Gabe And Brian xxx

My name is Brian and I grew up in a small town on the Washington coast. Even at an early age I knew I wasn’t into sports. I was more into learning and educating myself. Because of this I was seen as a nerd and only palled around with the other nerds. Around fourth grade I realized I was really good at sprinting and throughout grade school and middle school I became quite good at running. I even held school and county records for the races I was into. In the seventh grade I came to the realization that I was gay. Having been with two boys before I just thought it was something young boys did. I didn’t know one could be gay. Being gay at that time, in the early 90’s, was frowned upon and as I was ending the eighth grade people started making fun of me for being gay, even though I wasn’t out of the closet yet. Luckily my friends Tiana and Becka stood up for me. At this point in my life I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Going into my freshman year of high school I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. I had no idea, yet, what kind of doctor, I just knew I wanted to be involved in medicine. At the young age of 14 I attended my first CPR and First Aid class. I was in LOVE with the thought of helping people in need. Shortly thereafter I started volunteering for our local ambulance company. Everything in life seemed to fade away as I focused on my career decision. Everything except for my burning desire to be with another boy. Medicine and sex is all I could think about. I puttered my way through my freshman year, even joining the track team and excelling. I was a star at the school, but only during track season.

I spent the summer between my freshman and sophomores year of high school volunteering on the ambulance and learning more about medicine. I was no longer “involved” with the family things, but my parents were okay with it, especially since I was way more of an “adult” than my sister was at that point of her life. My parents were more than happy to leave me to myself and let me do my own thing.

As I returned to high school for my sophomore year I was approached by the football coach. He invited me to join the football team as the medical assistant, treating the injured players during practice and games. I was thrilled to be asked and I immediately, without hesitation, accepted the position. In this role I started making friends with all the jocks, especially the cute ones! I met Jason (more about him later), Matt (more about him later), Tony, Scott, Steve, and Gabe. All of these jocks played football and basketball. Some wrestled during fall, some played baseball in the spring and others were in track with me. I had the biggest crushes on Jason, Matt, and Gabe. Seeing these boys in the locker room just being teenage boys made me so happy and horny.

Going into fall I was recognized for my abilities and was asked to join the wrestling team to be their medical assistant. Again, without hesitation, I accepted. Several weeks in to wrestling season we were at practice one night and Gabe ended up hurting his shoulder. I looked him over an found nothing emergent so I escorted Gabe to the training room. It was almost the end of the night so the coach told me to lock up when I was done. Him and the rest of the team was leaving, leaving Gabe and I to ourselves in the training room.

As soon as we got into the training room I had Gabe take off his shirt. He did so willingly. I started to rub Gabe’s shoulder and he just closed his eyes. Gabe said “take your time Brian, I’m walking home tonight.” Since I was walking home too I didn’t see the need to rush things, since no one was waiting on us. As I rubbed Gabe’s very muscular shoulder I could start to feel a tingling sensation running through my body. Just touching another boy was making my teenage hormones race through my body. I was no longer thinking about the “medicine” or his injury, instead I could only think about submitting myself to every one of Gabe’s desires. That’s when I noticed that my little prick was starting to get hard. I had to do something immediately to stop my cock from getting hard and to stop these feelings. It was so wrong for me to be thinking about these things while Gabe sat there in pain. So, I stopped rubbing Gabe’s shoulder and started to head for the ice machine.

As I started to step away Gabe whispered “Don’t stop dude.” I started to say that I was going to get him some ice, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into him. “Don’t leave bro” he kind of barked at me. As I was being pulled back into him I could notice, through his singlet, that he had an erection too, and there was a wet spot where the head of his dick was. I froze in fear. What was about to happen? Was I about to have sex with one of the school’s hottest and nicest jocks? No way, this wasn’t happening, it had to be a dream! Gabe stood up and locked the door to the training room. My mind was going a million miles per hour, not to mention my heart beating even faster than that.

