Rooming With Charity

Charity’s large, blue eyes looked up from the iPhone in her hands. She was sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest, making her seem even smaller than normal. Her small mouth hung open slightly revealing the dull glint of braces behind full, round lips. A few errant strands of her shoulder-length, straight blonde hair hung in her face that she absently brushed back with a single, delicate, painted pinky. “I’m tired of having to leave my room every time you want to get ready. Go get ready somewhere else.” Charity’s high, lilting voice was laced with a whining touch.

Hunter sighed. “It’s my room, too, Charity. And I always leave when you have to get ready which takes a lot fucking longer than me.” He stood by the door, holding it open and gesturing her to get out. He wore only a large towel he had tied around his slim waist. His dirty blond hair was wet and slicked back and droplets of moisture dotted his well-toned torso. His grey eyes narrowed as he looked at his little sister. Emphasis on little. Though she had recently turned fourteen, Charity wasn’t even five feet tall and might weigh ninety pounds after a full meal.

He hadn’t failed to notice her filling out in certain areas, though. As his friends were fond of pointing out when they came over her breasts were a healthy A-cup, perky and well-proportioned on her small frame, and her ass was becoming quite pert and round. Charity was still wearing her pajamas; a form-fitting, white cami top that accentuated her tits and a pair of tight, grey sweat shorts. He felt an involuntary twitch underneath the towel he wore.

Hunter shook his head. Ever since his dad had gotten laid off they were forced to move into a tiny two-bedroom apartment and he and his sister had to share a room. He had pleaded to be let to sleep on the sofa in the living room but his dad would stay up all night watching TV and didn’t want to deal with his son trying to sleep there. He was almost eighteen years old and shouldn’t have to be sharing a room with his younger sister. And this was one of the reasons. Sure, they were siblings, but he was a healthy, horny teenage boy and it was hard enough for him to see to his needs without having to put up with her…distracting him. The least she could do was not dress like that for bed.

For the umpteenth time Hunter wondered as to the veracity of a rumor he’d heard from his friend, Jimmy. That Jimmy’s cousin had seen Charity going down on Desmond Freeman in his car in the high school parking lot. Desmond was a year younger than Hunter and was known to frequently date girls from the attached middle school.

Charity shook her head and sighed, “Whatever. Go ahead and get ready, I’m not going to look at you.”

“Yeah. Right.” Hunter scoffed. “I’m not getting naked in front of my little sister.” He gestured her toward the door again. Down the hallway he heard their parents in the living room beginning to argue about something again.

“Like I want to look at your little thing, anyway,” she said with a smile.


Charity giggled as she resumed typing into her phone.

“Come on, Tori will be here soon. I want to be ready so she doesn’t have to talk to our parents.”

Charity’s piercing blue eyes looked up to him and her head tilted toward his side of the room. “Then you better stop talking to me and get ready for your girlfriend.” Behind him Hunter heard his mom’s voice raise, accusing his father for the hundredth time of being lazy. He saw Charity look beyond him into the other room and her smirk started to fade. His shoulders sagging a bit as he realized why she didn’t want to have to leave the room and Hunter didn’t blame her. It wasn’t a big deal if he got dressed in front of his sister, was it? Especially if she didn’t look at him. And why would she?

“Okay, whatever. But it’s not little.” Hunter shut the door behind him, muffling the growing dispute beyond. Charity’s faltering smile broadened and she stuck her tongue out and made a mocking face.

Hunter went to his side of the room that contained a tiny, twin-sized bed, a dresser and small, cluttered desk. He began to rummage through is dresser getting out his clothes. He glanced back at Charity who was still intently tapping away at her phone, her eyes fixated on it. He glanced down at himself and noticed the twitching he felt earlier had resulted in a lump raising up from his towel. Charity’s wardrobe and her talking about his dick had given him a bit of a chub. Not so unusual, he thought to himself. He was seventeen, he got hundreds of hard ons every day for no reason! He looked back at his sister again and noticed her eyes darting away from him. “I thought you didn’t want to look at my little thing?” He smiled at her as he turned toward her.

“Gross. I don’t.” Her typing had stopped but Charity still stared at her phone, her eyes unblinking. “You probably want me to, you pervert.”

Hunter noticed he’d stopped breathing and felt his cock begin to stiffen more. He quickly looked down at himself and realized it was now impossible to not see the bulge growing under the towel. Before he knew what he was doing, Hunter had committed to a course of action. He told himself he just wanted to embarrass her and teach her a lesson but deep down he knew he really did want her to look at it. “Well, now’s you chance,” he said as dropped the towel to the floor.

Hunter’s cock, now unrestricted, sprang forth with a slight waggle. He watched Charity’s eyes move to her right toward him, quickly move way, then back and down toward his groin. She turned her head and her mouth opened. “Oh my god,” she laughed nervously.

