Searching for Black cock

It was a cold night and Freddy was thinking of what he should do. His friends had called him earlier and asked him to go out but he didnt quite feel like he wanted to party. He felt different this night. He felt that something was missing in his life. Something that he really needed. Freddy was in his room and was bored so he got on the internet and starting surfing through some porn sites. He knew that his favorite kind of porn was interracial so he would always loved to watch girls get served by black cocks. He had got into this kind of thing since he was a young boy and for some reason he always loved to watch black guys fucking the brains out of sexy ass big titted thick thighed bitches. He always found it arousing and always made his little pecker jump. In time he noticed that it was no longer the hot women in the videos that made him horny, no sir. It was the big, long, thick, silky black cocks! He once heard the saying "once you go black, you never go back!" and now he finally knew why. He knew that no other kind of men could make him feel the way he felt at the site of a huge chocolate cock. As he masterbated hard to his favorite porn movies he would wish and wish hard to be able to feel what those women felt as those long silky cocks would stroke their tight little pussies. He would like to feel the way their insides would stretch as those long black logs would insert themselves into their deep assholes. He quickly began to develope the taste and hunger for black cock. Freddy was 18 years old and was a normal size guy in his pants, he was only about 6 inches, at the most, but he had no width! He knew that he couldn't satisfy women with his needle cock but he sure as hell knew that a black cock could please him. The next day he began to ponder where he could find a big black stud who would be willing to ravesh his asshole. He thought and thought of where he could possibly find another man willing to donate some chocolate to his tight little asshole. He quickly thought "the gym!" He knew that the gym had some gay guys and that they always met in the steamroom right about a few hours before it would close. So he got his bag and packed it with bottle of lube because he knew that if he were to find a sexy black man with a huge cock he was going to need it. He jumped in his car and began his way to the gym. as he got to the parking lot he got this thought in his head that questioned his hunger for big black cock. he thought "should i really do this?" "if i do this does this mean i'm gay? or am i just curious?" "fuck it! it's worth it!" he thought so he quickly grabbed his bag form the back seat and walked into the gym. He first walked into the locker room where he noticed that there was nothing but old men around with peckers as little as his. He wasted no time in there because he knew what he wanted and it sure wasn't 6 inches! As he made his way up stairs he noticed that there was hardly any blackmen present at this time. He looked everywhere and couldn't seem to find a gorgeuos black man. he thought he wasnlt gonna find one so he went to the second floor. Still, no luck. He even made his way to the third floor and still, no luck. He thought "dammit!, all that for nothing!." So he went back to the locker rooms where he was going to get his stuff to go back home, and then it happened... not one, not two, not three!, but 4 gorgeuos tall, bald, built black men entered the locker rooms minding there own business. They all were nicely shaped with hard-like-rock bodies and muscular arms and thighs. He noticed them walking in, and his heart began to pump with excitement. He notice the two in the front who had these huge bulges in the front of there swimming trunks and then it hit him. They were in the swimming pool, thats where he forgot to check! he coudlnt stop looking at them until he noticed that one of them caught him starring. He quickly turned back in embarrasment. Little did he know the guy that caught him looking began to approach him. He wasn't looking back when he felt someone tap him in the shoulder. He knew that it would be him so he turned slowly. "Hey!" said the stud. "what are you lookin' at? you see somethin' ya like? huh?" The other guys quickly turned and looked at him too. Freddy answered with fear. "s-s-s-so-sorry sir I thought I knew you." His legs were shaking because he didnt want to piss this guy off, but on the inside he wanted to let him know that it was his long thick cock that he wanted to see. The guy assertively said "well my name is Banana and if you see something you like, let me know!" He was wondering if he was being sarcastic or if he was inviting him to meet his black cock. As the stud began to walk back to his locker, he began to hope that they would take off their swimming trunks so that they can expose their black anacondas. As soon as he ended that thought he saw the trunks drop. He couldnt beleive his eyes as he was looking and starring hard at what was for him the first time he ever saw huge black cocks in real life! His little pecker was getting hard and he was feeling the hunger for the cocks that were only a few feet from where he was standing. His mouth began to water and he could almost taste the long thick chocolate cocks! One of the guys looked like he had a 14-inch cock, the other guys didnt stay behind with about 12 inches of solid chocolate each. He seriously couldn't stop starring and wondered what it would be like to suck the skin off of those long thick peckers. He was sitting down on the bench next to his locker when he overheard Banana say "hey guys imma hit the steam room for a lil' bit aight fellas!" As Banana told his friends, he looked over at Freddy and gave him a wink as to let him know that he knew what Freddy was looking