The locker room

This was the first time at this gym. After a long and sweaty workout i went to the lockerroom to take a shower and maybe go in the sauna. When i entered the lockerroom i saw many tiny penises flopping around. None were bigger than 3 inches. i was amazed. i undressed and my 6 in cock flopped out which was imediatly stared at by countless eyes. almost every one in the lockerroom was over 50 and i had bigger a bigger dick than all of them. i am very young as well. i felt embaressed for having such a big penis, or at least at this gym. i put on my towel which was so small it barely covered anything and i hopped into the sauna. imediately 4 men followed me inside. they all stared at my cock which was now getting hard and was almost 8 inches long! i have no idea why this happened since i was straight. the men started rubbing oil on themselves and one of them dripped some on my cock. im sorry he said and he rubbed my cock trying to get it off. my cock was now 8 1/2 inches long. they all noticed that i was getting harder, and not knowing that i was actually straight, they didnt care and they all jumped in and played with my cock. i had no idea what was going on. i just sat there motionless. i came a good 4 times before they took turns grinding on me and in me. they also stuck all 4 of ther small cocks in my mouth at the same time and forced me to suck them. all four cocks came in my mouth almost simultaneously and i swallowed as much as i could, the rest burst out of my mouth and dripped down my face.after an hour they were finally finished with me. i took a shower washing off all the cum and i left.

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