The tranny

George was a 45-year-old with a receding hairline. He was a little overweight but not fat by any means. He had a home business and could therefore work anytime day or night. George strolled down to a local coffeehouse one afternoon and was a little surprised to find it a little more crowded than usual. When he got his coffee and sandwich he couldn't find a place to sit. So, he stood against the wall, sipping his coffee, waiting for a seat to become available. Finally a table opened up. He went to the table and sat down. At the same time a very attractive girl sat at the same table across from him. George looked at her. "I'm sorry young lady. I never realized you were going to sit here. I'll move if you want."

The girl giggled. "There is no other place to sit right now. I don't mind you sitting there if you don't mind me here. Besides, I like older men. I think you are a good looking man. You can call me Freddy. What's your name?"

George was a little taken aback. The girl didn't look any older than 15. She might have been younger. "Thank you for the complement, miss, Freddy. I'm George. I find you a very nice looking girl yourself." Do your parents know where your are? Shouldn't you be in school?"

Freddy glared at him. She then picked up her purse from beside herself, slammed it down on the table, and retrieved her wallet. She pulled out her driver's license and handed it to George. "As you can see by my birth date, I am 18. I may be a little young for you. However, I can see in your eyes that you are attracted to me." She smiled big and George took a sigh of relief.
"You are a very beautiful and desirable girl, Freddy. I am very flattered that you find me attractive as well. Do you mind if I ask you if you are living with your parents?"

"I do live with them. I'm taking a year off after graduating high-school before going off to college. Do you live near here George?"

"Yes. I live about 3 blocks away. I have my own business and work from home. I make my own hours. I guess you could call me an artist. I don't usually do paintings. I draw caricatures."

"Really? That must be interesting. I'd like to see some of your work, if you don't mind."

George smiled. "Sure Freddy. I'd love to show you what I do. Are you free to come over to my place now?

Freddy's mouth spread into a wide smile. "I'd love to see what you can do. Maybe I'll show you what I can do too."

They walked casually to George's house. It took them about 10 minutes. Freddy kept looking up at George with a flirty look on her face. She wasn't wearing anything provocative, but the way she walked and her whole demeanor was quite provocative. George was intrigued with her. George never thought he would be taken so much with a girl her age, especially when she looked much younger than she really was. When they got to his house he unlocked the door and let her in first. George took Freddy to his den where he had his many drawings. Freddy looked around at the various drawings.
"You are a very good artist George. Do you ever do nudes?"

"I have never had anyone pose for a nude drawing. I have done some drawings that look like they could be nude. Here is a picture that looks like a seductive woman with ample breasts."

Freddy's brow furrowed as she looked at the picture. "Very imaginative. Do you think you could do something better if you had someone to pose for you? I could let you see mine and let you draw them. That is more realistic than what you perceive as what a woman's breast should be like."

While George set up his easel, Freddy took off her top and bra. George gawked at her while he drew her picture. It only took him a few minutes. Freddy went over and looked at the picture. "That is an amazing likeness, George. Do you have a hard-on looking at me like this?"

George didn't know what to say. He did indeed have an erection. "You are an amazing girl, Freddy. What man wouldn't get excited seeing your bare breasts? I am indeed turned on."

"Well, George. If you want, I can take care of your needs."

She went over to him and caressed his parts through his pants. She squeezed his hard cock through his pants. "I can take care of that if you want. Shall we go to your bedroom?"
George didn't say anything. He took Freddy by the arm and led her to his bedroom. When they got there Freddy unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. His cock popped out, stiff as a board. She dropped on her knees and immediately sucked his cock into her mouth. George couldn't believe what was happening. He looked down at the 15..., no 18-year-old girl, sucking his cock. He didn't last long. He reached climax in a matter of minutes. He moaned and stiffened with ultimate pleasure. His semen squirted hard into the young girl's mouth. She sucked harder and took all he could give down her throat.

After George recovered from his tremendous orgasm he took his shirt off, becoming completely naked. He pulled Freddy into his arms and kissed her passionately, pressing his tongue into her mouth. His cock began to stiffen again. When he tried to put his hand between her legs, Freddy roughly pushed it away. "No. I'm not ready for that yet."

George held her by the shoulders at arms length. "Freddy, I'm sorry. I thought you would want me to give you the same pleasure you gave me. I was looking forward to pushing my tongue into your hot pussy. I wanted to make you cum too."

"George, I want to get to know you a little better before I let you mess around between my legs. I sucked you off because I really love having a hard cock in my mouth. I love the taste of semen too. I savor it for as long as I can. By the way, you must like the taste too. When you kissed me, you had to have tasted your own cum. Perhaps you are like I am. I like both cock and pussy. Have you ever sucked a cock before?"

George's eyes were wide. "No. I'm not gay. I get my sexual pleasure with women. Well, I have wondered what it would be like. But, I don't think I could ever go through with it if opportunity arose. I am curious about you though. Have you had much experience with other women or girls?"

