Night shift guy

I stood nervously in the small hallway, just outside her apartment. Looking down, I made one last check of the address she had written on the back of her business card. Flipping over the cream-coloured card I took a moment to once again admire the elegant jade text.

Jessica Thot, of the London Thots

Below were links to various social media accounts (Only Fans, Instagram, etc). I'd spent the last two weeks chatting with her on OF (on my nights off or when work got quiet). Her page was free to subscribe, with some paid content. I'd sent her a few small tips, but mostly she had been giving me free content.

Often we would just chat about life, slowly getting to know each other. Sometimes it would get quite explicit. That was fun, and I would read over those conversations later while touching myself. Between that and all the sexy photos she kept sending, all my recent orgasms were because of her.

Nervously I reached out and knocked on her door. After only a few seconds the door opened.

"It looks like you found it okay" she smiled cheerfully.

"Yeah" I replied "your directions were good."

She was dressed casually today, but still looked super hot. It was summer and the past week had been especially warm. Her large breasts were outlined by a light pink t-shirt and I could already see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Just visible below the shirt were a pair of black running shorts that showed off her amazing thighs.

Without realising my eyes had followed her legs all the way to her bare feet, which seemed to be making fists in the beige carpet of her apartment. As I was remembering a similar scene from a film, she reached out her hand and started dragging me inside.

"While I appreciate you staring at my feet, the neighbours might think it's a bit weird" she said while closing the door. "Besides, you can look at my body anytime, I invited you here to do a lot more."

"Sorry" I managed to get out "I got distracted when I saw you curling your toes into the carpet. I've only ever seen John McClane do that."

"Great film" she replied "that's where I stole the idea from. I've also made some good money from gifs where I curl my toes using different coloured nail polish. So, are you a feet guy or was it just the film reference?"

"Mostly the film reference" then, half-joking I added "for me it's like chicken, my favourite parts are breast or thighs."

She laughed in delight at my comment, which made me feel good. "You're in luck then, because you will definitely be exploring both of those tonight."

Then, to emphasise her point she took my left hand and squeezed it between her thicc thighs. I was so turned on I had to use my right hand to adjust my trousers. After a few minutes of caressing her thigh she led me towards her bedroom.

As I walked along I took in the small apartment. There was one room that contained a kitchen and lounge area. This room seemed to be connected to two bedrooms and a bathroom. We entered one of the bedrooms, which seemed to double as a home studio.

Her queen sized bed was neatly made, the deep purple set complimenting the dark stained wood. Beside the bed was a small green screen set up against the wall, her desk and laptop in front. Most of her belongings were neatly in a corner that wouldn't see any screen time. It was the only part of the room I didn't recognise from her social media photos.

"Your room is even more amazing in person" I commented as she led me towards the bed, this time steering me with her hand on my cock.

"Thank you, now hold your arms up, please." I did as instructed while she removed the striped polo shirt. "Now, if you could remove your shoes and socks, please?"

"You seem different than the other night."

"Yeah" she replied, unconsciously touching her braid "sorry about that, it's the heels, I get a little extra height and it brings out my authoritarian side."

"Don't apologise, that was the best hand job I ever had, not that I have much point of reference." My first girlfriend (when I was nineteen) had given me a few, but they couldn't compare to Jessica's magic touch.

By this point she was sitting on the bed and starting the undo my belt. She slowly took the belt off and dropped it to the floor. Then she undid my trousers and started lowering them, while gently kissing her way down my stomach. With only my boxers remaining she took her lips and slowly covered my erection enough that I could feel a slight touch from her teeth. This lasted for just over a second before she removed my boxer shorts.

She then had us swap positions so that I was sitting on the bed and she was standing over me, her large breasts pushing against my face. I felt like an anime protagonist from a show with too much fan service. As she hugged my face with her pillowy breasts I started sliding her shorts down, waited for her to lift each leg to ensure that they were completely off, and then moved my hands up and cupped her juicy bum, my cock growing even harder as she moaned in pleasure.

"Keep your hands there while I take off my top" she instructed. Her cheeks felt amazing in my hands as I watched the pink fabric of her shirt slide over her head, revealing those beautiful breasts that she had let me cum on during our previous encounter. She moved one of her nipples into my mouth as I took one of my fingers and started circling her anus.

"Oh, fuck" she moaned, reaching a hand down to hold my solid erection. After a few strokes she said "you're getting too hard, I'll get you a condom so you can cum inside me. I've never been with a virgin before, I want to make the most of this experience."

"Okay" I replied, barely able to concentrate enough to remove my hands from her divine arse.

"You don't mind purple?" she asked, holding up the square plastic. I shook my head and sat as calmly as I could while she wrapped my cock in a light purple sheath. "Now I'm gonna lie on the bed and you're gonna take charge, you have my consent to fuck me as hard as you can."

And with that she lay back on the bed, her large breasts flattening out to each side, her legs spread to reveal a secret garden of neatly trimmed black hairs. I awkwardly climbed on top of her and used my left hand to guide my cock into her moist vagina. She moaned loudly as I entered her. (A small part of me wondered if she was faking her pleasure, but mostly I felt too good to worry about that right now.)

Once inside I placed my hands on the bed, a reminder of the push ups I tried to do most days, and then started thrusting. It took a minute for me to build up a good rhythm, but once I was going it felt amazing. As I pushed back and forth, her breasts followed along and her face lit up in pleasure. She seemed to be enjoying this and her moans encouraged me to go faster.

I moaned almost silently as I started to cum, my legs and arms suddenly feeling weak beneath me. I could feel the semen leaving me in bursts, hopefully getting stopped by the purple protector. I slowly collapsed on the top of Jessica, who cradled my head with one arm.

"That was wonderful babe" she purred softly "you did really well for your first time."

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