Hunter’s cock was only half hard, hanging down about 6 inches. It was very fat with a large, bulbous, uncircumcised head. Hunter kept himself pretty well groomed so his sister also had a good view of his pendulous balls. His prick twitched as he watched Charity look at it, growing harder by the second. His head was swimming. He couldn’t believe he was doing this!

“Okay, well…you’re not little, I take it back.” At that his cock jumped, growing a couple inches more and sticking out at a slightly crooked 45 degree angle, causing Charity to squeal with surprise. “Oh my god,” she giggled again as her hand flew up to her mouth. Hunter laughed nervously and with no small amount of satisfaction. He’d known for awhile he was above average size and always relished the moment a girl first looked at it. He just never imagined he’d be showing it to his own sister. Charity’s mischievous smile widened and she swung her legs down and around and planted her bare feet on the floor, holding up her phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a pic to send to mom. You’re going to be in such trouble!” Hunter’s stomach suddenly felt like a swarm of bees lived there. He jumped forward without thinking, his erection bobbing up and down, and reached for Charity’s phone. She laughed as he wrestled for it. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want her to see?” She raised the phone above her head and as Hunter reached for it he pushed Charity back, landing on top of her as the springs of the small bed creaked and groaned beneath them.

Charity continued to giggle and Hunter continued to grab for the phone but her small hands were nimble and quicker than his panicked flailing. Hunter felt the sensation of smooth, cool flesh against his still hard cock and a shot like electricity course through him. “Oh my god. I can feel your dick!” Chastity tittered. It was true. As they wrestled for the phone Hunter’s cock began rubbing back and forth against the inside of his sister’s right thigh.

Hunter froze but Charity kept laughing as she struggled to snap a pic of him. Was she serious about sending a pic to their mother? Hunter wondered. Was she just fucking with him? She was always like that, baiting and teasing him about things. She didn’t seem to really mind his dick was touching her so he purposely pushed it against her leg again, this time a little higher up. “Eww, there it is again!” She cried but didn’t move her leg away. He felt himself get painfully erect now. He gave a little lunge, pretending to reach for the phone again but really positioning himself in between her legs. He felt the soft cloth of her sweat shorts against his member (and the faintest heat?) as Hunter pushed it against Charity.

The girl stopped squirming quite so much as Hunter began to slowly rub his cock up and down against her spread crotch. She looked up at him, her bright eyes wide and her mouth open in what he thought to be surprise, or perhaps pleasure. He had his strong hands around her small ones now, which still gripped the forgotten phone. He began to feel her raise her hips up to meet his slow thrusts. Now he definitely began to feel some heat against his dick, as well as a bit of dampness. He could feel his sister’s pubic mound against the base of his erection as she began to hump him back.

They were staring into each others eyes. Both shocked at what they were doing but neither of them wanting to stop. Hunter moved up and down faster, causing Charity’s eyes to flutter and a soft moan to escape her lips. Her back arched as she tilted her head back. “Don’t stop….don’t stop”, she breathed. He had no intention to. He pushed himself against her harder, the soft cloth wet now with hot moisture. He felt her hands wrap around his tightly as she began to breathe faster. “Don’t stop…” she whimpered once more as Hunter felt her body convulse beneath his. She drew in a few ragged breathes as her hips bucked sharply beneath his.

He knew in that moment that he had just given his little sister an orgasm and that realization coupled with the friction and heat of her clothed crotch proved too great a sensation as Hunter felt cum welling up from his balls. He lifted himself up enough to reach down, his knuckles brushing against Charity’s damp crotch, and grab his pulsating prick. As he felt his fingers around his shaft he began to shoot a stream of jizz further than he ever had before, splashing onto Charity’s blushing face, making her wince at the surprise and the heat of it.

Hunter forced himself to choke back a moan of pleasure as more ropy strands of cum spewed from his engorged, purplish head. As the last bit drizzled out of the tip of his cock, Hunter saw he’d sprayed his ejaculate all over his sister’s little, still writhing body. He let go of his still hard penis and it flopped against her leg, oozing more sperm out onto her soft skin.

She looked up at him, his spunk on her chin, cheek and lips. He saw her tiny tongue flick out and lick some of it off, perhaps reflexively, perhaps deliberately. “Well….that just happened,” she panted and laid her head back on her bed and giggled. Hunter rolled over off of his sister and onto his back, his cock smacking against his belly with an audible, sticky flop.

“Yeah,” He said between sighs.

And the two of them lay there for several moments as the drumbeat of rushing blood slowly left their heads leaving behind a feeling of both equal parts intimacy and bewilderment.

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