for. Freddy felt a tingle down his spine as he watched the stud walk naked into the steam room. He quickly tossed his bag into his locker and took off his trunks and almost ran to the steam room. He knew that all the men walked naked in the locker rooms so he didnt mind walking around naked either. As he walked towards the steam room he noticed that he began to feel a little feminine. He entered the steam room and it was so hot in there that he could barely breathe. there was so much steam that he couldn't even find Banana inside. Then, a few seconds after he entered the room, he heard the voice that had made his little cock jump call out to him. "Hey lil' boy whats ya name?" Freddy answered in a nervous but excited voice. "F-F-Freddy" Banana asked Freddy "why are you here, you dont look like you work out, or are you just looking for something?" Freddy replied by saying "yes, thats it, im looking for something." As Banana heard his answer he took Freddy by the hand and showed him his massive 14-inch cock and said... "Well look no more Freddy, cuz i got what you need, now suck it!" Freddy's thighs felt like noodles at the sight of his already erect long, silky, thick black cock. He didnt even hesitate to get on his knees. He threw himslef at his cock and as he slipped it into his mouth he thought "so this is how it feels to suck real life chocolate cock" he was so happy to have finally get a black cock to call his own. He was all over his cock like a starving person on a 2lb. stake. He jerked and sucked his cock at the same time and he even spit saliva on his massive head so that it could go smoothly down his thraot. Banana was caressing his back as Freddy feasted on his massive tool. "MMMMMMM this is soo good, it makes me so horny!' Freddy said. "suck this big black dick you lil bitch!" Banana said. Freddy was having the time of his life as he tasted the long smooth shaft and stroked the leathery cock with both hands. He was jerking his cock so fast as he kept sucking it and deepthroating his 14-inch anaconda. He was making sure that he didnt miss a spot on his black long cock. Freddy covered Banana's whole cock with saliva and deepthroated it just like in his favorite porn flicks. He would remeber what the women in the movies would do and was sure to do the same on Banana. He was cupping his balls and squeezing them softly while tickling Banana's head with his hurricane toungue. "ooooh, its been a while since you sucked dick, huh. It feels like you missed doing this!" said Banana. "actually its my first time, and i loooove it!" Freddy answered. Banana was starring into his eyes, noticing that he wanted to insert his big monster into his asshole. Freddy couldnt take it anymore and began to beg Banana to fuck his asshole. "fuck me!' he said. "slip that big dong in my ass, give it to me!, fuck me hard i want it now! and i want every inch of it!" "fuck this blowjob shit, its good but not as good as getting fucked! so fucke me now!" Freddy was at a very horny point and he wanted it at that very moment. Banana told him "is this your first time with a black man? because if it is, im gonna change your life!" With no hesitation Banana picked Freddy up and bended him over just like he would to any young lady that was asking for it. Freddy was getting his thought about the lube he had prepared but it was too late now, and he was too fucken horny to run back to his locker and get so he just said "fuck it i want it now!" Banana spread Freddy's ass, cuffed his thick dong and slowly began to tamper with his asshole. Freddy began to feel it tickleing his asshole he could feel how wide it was, it had to be about 3-inches wide, it was soooo big. Justwhat he was looking and starving for. Freddy was moaning a bit and was getting turned on by Banana's slow tease. Banana stopped teasing him and slipped his dong right in. Freddy felt his asshole stretch and he let out a deep grunt as Banana was now showing him why "once you go black, you never go back" Freddy's asshole was hurting like hell but he didnt care. He was getting the fucking of a life-time and all he knew was that the pain would go away soon and the pleasure would come right after it. and not just any pleasure but black cock pleasure. "Ooohhhhh yessss! thats it fuck my asshole! stroke it! put that big black snake inside my stomach!" Freddy screamed. Banana began to pound his litle asshole and held a tight grip on his hips. Freddy's toes were so curled up and he was beggining to feel the pleasure that came afteer the pain. His eyes turned white every time Banana made his cock dissapear in his tight asshole. "You like that lil bitch, huh?, you like that long stroke?" "oh yessss! give it to me!, fuck me harder, slip it in my ass!" Banana couldn't beleive how good his doggystyle was working on this little kid. Freddy could feel Banana's hips slap his ass cheeks because Banana was now inserting all if his chocolate dong into his ass, He could feel the black leather pipe stretching his insides and scrambling his stomach. NOthing like he ever imagined. He wondered. "so this is how those women feel when they get fucked by those large cocks!" He was in a state of passion. He could feel every inch penetrating his tight little hole. Freddy then wanted to ride his big dick so he made him stop. "its my turn baby, lay down on the floor, let me show you how ii ride black cocks!" Freddy made Banana lay down and as he placed himself on top and slipped Bananas massive head into his asshole he began to scream! "oh yessssss this is even better! fuck me you black stud!" Banana began to thrust his cock upward as Freddy rode off like a rodeo cowboy. Freddy was feeling Banana's cock in deeper spots than before. He was taking it all in and he didnt care. Freddy was screaming from pain and