Sissy Slut

Once apon a time in a land far away....lived a pretty boy, alone with his devices. I felt confused and alone, my penis, although pitifully small was in a constant state of arousal. I was masturbating several times throughout the day.

Wanting more and never being satisfied,I began exploring other avenues to achieve orgasmic pleasure.

One day I came across a paperback book, "Pretty boys in panties." I had never been so aroused. The more I read, the more stiff my little prick became. At one point,all I did was touch myself and I erupted in my shorts. I had to find some panties of my own.

Living with my Grandparents and my sister,I searched the hamper and found two pairs, one satin the other white cotton with little pink flowers. Although both equally arousing, the satin panties fit well and felt incredible on my butt and penis.

I also discovered I could make my penis disappear by tucking it back, like the book instructed. I quickly read the book from cover to cover and wore panties all the time under my clothes.

Then I got a laptop and discovered there was a whole world of erotic stimulation, just waiting for my discovery. The more I indulgled, the further I lost myself in the world of transexual and crossdressing. Soon I had a big collection of panties and even a butt plug and lubricant. Now I was on websites and interacting with men of all sorts and they all made me feel sexy. They all were so very handsome and convinced me they truly knew how I felt and could help me understand why I wanted to have sex with men and be dominated all the time.

Then one day, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I purchased a bus ticket and headed to the big city. Armed with a couple of contact numbers and an overnight bag,I made my way. Arriving in the morning,I went to the address of my new friends apartment, George. Opening the door,I was pleased to see,I recognized him. A handsome muscular man with piercing blue eyes. " Hey, you made it." He exclaimed. Then he gave me a hug, holding me tightly with his strong arms.

He surprised me when he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and slid his hand down,cupping my petite butt. I must admit,a warm rush came over me and my knees nearly buckled.

" I'm having some people over, I thought I might introduce you to my friends." He commented. " That will be fine, if you think it'll be ok." I responded. " Oh yeah, it'll be just fine." "So." I asked. "Can I use your bathroom?, I'd like to change into my shorts." "Sure." He smiled and said cheerfully. "Are you wearing panties?" He added. I smiled and shyly nodded. I entered and began to change into my light white shorts and a half cut pink tank top. Before I exited,I took a long look in the mirror. Hiking my shorts up to make sure my panties could easily be seen beneath my thin cotton shorts. I thought, this oughta give him a boner.

As I exited I tried to arch my back and walk as sexy as I could,in order to tease my host before the guests arrived. " I'm glad we have this time alone before they arrive." I said. George smiled and continued looking through my bag. "What's this?" He asked holding up my butt plug. "It's my butt plug." I muttered. Putting his hand in the small of my back. He said. "Com mer... Anybody ever tell you, how sexy you are?" I shook my head no. Eyeing my ass as he fondled the flowered panties that covered it.

Sitting next to him on the sofa,I couldn't help but see the bulge in his jeans. He looked down and smiled. "Can I touch it..... please?" I begged. " may, sweetie." He responded. My hands shaking,I reached over and gently traced the outline of his erection. Grabbing the back of my head firmly. "Now kiss it." He demanded, forcing me down. I submitted and did as I was told. "Open my pants. "He ordered. I slowly opened his jeans to discover a rock hard boner in tighty whities. I had to catch my breath and keep from orgasming in my panties,I was so excited. This time he didn't have to push,I had started rubbing my lips and breathing in his manly scent. "Please George.....let me suck your penis?" I begged. " That." He said. "Is a cock,say cock." Grabbing my hair roughly,he kissed my cheek. "Cock." I cried out. "Cock." He reached into his underwear and shoved his manhood through the slot. I stuck my tongue out and started licking the head of his circumsized cock.

As I began my introduction to cocksucking,he pulled down my shorts and panties.

Squirting some lube on my virgin butthole,he wiggled the plug into place,I moaned while licking and sucking more vigorously. Pulling up my panties and shorts up,he continued to grasp my hair, while fucking my mouth. As harsh as this seems,I couldn't help but be so turned on....."Swallow my load, baby." He cried, while shooting his cum in my mouth. Swallowing as quickly as I could,I exploded in my panties as well.

