Space cock

In my optical overlay a sign displayed above a door: SPACE HUB / TERMINAL 9 / ADULT RESTROOM / MALE

Now that's what I'm looking for. Love these places. My dick is already gearing up before I even step into the room. 60 doorless stalls connected to one long running Fuck Piss Suck Unit, they were all occupied. Damn, it has a new model too. All right! Been wanting to try one for a while.

"Room, I need to use the FUPSU ASAP." I told the room's AI.

"Welcome Mr. Blade. You are next in line. I see from your user experience you have yet to try this unit type. It features emulation of user's semen taste for the Suck recipient, as well as more accurate replicas based on DNA sampling," the AI replied. "Volume of ejaculation to recipient is controlled by giver. Warning: safety protocols are followed at all times. Intent to drown by volume is strictly prohibited in real world simulation."

A stall became free. Still in cleaning red phase, I unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard dick. Red goes to green, giving me the all clear to go at it. I sled right into the waiting warm FPSU hole. I visuals linked with the unit. It showed the backside of who was receiving an exact replica of my dick in real time. The unit also replicated their hole for my dick. Temperature, texture, moisture levels are all part of the experience for both parties.

Information about who I was fucking appeared. You are #25 and you gain 60 points for biggest inserter this receiver has taken today. Tap out emanate. Receiver record for insertion size is 12.5" (31.75 cm). You rank at 9 out of 10 user classifies as hung. Freak level top tear. Ejaculation volume requested. Note: Safety protocols followed.

Still tight even after 25 inserts, that's probably why he's about to tap out. "Unit, set volume to normal but within a higher range. Also based on my filter preference search for receivers waiting for inserters."

260 receivers are available. One you have on experience record. Hole was not favored.

"Hm, Unit, strike that one out. Remove from future searches. I'll do the rest. Switch holes every out stroke. Bookmark the ass my dick responses to best. I'll want to cum in that one. Sensory analysis permitted. Follow user privacy restrictions."

Request noted. Simulation will start next out stroke. Started.

Damn this unit is really good. It feels as real as the real thing.

After a while my dick had five good ass bookmarks. One particular hole my dick favored. "Unit, stay on bookmark three. Also I want to request favoring this hole for future sessions."

Receiver grants favoring. You now have twenty five FUPSU favorites, Privacy restrictions to friends only. Receiver friend request granted based on user preference. FUPSU friends now at 2,500,000.

Good. As I flooded the replica hole, "Unit, I look forward to tapping this one again."

Comment noted and sent to receiver. As you pull out, please consider giving us a like on our FUPSU page.
6 hours later on layover to my next flight I needed to go to the restroom. Travel in the solar system was slower than to other star systems since the Novas Dot faster than light incident ten years ago. Those older than me were still adjusting to the lag but I find it entertaining checking out various station restrooms, seeing what they have to offer. I was looking forward to relieving myself.

^Restroom ahead. Facility occupied by four males. Species, Mast. Self social tagged as interested in human males. Caution level five of ten. Follow protocol for dominate alien males. Eye contact prohibited.^

I hesitated going into the room. I don't think I've ever came across this race. "Station, are guardians not active?"

^Normal security measures are in place. Station policy does not interfere with cultural misunderstandings until physical violence is imminent.^

Basically I'm screwed if I mess up. Exciting! I didn't exactly rush in, but holy crap were they fine when I saw them. Grouped around a fountain, brown color military skin tight suits showed off their muscular large human like bodies, dicks pulled out. Sneaking a glance up to their heads not wanting to accidentally make eye contact. They ears were big, pointed and stuck out and drooped down. Their mouths were wide. Bald. Skin complexion light gray brown with darker brown splotches covered their skin. A place was left open for me. Pulling up, I got my dick out.

Started to piss. Took a peak at the meaty dicks next to me. Like the skin on their heads their dicks were the same color with splotches. The tip of their dicks were blunt like the end of a canister. Their dicks didn't have a head.

The one to my right started to say something but was nothing but sounded like growls. I activated my Goo Translator.

*Man, you looked at my member. Would you like a closer look?* The translator tried to match his deep voice.

"Hmm...sure," I wasn't really.

He side stepped closer to me. Lifted the tip of his dick toward me. I leaned in some to get a good look. A slit ran from bottom to top of it's flat tip. He stepped closer to me. His dick was right in my face. The slit opened a little. One of the men behind me brought me upright by my arms and pushed me into the guy holding his dick. His large mouth took in the whole side of my throat. His warm tongue pressed lightly against my adam's apple and then pressed firm into my jugular vein. He gave a low growl that made my entire neck vibrate. I tilted my head back and to the side to give him more access to my neck.

^^Precautionary warning: do not make eye contact. Potential mating risk has risen by thirty percentile.^^

That was new to me. Didn't the station medic AI was observing.

My dick was super hard. I couldn't look down but my dick felt like it entered something wet and warm. It felt really good. His hips pulled back and my dick pulled out of the warmth but not all the way. His hips came back and my dick was enclosed again. He was right up against me and became still. His growling continued. I wanted to pump my dick into whatever it was in but the guy behind me was now right up against me to. I couldn't move.

^^Mating risk has risen by twenty percentile. Do not move until released by Mast. Potential injury possible with a sudden move.^^

Something probed the opening of my dick. His growling stopped. His mouth and tongue stayed where it was. His sharp teeth grazed my skin a little. I tried not to panic. The medic AI hold me to hold still. I'll be alright if I don't move. Breath, I told myself.

