her body could not move the same way that Scarlette’s had. She assumed a position similar enough that Lacey said “Good”.

Allison felt her skirt get yanked up exposing her ass and pussy, her thong now completely soaked. She could smell it and she knew that at least Scarlette who was on the floor next to her could smell it too. This was about as embarrassing for Allison as any experience she had ever felt until she felt Lacey’s hand caress her butt cheek on its way down to the soaken area of her now ruined underwear and begin to rub.

“Do you like this?” Lacey asked.

“Yes Mistress” Allison responded.

Lacey: “Do you have a problem with this?”

Allison: “No Mistress”

“Good, both of you, kneel” Lacey ordered as she walked away now standing in front of the two.

Scarlette rose to her knees “Yes Mistress” she acknowledged.

Allison looked to see what Scarlette was doing “Yes Mistress” she said on her way into a kneeling position, legs still spread as they were in the last position, her hands on her thighs, replicating Scarlette.

Steele spoke: “Scarlette, come here bitch.”

“Yes Sir” she said somewhat seductively, then she crawled to his feet and nuzzled his shoes and ankles.

“Kneel” he said.

“Yes Sir” she resumed a kneeling position, this time at his feet.

Steele: “Collar”

“Yes Sir” Scarlette now held her hair up exposing her collar.

“Lacey, leash.” Steele ordered.

“Yes Daddy” Lacey acknowledged before walking away. She came back, then knelt next to Scarlette and held a chain up offering it to Steele, her head facing downward.

“Good girls” Steele said as he affixed the chain leash to Scarlette’s collar. The women smiled.

Steele: “Lacey, up”

Lacey: “Yes Daddy”

Steele: “Make sure she means it.”

“Yes Daddy” Lacey acknowledged.

Steele: “Scarlette, up.”

Scarlette: “Yes Sir”

Scarlette rose to her feet then Steele stood up and began to walk.

“Come” Steele led Scarlette away, not needing to pull on the leash as she trailed and then led the way down the hall and out of sight.

‘What THE FUCK just happened?!?’ Allison was thinking to herself as she watched all of this occur. ‘What the ACTUAL fuck?!?’

Lacey appeared to be thinking heavily as she stood in front of Allison who was still kneeling not really sure of what to do.

“Up” Lacey ordered.

“Yes Mistress” Allison said after she stood, she was not nearly as graceful as the other two ladies and she knew it.

Lacey moved Allison’s hands so that they were holding each other in front of her, just below her breasts, forearms parallel to the ground.

“Follow me” Lacey said.

“Yes Mistress” Allison followed Lacey into another room, her underwear cold and soggy.

This room was dimly lit and looked like it had some type of sound proofing on the walls. There was an assortment of furniture that Allison had never seen before; a chair and some storage units were the only familiar things. Lacey closed the door and Allison felt nervous again.

Lacey escorted Allison to a piece of furniture that looked like some type of exercise equipment. It looked like a padded wedge. Lacey adjusted the wedge until the top was just to Allison’s waist. Allison stood as Lacey moved Allisons hands behind her. Allison felt Lacey caress and then grasp Allison’s right breast.

“Bend over, bitch.” Lacey ordered.

“Yes Mistress” Allison said as she bent over the padded wedge. She felt the muscles in her legs stretch as she did so.

“Hold your hands together at the small of your back, or I will restrain them” Lacey warned.

Allison: “Yes Mistress”

*Smack* Allison felt her pussy getting warm again.

“Do you know why I’m spanking you?” Lacey asked.

“No” Allison responded out of instinct.


Lacey: “No what bitch?”

Allison: “No Mistress”


Lacey: “Nothing comes to mind?”

Allison: “The makeover, Mistress”


Lacey: “What about it?”

Allison: “I snapped at you Mistress”


Lacey: “Are you sorry?”

Allison: “YES MISTRESS! I’m sorry”

Allison’s head hung low and all she could see were her feet, the floor, and the steel foundation of the wedge apparatus. She was beginning to drool, some of it on her face, some in her hair which fell all around her head. Her ass was becoming raw and she imagined it was red. Hands holding each other tight although she was becoming tired, her body wearing out. She looked up as she heard Lacey’s heels walking toward her. She saw Lacey squat down and felt her grab Allison’s face, lifting her torso. Allison’s hands let go of each other and planted themselves on the padded surface of the wedge. Her cheeks pressed together inside Lacey’s fingers, staring at Lacey with tired eyes and smeared makeup.

Lacey smiled and said “Do you know how pretty you are?”

“No Mistress” Allison mumbled.

Lacey: “You don’t, do you? Embrace your sexuality. Embrace your beauty. Be confident in it, and share it.”

“Yes Mistress” Allison didn’t know what else to say, her legs and her body burning.