We both,lay on the couch spent and panting. I began to get up and George said. "Clean up my jizz." Forcing me down. I quickly cleaned up his cock and put it back in his jeans. "Good girl , keep that plug in." He ordered. "And go change into some fresh panties." Feeling somewhat ashamed and kinda dirty, I took my bag and crept into the bathroom. While cleaning my crotch and changing my panties,I could hear someone arrive. "Where is she?" The voice asked. "Cleaning her ass up." George said. "You butt fucked her already?" The voice asked. "Don't worry.... she'll suck you off later." George assured him.

Just then I emerged from the bathroom with my fresh panties and a smile on. "Hi." The voice said." I'm Chad, nice to meet you. "Danni, my name is Danni." I stammered. The tall blonde, gently shook my hand and stared into my eyes. " Come over here baby." George motioned me over to the counter, Bent me over and started to pull my shorts down. I began to fight, but he won out, barking. " Do as I say bitch." Continuing he pulled my shorts down, rubbing my ass in the pink leapard print panties and then pulling them to the side,so Chad could see my plug. "Nice bubble butt." Chad exclaimed. "I know, sweet.... right." George added.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Chad answered it, and returned with a built young black man. I mean really built, with a sweet smile. "Danni this is Damien." George said . "He has the black cock, that you'll be sucking this afternoon."

Shocked and embarrassed, I blushed and said. "Hi." I shyly sat down as George explained how we met. I had never seen a black man naked, let alone a black cock. At that point George stood me up and they all began kissing me and fondling my whole body. Chad pulled off my shirt and started licking my nipples. Geoge was kissing my neck and pulling at my shorts, while Damien was on the opposite side doing the same. Overwhelmed with arousal and curiosity, my hands began roaming as well. Before I knew it, I was kneeling in front of three beautiful cocks. I was licking and sucking, kissing and stroking. Unaware that there was a camera, on the table, recording the whole thing. I never thought I'd be so happy to suck even one cock, let alone three. I was in heaven. They all began to shoot they're cum, one by one. First Chad,on my face and my little budding tits. Then George, again on my face. "That's my good little sissy slut." He told me As I continued my task,on Damien's somewhat larger member, he erupted all over my face and hair. They started slapping they're cocks on my face and calling me names, like sissy and slut or cocksucking fag. Although humiliated and drenched in semen. All I could do was rub this magic lotion into my face and titties. George said . "You like that, didn't you? You sissy slut." All I could do is give him a naughty little smile and go clean myself up, again.

By this time it was evening and the boys had left. I came out of the bathroom wearing a white satin nightie and matching panties. I walked around the room, trying my best to look sexy, finally stopping at the sofa. Bending over to show my sexy panty covered bubble butt. "All this cocksucking, has made me really horny, when are you going to butt fuck me Georgie."

I moaned wantingly. "Tell me again.* He commanded. Standing up and arching my back,ever so slightly. I ran my hands over my pantied bubble butt. "Please Georgie... butt fuck me,put your cock in my butt and hump me!" I desperately begged. "Good thing I took for you I took my little blue pill." He chortled.

He approached me and began kissing and fondling me again . "You sure are an eager little sissy, aren't you?" "Oh yes, George, I'm whatever you want me to be." Taking off his jeans,I was mesmerized by the bulge in his tighty whities and I kneeled on the couch in anticipation. I was finally gonna be butt fucked, finally. George began kissing my butt and pulling my panties aside,he said. "You took your plug out before I told you, I'm going to have to fuck your butt really hard now, you sissy." "Oh.... please." I pleaded. With that, he pulled my panties to one side and pushed his manhood inside me. I started moaning and squealing as he slowly began humping me. The more he humped me,the more those squeals turned into moaning. "Yes.... Georgie....Yes." I cried. Now he had a hold of my hair and was humping viciously, saying. " You're a horny little sissy slut, aren't you? You like cock in your ass, don't you?" I could feel his pubic in my crack as he slammed my butt.

All of a sudden I lost control and shot cum in the crotch of my panties. "How dare you cum before I told you to." He yelled, and began humping harder. "Now I'm gonna have to cum in your ass and make you my sissy slave...bitch!"

He pumped two more times and felt his hot load shoot inside a matter of fact I think I came again. I had never thought I could be so aroused.

It was at that moment, I realized I was a sissy slut and could never go home again.

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