The probe slid further into my opening, going down my urethra. I never experienced anything like it, the fullness. He was filling me up, going deep into me. He pulled back enough my dick pulled out a little but the thing in me stayed. He began to move back and forth. The warm enclosure began to tighten as the probe began to get bigger. I was beginning to loose focus. He suddenly stopped, me impaled in him. He began to growl again and pressed his teeth against my neck. I started to cum. The probe must of sucked up my cum because I didn't feel any pressure from unloading. His growl because a gentle hum.

^^Friendship to Mast pod established,^^ station medic AI said.

^Do you wish to add this set to your friend list?^ The station AI asked.

"Yes, please do," I whole heartily agreed.

I was shown to a small brightly lit room. No chairs. A black metal ball floated in the center of the room.

^I am the facility's Resource Facilitator AI. Welcome. ^

^Housed here is an assortment of humanoid males collected throughout the galaxy. Each is at maximum physical condition for its species genome type.^ The AI said through my neural implant.

^Each have constant needs requiring attention for their well-being.^

^Following protocol, only human males may provide intimate care for collected organic males. This unit and others like it are stationed by each sleeper. They will assist and guide you,^ the AI said.

A dark thin metallic robot floated up to me. It was a model I hadn't seen before. Vertically long, it was made of small components much like ancient legos. My geekish interest in old game toys pays off for once.

^Our role has expanded to be a genetic repository. More than once we have been called upon to re-establish a species that would have gone extinct without us. Therefore, a human's presence has become even more important. ^

The assist robot floated off, heading toward the door. It paused. A long thin arm rose from its side, motioned me to follow.

I walked out into a large dimly lit cavern filled with roll upon roll of cube like rooms stacked on top of each other, layer upon layer as far I could see.

We stopped by the first roll of rooms floating about at the height of my waist. Inside each some were obscured with mists of various colors, others were pitch black. Looking up the rooms faded into grayness and from side to side the rolls extended into the distance. There must be thousands here. How can I manage all of them? I can't be the only human here.

A tap on my shoulder made me about piss my pants.

"The occupants are following their basic cycles of sleep and wakefulness. Some are currently asleep, others are active. You agreed to be suited with nano morph modifiers for adapting to various scenarios. Correct?" The assistant robot asked in a tiny synthetic voice.

"Yes," I answered. "So I will be actually touching them?"

"As protocol dictates."

I noticed each room unit had a robot hovering outside the front of it. The one I was being lead to must be this guy's since it was unmanned.

Soft humming from a shield barrier told me not to go any further. The view into the room was too dark to make out anything inside.

"The occupant is close to your species type, and the atmosphere is not too different from your own for a first encounter."

The robot detached two round rods from itself about the length of my arm. It placed one rod horizontally flat into the shield's wall. Blue neon light crackled around the rod. The robot withdraw its hand and placed the other rod away from the first one to about my height, creating an opening.

The robot waved me in. Inside I took a seconds to adjust to the dark. I was startled by a large beast of a man entirely nude running in place, facing to the right away from me. He was stark white, muscular, thin waisted, large upper torso, a well defined bubble butt, and an impressive endowment bounced freely about.

He suddenly shifted his stationary run directly toward me. The robot moved to my side.

"You are safe. The floor shifts to follow all possible horizontal directions."

Looking down, I was on a platform half an arm's length above a fast moving blurred grey floor. The direction change as the man altered his course.

"Exercise is part of their waking activity. Their experience is augmented with virtuals to accommodate the physical body and your existence should be part of their experience. As you work with them your optical will be overlaid by theirs." The assistant said as it pointed at a thin gold band on the upper part of the man's head.

A forest of alien trees appeared. They passed by me on either side of a path he ran on. He seemed to notice me and came to a stop, tilted his head to the side. His big brows pinched together, mouth turned down in a frown.

"Hello. You look familiar. Do I know you?" He asked.

"I don't believe so," I answered and glanced over at the assistant.

"You have been inserted into all the occupants' memories," The robot replied.

"Well, we might of met somewhere," I added.
"Think we did," He looked me up and down smiling, and took a deep sniff. "You are not taking your pheromone suppressant." I noticed his dick raising.

I face got hot. Looked over at the robot. Raised my eyebrows.

"You will experience sex with occupants within normal human parameters. The occupants will experience encounters with you as they expect. As you gain more experience, the filter on your part will be lifted if you wish."

I throat went dry. My heartbeat raced. I had experienced nothing like this.

The assistant came into my line of sight. It place a hand on my arm. "You need not do anything," The robot said. It placed another of its hands palm up, cupped toward me. "If you spit in my hand we can use that to provide him some relief."

"Really?" I asked. The robot didn't reply. I looked over at the man. He seemed frozen in time. His dick was fully erect. Clear liquid drooled from its slit. That was a turnon. Still this is my first day of work. I'm not ready. I cleared my throat. Gathered saliva and spit in the offered hand.

The man's body floated up a few feet off the floor. His body relaxed, legs slightly apart. The assistant touched his firm dick with my spit. A bell chimed as he moaned and began to cum. It disappeared as the spunk shot some distance. Impressive. There must be air nanos particulates. I've read something about them. The place has some advance tech here.

^You are awarded 1000 extra credits,^ The facility AI said. ^Orientation is concluded. Tomorrow please be prepared.^

The robot placed a hand on my shoulder, then with the index of each of its hands touched the corners of my mouth and lightly moved them up forming a smile. I began to laugh and turned my head.

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