“I know you’re gay Brian.” Gabe said.

“Um…” is all that came out of my mouth.

“I’m bi, but don’t tell anyone, okay?” Gabe said with a stern but accepting look on his face.

“Of course I won’t tell anyone Gabe.”

Gabe walked over to me and started to hug me. My lips were right next to his neck and I could smell his sweet boy sweat and his masculine pheromones. I was ready to cum already and I hadn’t even touched myself yet.

I started kissing Gabe’s neck and moved to his ear. Gabe moaned and said “bite my ear babe”, so I obliged. I was there to do everything Gabe wanted to do and my only concern was making him cum. That was my mission in life at that point.

Gabe grabbed my hand and pushed it down to his crotch. I hesitated for a second but then grabbed his pulsating shaft. I slowly started massaging his cock up and down, making sure I touched every single inch of his impressive seven inch hunk of meat. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I dropped to my knees. As I moved my eyes from the impressive bulge in his singlet to Gabe’s eyes he was pulling the singlet off. We made eye contact and he had this look on his face, a look of pure bliss. Without missing a beat I plunged my mouth down around his cock and started sucking on it like a champion. If there was a gold medal or a school record for sucking cock, I was sure in competition for it tonight. I forced myself all the way down to the base of his cock, making myself gag and start to feel like I was going to throw up. I’d never sucked a dick this big and thick before, but I was intent of swallowing every single inch of it. Again, I was there to ensure Gabe enjoyed himself and wasn’t going to stop until his boy batter was shooting down my throat. Since I’d never sucked on anything like this before I was starting to back off of it when Gabe grabbed the back of my head and forced me down all the way again. I positioned my head in such a way as to ensure his shaft had room to go down my throat.

Minutes felt like hours as I continued to bob up and down on his impressive shaft. Gabe was shaking ever so slightly and moaning. I pulled his shaft almost all the way out of my mouth so I could focus on the head of his penis. He was still leaking tons of precum. It was sweet and salty and oh so delicious. He started to buck his hips as I licked the head of his cock and stroked his enormous thick shaft. I hadn’t even noticed that I had started playing with myself. Gabe was moaning and started spewing obscenities.

“Fuck ya Brian, suck my fucking cock you fag boy!”

“Fuck ya faggott,”

“I’m going to rape your throat dude!”

“You like this jock cock, don’t you queer boy?”

All of a sudden Gabe got quiet and really started to shake. Oh shit, he’s getting ready to cum I realized. I started playing with his balls and slowly put his cock back in my mouth. Once again Gabe grabbed the back of my head and thrust his boy meat down my throat. He all but had a seizure and moaned “I’m gonna cum…” Right at that moment I felt his warm, gooey, baby batter shoot down my throat. His dick pulsating, him shaking, and forcing me down on his cock. I couldn’t breathe. The lack of oxygen made my hole body tingle and I started to get lightheaded. Almost instantaneous I busted my nut all over the floor. Gabe let me come up for air and looked down at me. Gabe exclaimed “Damn dude, how much did you cum?” I glanced down and there was a gallon of my own cum all over my shorts, shoes, and the ground. I sat there for a minute and caught my breath. Gabe smiled at me and said “I’ve been wanting to cum in you for awhile now. Remember, DON’T tell anyone.” I assured him that I would never tell anyone and I explained to him that ever since I’d met him during football that year that I’d wanted to do exactly this. I explained to him that I’d always be available for him to use. He gave me a smirk and started getting dressed. I cleaned up as much as I could and escorted him out of the room. He kissed me and told me good night. We went our separate ways. The next three years in high school were definitely different. Gabe and I never played around again, mostly because he got a girlfriend that lasted throughout the rest of high school. At our last high school reunion I saw Gabe and had a drink or three with him. We reminisced about our time together and he told me that he’d never had better head than that night in the training room. Of course I wanted a second try, but we just never seemed to be able to get our schedules to match up. I’ve never told another soul about that night, that is until now.

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