Freddy giggled. "Wouldn't you like to know. I do have a very close female friend. She is gorgeous. We lick and suck each other all the time. Can't you just picture me burying my face in a hot snatch and licking her until she screams with ecstasy? Would you like to meet her? She will let you lick and fuck her the first time you meet. I promise."

"Sure. I'm willing to meet her. Is she your age? Most females your age aren't attracted to a man as old as me. When can I meet her?"
"I'll see if I can bring her by tomorrow. If that's okay with you. Anyway, your cock is up and ready for another licking. I see."

Freddy went down on him again. She sucked his stiff cock into her mouth while massaging his balls with her hand. She soon had him shaking with pleasure and filling her mouth with his hot load. She held plenty cum in her mouth when she moved up his body and pressed her tits against his chest. She covered his mouth with hers. He reluctantly let her force her tongue into his mouth. When his mouth was open wide enough, she let his semen flow from her mouth into his. George got a good taste of his own cum. Eventually, all of the cum was swallowed by one or the other of them.

Freddy got up and put on her shirt. "I'll be back tomorrow about this time with my friend Lisa. I know you will love her. She is a sexual dynamo who literally screams when she hits orgasm. She loves sex more than anything else in the world."

Freddy was true to her word. George was outside when they came up the sidewalk toward his house. The girls were dressed alike. They had low cut tops and miniskirts. Their tits bounced as they walked. They weren't wearing bras. George quickly let them inside, hoping nobody saw.
Lisa looked even younger than Freddy. George was really nervous now. "How old are you Lisa?"

"What's the difference? Age is just a number. Besides, I'm hungry for cock. Freddy said you have a really nice one and that you squirt a big tasty load."

Freddy stripped her top off as did Lisa. Lisa kept stripping naked. George stood there gawking at them. Lisa did have a hot, bald pussy. Freddy took George by the hand and led him to the bedroom. The girls soon had him completely naked. Of course his cock was standing at attention by the time Lisa sucked it into her mouth. "When he comes, hold as much in your mouth as you can. Then kiss him and give him a good taste of his own cum."

Lisa acknowledged Freddy's instructions. It wasn't long before George was shaking and shivering with extreme pleasure as he erupted into the girl's mouth. Semen oozed out of the sides of her mouth as she attempted to hold it all in there without swallowing. George opened his mouth wide enough to accept the cum that poured out of her mouth into his. The taste of semen was strong. They kissed hard and deep, tongues fencing. George lay back to relax. Lisa lay on top of him, pressing her tits to his chest and rubbing her pussy up against his leg.

Freddy said: "George, I know you like the taste of your cum. It's even better when you suck it out of a cock. You said you wanted to lick a pussy. I'll bet Lisa will let you eat her out if you ask nicely."

George started to ask Lisa, but before he could even say her name, Lisa was on her back with her legs spread wide. "Give me an orgasm George. Lick my pussy and my clit. I've never had a man as old as you lick me before."

Freddy guffawed. "Yeah right. What about your dad?"

"Shut up. Dad's only in his 30s anyway."

George wasted no time moving into position. He pulled her legs over his shoulders and buried his face in her snatch. Freddy was right about Lisa. She moaned and wiggled around in pleasure as he licked and fingered her. Soon Lisa's body started shaking uncontrollably. "Oh, I'm cumming!" She grunted and screamed loudly. "Awww. That feels so fucking good. Keep licking until I'm done. Oh yes. Oooh!"

When Lisa finally came down from her orgasm, Freddy said: "George, I see your cock is hard again. Why don't you fuck Lisa now. I know you want to."

George looked at Freddy. "Aren't you ever going to take that skirt off? I want to see and lick your pussy too."

Lisa let out a laugh. "After you are done fucking Lisa, I'll let you do whatever you want to with what I have between my legs."

George was soon on top of Lisa, fucking her in earnest. She soon had a couple more screaming orgasms before George reached climax. He squirted a huge load of jism deep inside her. After he was done he rolled off her, onto his back. Freddy said: "George, look at that mess you left on Lisa. Aren't you going to clean her up with your tongue?"

George looked over at her pussy. Some of his cum was oozing out of her crack. He shrugged his shoulders and thought: "What the hell!"
He buried his face back into Lisa's cunt and lapped up his cum that was mixed with the girl's pussy juice. Before he was done, Lisa hit another orgasm.

When he turned around to look at Freddy his eyes about popped out. Freddy was completely naked. She had a silly grin on her face. Her nipples were erect on her perfect tits. Her huge, hard cock stood at attention above her ample, shaved balls. Freddy stroked her cock slowly. "George, you look shocked. I told you cum tastes much better when you suck it out of a cock. Are you game?"

George sat on the side of the bed with his mouth gaping open. Lisa was giggling behind him. Freddy walked up to him, cock in hand, and pointed it toward his mouth. "Get on your knees, George." George was mesmerized. He slowly slid off the bed and down onto his knees. Freddy's cock was right in front of his lips. "Open your mouth and put your tongue out a little. I'm going to fuck your mouth." Freddy took her cock and rubbed the end of it across his tongue and lips. She then pushed it into his mouth. "Keep your lips snug around my shaft while I fuck your face." George did as he was told. Freddy put her hands on the back of his head as she slowly pressed her cock into his mouth. She pulled it almost all the way out and then pushed it back in again, a little deeper than the first time. She started speeding up the in and out motion. "Look up at my tits and my face while I get ready to shoot my load into your mouth, George. I do look young. Don't I! It's true, I'm only 15. My sister here is 13. Doesn't it seem so naughty and perverse? You can stroke your own cock while I fuck your mouth. I'm going to speed up now. My balls are aching for release."

