A visit to a gay fantasy island

I was nervous, excited and nervous, as I stepped out of
the boat onto the dock. The island that had looked so
small from the float plane that brought me here was
much bigger than it looked from the air. No one else
debarked with me; I wasn't sure if that was a good sign
or not.

I walked up to the small building, more of a shed, as I
started to sweat in the tropical heat. Pushing open the
door, I was greeted by "Welcome, Mr. Hanson." I was
expected, of course, but it was still a bit of shock to
hear myself addressed by my name.

"Uh, hello," I replied, as I put down my bag.

"Please, come over to the desk, we have just a bit of
paperwork and then you can be off to your cabana."

I approached the desk and sat down at the man's wave of
his hand.

"I am Mr. Cairns, I run the island," he explained,
"sort of the general manager. If anything needs tending
to, I see that it's taken care of. Now - about your

I became a bit worried but he reassured me instantly.
"Everything seems to be in order. Your last three blood
tests have all come back negative for any nasty little
diseases, you've signed all the waivers, and everything
else seems to be in order. Do you have any questions?"

"Mmmm, yes. ALL the guests have to go through the same
thing, right?"

"Yes, all the guests AND all of our staff... well, the
ones that are here for the guests, of course", he added
with a smile.

"And there are no rules, right, I mean - it's a private
island and all, I don't have to worry about...you

"The authorities?", he smiled, "No. The only rule you
have to go by is that if you don't want to do
something, then walk away. However, there are some
guidelines: the island is clothing-optional, we
encourage all our guests to remain nude during their
stay, it makes the sex so much easier. But remember to
wear sunscreen! Also, I'll ask you now to pick a
wristband. Red ones are for the men who prefer to be
aggressors, blue ones for those who prefer to
be...shall we say, "subservient"?"

I picked a blue wristband and slipped it on.

"Excellent! We seem to be rather top-heavy with reds
this week, you'll be very welcome at all the venues!
Now, you don't HAVE to accept every advance but
everyone is here for uninhibited sex, to fulfill their
fantasies. It'd be best if you went along with whatever
a red banded guy wanted you to do, OK?"

"Sure!" I replied. Things were starting to fall into

We wrapped up the rest of the details, I collected my
luggage and went off in search of my cabana. After a
short, shady walk, noticing naked men all along the
beach, I came to my cabana. Walking in, I heard the
sound of the shower as I put down my bags and began
unpacking the little clothing I had brought. Shortly,
my roommate stepped out, completely nude, his tanned
body dripping water onto the floor. His wrist band was
also blue and I couldn't help but noticing that his
entire body was shaved completely smooth, like mine!

"Hallo, mate!" he said, as he began drying off. "Just
arrived, have we?"

"Yes, I'm just getting situated," I said.

"Good on ya, then! I'll be leaving later today, I hope
you'll 'ave as good a time as I've 'ad" he said.

As he spoke, his cock began rising, no doubt because
I'd been staring at it since he entered the room.

"Like wot you see, eh?" he grinned.

"Oh, yes," was my reply, as he walked toward me, his
stiff erection bouncing in the warm tropical air.
Without further talk, I took his cock in my hand and
guided it to my mouth, sticking out my tongue and
licking his glans all around like a lollipop before
sucking his shaft into my warm mouth. Gripping his
stiff dick with one hand, his hard balls with my other.
I began sucking and tonguing his erection, bobbing up
and down on his warm manhood, gently squeezing his
nuts, now and again caressing his ass.

After five minutes, he began moaning, thrusting harder
and faster into my mouth until he gave forth a mighty
grunt, shoved his prick deep into my throat and
squirted his cum straight against the back of it. I
swallowed his warm spunk as he kept thrusting into my
mouth, sucking his penis until it became soft and I let
it fall from my mouth.

"Oh, you'll be a popular one, I think, around here," he
said as he turned to get dressed.

"I hope so," I thought, as I continued unpacking,
looking forward to the week to come...

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