Lacey laid Allison back as she was before.

Allison, bent over, as helpless as she could imagine being until Lacey brought her arms back behind her and Allison felt fluffy restraints fitted to her wrists. When Lacey let go, Allison’s wrists stayed together on their own.

Lacey: “What do you say if it is too much?”

Allison: “Red Mistress”

Lacey: “Good girl.”

*Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* a familiar sound and then the feeling of unrelenting vibrations on Allison’s clit. Realizing that she had no control, her body twitching, she moaned out of pleasure and out of stress relief. Every ounce of her felt the orgasm that came upon her without any effort on her part.

The vibrator was removed and Allison went limp.

The sound of Lacey’s heels moved around the room, then back to behind Allison’s exposed ass.

“Are you not going to thank me?” Lacey questioned.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Allison was barely able to say.

“Would you like to leave, or would you like to be my bitch?” Lacey asked.

“I want to be your bitch, Mistress” Allison responded almost instantly, recognizing what she had said after it left her mouth and then realizing in her mind that it was the truth.

Allison could feel her thong being pulled down around her legs, her hands wiggling in the cuffs.

“These are mine now” Lacey taunted “but I’ll let you hold on to them for me, don’t let go” she put the thong in Allison’s mouth, not all the way, but enough that Allison could taste her own pussy. The rest of the underwear hanging out of her mouth and flopping on her nose and eyes because of her orientation.

“Let’s see if you mean what you say” Lacey said as Allison felt something hard and cylindrical flopping around on her ass cheeks, her body flailing, unaware of what was going on or how to react. Then she felt the cylinder begin to move downward between her ass cheeks, playfully, until it began to penetrate her pussy which was still constricted from her recent orgasm. Her eyes widened and she started to moan loudly, her body really moving around at this point. The cylinder was making its way in further and further, slowly, purposefully. It stayed in one spot for a moment and Allison breathed heavily. Then the cylinder penetrated further fast and Allison moaned again. What Allison now recognized as a dildo stayed fully inserted for a little while, Allison panting and moaning, her hands waving as though the cuffs would give.

“Who’s my bitch?” Lacey asked.

“I’m your bitch Mistress, I’m your bitch!” Allison screamed through the underwear.


Lacey: “Are you a sorry little bitch?”

Allison: “I’m a sorry little bitch Mistress!”


The dildo went in and out over and over again, sometimes hard and fast, sometimes lingering; proving exactly who was in charge. Lacey relished in the moans and squeals and sometimes screams that Allison let out as it did so. Every now and then Lacey would spank Allison alternating butt cheeks.

Allison, who was basically responsible for her own orgasms until she had met Lacey, was being fucked harder than she had ever experienced. Her pussy tightened and her whole body tensed as she orgasmed again, embracing the lack of control. The pain and the embarrassment causing even more endorphins to race through her young body.

Finally, Lacey must have been satisfied because she stopped thrusting. She uncuffed Allison and helped her off of the wedge and into a clear spot in the room where she had Allison kneel, still holding her wet thong in her mouth. Lacey then stood in front of Allison wearing a strap-on dildo that Allison was grateful was not very large.

Allison looked up at Lacey, a sad puppy-dog look on her face under tears, running makeup, drool, and sweat.

Lacey flopped the dildo onto Allison’s face. Allison could smell and feel her own pussy juices as they spread over her.

“Thank you for holding these” Lacey said as she snatched the thong.

“Suck bitch” She ordered.

“Ye-ah—uh-ah” Allison tried to comply by responding but the dildo was already in her mouth. The taste and the fact that she was not used to anything like this in her mouth made her gag.

“Spit and keep sucking”. Lacey ordered.

“Gah—eh-ah”. Allison couldn’t do it.

“It’s okay” Lacey said as she pulled the dildo out and rested it on Allison’s face.

“You ready for bed?” Lacey offered.

“Yes Mistress” Allison said happily although it was unapparent because of how absolutely worn out she was.

Lacey removed the strap-on and left it on a tray in the room. She helped Allison make her way to the pink and purple room and on to a chair. Lacey started a shower, then got a couple of waters and some hard candies again. Lacey undressed them both, then they took a shower together. A wonderfully fragrant body wash was rubbed all over Allison’s weary and aching body.

Lacey laid Allison in bed on the fluffy pillows and under the fluffy blanket, giving her a stuffed animal to hold onto. Once Lacey was ready to sleep, she returned to the room and spooned Allison once again, stroking her hair and kissing her shoulder. “Goodnight beautiful” she said before falling asleep.

Allison fell asleep completely exhausted and absolutely satisfied, safe in the arms of a woman she had just had the best sex of her life with, feeling both slutty and clean at the same time.

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