pleasure at the same time. Freddy was riding him hard and layed down on his muscular chest and he was hearing his heartbeat and it had the same rythm as he stroked his asshole. Freddy felt so feminine and he loved it! Banana was gettting so turned on by the sight of this little curious guy He knew that Freddy loved his giant cock so he kept thrusting upward even harder an harder. " oh gawd yessss! fuck me! fuck me! make me cum!" Banana wrapped a tight grip around Freddy's waste with his arms for he was now going to give his fastes strokes. As he did, Freddy let out some loud screams. "Oooooohhh Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!, yesssssss thatsi tit just like thaaaaat daddy daddy! fuckkkkk meeee! whoaaaaaa!!!! it feels so fucken gooooood!!!" Banan was so turned on by Freddy's screams so he immediatley picked Freddy up. With his cock still inside Freddy's ass and his arms still wrapped around Freddy's waist he stood up and began to bounce Freddy in his long thick cock. Freddy fekt like the women in his favorite porn vidoes. "yes! yes! yes! like that daddy, make my ass cheeks bounce on your vicious one!" Freddy wrapped his legs around Banana to get a tighter grip. Banana was stroking hime hard and kept giving Freddy his medicine. Banana really wanted Freddy to feel his cock he was thrusting hard and everytime he stroked him he would feel his cock go deeper and deeper filling up his cornhole with his nasty magic stick. "oh! oh! oh! yesss! harder daddy harder! make me cum!" Freddy screamed. Freddy began to get chills on his thighs as he began to cum like a horny little slut. "oh yes, oh my gawd, it feels so fucken good, i love it i love it!!!" "here i go here it comes! oooohhhhh gawwwwd yesssss!!! im cumming im cuuuuummming! keep going, dont stop! i want to keep cumming! Freddy couldnt beleive that another man was making him cum! Banana was getting his head all the way into the deepest part of his sweaty wet ashole. "i want to cum again, and again, c'mon daddy make me cum 100 more times!' At this time Banana wanted to finish him off so he put him down in a missionary position spread his legs wide open and began to stroke away. Freddy immidieatley put his legs over Banana's shoulders. Banana, following what he wanted, gripped his thighs and began to pump harder on his helpless little tunnel. "is that your little cock getting hard?" Banana said as he noticed Freddy's little helpless cock that was hard as concrete. "jack me off Banana! fuck me and jack me off at the same time, c'mon daddy!" Freddy was in bliss with this action and felt Banana's tight grip on his litltle cock. Freddy was so into the moment that as soon as Banana jerked his cock a few times he began to shoot loads all over his stomach. He even got a few on his face. He didnt care he just licked it right off and kept getting served in his ass. Banana pumped like he never had in his life. He was giving this guy so much pleasure that he just wanted to give it his all. "Yes daddy fuck me! i can feel it in my stomach!, i can feel that big cock in my stomach!" "it feels sooooo goooood!" Banana was starting to get to his climax point. He couldn't handle it, the feeling was so good. He could feel his sack slapping Freddy's ass as he kept fucking him deep in his ass while jerking his little cock. Freddy began to cum again so he aggresively wrappen his legs around Banana's back. and as he let out a loud moan Banana knew that he was cumming again. "ooooohhhhh baby thats it! it feels so good! i came again!, oooh what an amazing cock! i just love your chocolate cock!!!" Banana was quickly coming to his breaking point when he began to pump so fast that Freddy almost had a heart attack from a pleasure overload! "aaaahhhhhh fuck me!! is that an earthquake?? no its you Banana how amazing uuuughhh it feels goood ooohhh your gonna kill me daddy! its so fast! but its soooo goood im lovin' it keep it going daddy fuck me fast!", Banana quickly replied "im gonna cum!, im gonna cum on your face!, and you better swallow it bitch!" "yesss!, give me that warm cum all over my face, give it to me!" Banana was stroking fast and Freddy was moaning like a whore! All of a sudden Banana slipped his
cock out of Freddy's ass and pointed it straight to his face then BOOM! Freddy's face was decorated with the sweat man juice that Banana had splurt all over his face and chest. Freddy grabbed Banana's now going limp cock and shoved it down his throat in and out. "slurp! slurp!" was the sound that Freddy made as he kept sucking the chocolate out of Banana's massive cock. "oooh yess thats it!" Banana said as Freddy began to slurp all the cum that Banana had provided for him. Freddy was licking his giant head with lightning fast speeds and Banana was feeling it. "dang, you got this shit down don't you?" Freddy replied "i was born to be a black cock pleaser! Freddy pointed Banana's cock upwars and began to take his balls into his mouth and nurturing each one with his long pointy toungue. "oooh fuck yesss!" Banana screamed. "do that shit lil bitch" Freddy was licking his shaft up and down with gratitude for the journey that Banana took him on. Freddy nibbled a little on Banana's cock just to tease him. Banana looked down at him and said. "This is how its supposed to be, two men getting what they want. One gets his ass streched another gets his cock pleased.." Freddy by then had slurped all the cum that was dumped on him and made sure that Banana's cock was sucked dry. He then looked up at Banana while still admiring his long, thick, silky chocolate cock and said "thanks for the fuck, i'll NEVER forget it! and i'll never go back!" "no problem!" repleid Banana, while slappping his now half-limp and dry cock on Freddy's lips.

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