George couldn't believe what was happening. He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it while his mouth was being pummeled by an adolescent cock. It was the most forbidden, yet stimulating sexual situation he'd ever been in. Freddy picked up the pace. She was fucking fast and hard, banging her balls against his chin. "Oh god. I'm about there." Her body started shaking as she screamed. "I"m cumming." Freddy shot one load deep into his throat. Then another and another. She seemed to have an unlimited amount of semen to feed him. George felt and tasted the hot cum in his mouth, throat and stomach. Freddy pulled her cock out and squirted one last rope of semen onto his face. Lisa came over and grabbed Freddy's cock and sucked on it. She looked around at George. "You didn't leave much for me."

Freddy giggled. "That's the most cum I've shot in a long time. George sure got more than a mouthful. George, you are so hot. I hope you like what I taste like. I sure love the taste of your cum. I think we should do this all the time, don't you?"

George was sitting on the floor with his back against the bed. He stared with a shocked look on his face. Here were two little girls. Well, one girl and one something else. The 13-year-old was sucking her siblings cock. He had just fucked one jail-bait and sucked off another. He finally found his voice. "Girls, I mean." He looked over at Freddy, with her big cock and tits.

Freddy giggled. "You can call us girls. Most people think I'm a girl anyway. You did."

"Girls, you are both too young to be having sex with a man my age. If this got out, I could go to jail for a very long time. We can't let this happen again. You two should be in school now, anyway."

"Oh George, lighten up. Lisa and I do homeschooling. I know this is the best sex you've ever had in your life. You've already had sex with us, so you might as well keep doing it. We won't let anyone else know about it. We promise. There is so much more we want to do with you."

Lisa cut in. "Daddy knows."

"Sure daddy knows. He's not going to rat on George. Daddy's been having sex with us since we were six. Just like he's starting to do with Kirstin now. He likes it best with kids under 12. He had me suck his cock when I was 6. How about you Lisa? When did he fuck you for the first time?"

"I don't know. I was 8 or 9. It was a long time ago. I remember it hurt bad the first time."

"Hold it girls. This is more than I can handle. Don't you think you should go home and have fun with your daddy? Oh, does your mother know about this?"

Lisa sighed. "We told you, daddy likes girls under 12. Mom knows what we do, but she doesn't care."

Freddy jumped in. "Mom might care. But she isn't about to say anything about it. Without dad, we wouldn't have anyone to support us. Mom doesn't work. I'll sometimes fuck Lisa while mom's in the same room. Sometimes dad has Kirstin jack him off while mom's around too. She just seems to ignore it all."

"So what do you girls have in mind to do next?"

"I'm going to fuck Lisa now while you watch. If your cock gets hard, you can fuck me in the ass, while I'm fucking her. If you do that, you'd better use plenty of lube. otherwise it burns too much. Are you ready to give George a good show now, Lisa?"

"Oh yes. We'll show him all the positions we like to use. We learned some by watching the porn on the computer. Are you going to show him what else you can do, Freddy?"

"Yes. Maybe not today though. Probably tomorrow."

George's interest was peaked. "What are you going to show me that you can do, Freddy?"

"It's a surprise. I know you will like it."

Freddy and Lisa got on the bed. Lisa lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Freddy had a stiff cock ready to go inside her sister. "George, watch and learn. We are going to do all sorts of positions. When I cum, I want you to move in and lick up as much of my cum as you can. Will you do that?"

George's cock was stiffening while he watched. "Sure. I'll lick all your cum up and all of Lisa's cunt juice as well."

Freddy rammed her hard cock into her sister's twat and fucked fast. They moved into a spooning position. They changed over to fucking doggy style. Then they went into a position where Lisa had her bottom straight up. Freddy had her legs over her shoulder fucking right down on her. That was enough to send Lisa into one of her screaming orgasms. George saw his opportunity. He had been stroking his cock throughout the fuck, and Lisa's face was available to him. He thrust his cock into her mouth and fucked. Lisa accepted it willingly, and was soon rewarded with a mouth full of sperm. That muffled her screaming orgasm a little. But Freddy wasn't far behind. She screamed in ecstasy as she ejaculated down her sister's cunt.
After they all collapsed in fatigue, they licked the sexual residue off each other. George was getting to like the taste of cum. Freddy said: "It is getting late. Lisa and I have to get home. Will you drive us?"

They all went and showered together before they got dressed. George drove them the 3 miles to their house. Freddy said: "Come over here tomorrow about noon. Daddy will be at work but mom and Kirstin will be home. We want to show you a lot of things to make you cum over and over again."

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