Tranny training club

Teasing isn’t nearly as harmless as a person might think. That’s what started me into my new life and it, in so many ways, was an excruciating change that had many horrific events associated with it. Now that it’s all over and done with, I can look back on it and see the reality of why all the steps to my transformation had to take place. Even as some of the sickest, most twisted and humiliating things had occurred during my transformation, I see it now as something that had to be done to turn me into the girl I am now. But it certainly wasn’t easy.

Never would I have ever believed that a little more than a year ago that I ever would have consented to any of this. I guess it was the mixture of the coercive actions of my captor and my own intrigued mind that allowed it to go all the way, but in the end, it was I that agreed to virtually every step. And though I call Buck my captor even to this day, that was really only true for the first couple of days. Now the term is one of endearment that I look on fondly, and when I use it, I can feel my own eyes grow into an erotic lust for the man. It may have started out as a kidnapping, but now I see that I was transforming him into my hunter at the same time, allowing myself to become his prey for my own benefit.

There were so many times I could have stopped my trials. So many times I could have just walked away. And since I didn’t, I can no longer deny my part in allowing that hunter to consume me. The more he asked of me, the more absorbed I became with his desires for me to make the changes. Maybe he was just that good of a sweet talker, but I can’t run away from the fact that I opened my mouth that first time to willingly take those pills and allowed him to bring me forward… until finally I became, Sidney.

It was spring and the days were growing warm. I had gotten into some trouble over drugs, spent a little time in jail, and had seen my family disown me. So, when I got out of jail I decided to rebuild my life on the opposite coast out west. You should understand that while in jail I had several run ins with other inmates. My first day there was mind numbing to say the least. A big biker type guy sat me down in a corner of the rec room and laid things out for me. He pointed out that he, as the biggest guy on the tier, was the supreme being. I, as the second smallest guy now on the tier, was whatever anyone stronger than me wanted me to be. The sexual connotations were evident and scared the hell out of me. I had played around with the typical daring kid stuff when I was coming into puberty, but had never given serious thought to a homosexual act since.

Even when I hitched-hiked rides before my incarceration, I got many propositions to engage in deviant acts, but never did I ever seriously give them any consideration. I did learn to play the game though and would sort of hang myself out there in exchange for free rides. The closest I ever came to letting a guy take me down a side road was when he had offered to give me a blowjob without any reciprocation. That didn’t seem so gay and he just about talked me into it.

Now that I was facing a guy twice my size and hearing that the way things worked had little to do with what I wanted to happen, I was nearly shitting myself over what god awful things might happen to me before I got out. It turned out that I had something even better to offer that guy; drugs. I had friends that were able to smuggle in the occasional bag of weed that kept my mouth and backside safe. But that didn’t mean I hadn’t come close to being turned into another guy’s bitch several times.

I think that all the propositions before and while I was in jail had worked my mind into thinking about gay sex differently. One incident where a guy had gotten me alone in the jail house laundry room never left my mind. At first it scared the hell out of me, but then I wound up jerking off thinking about it many times. I wondered, “What if it had of gone all the way?”

The man had pinned me against a wall and started to undo his pants. I remember him threatening me to “behave” and to keep quiet. I think it was a mix of his physical assertiveness and my feeling of helplessness that really worked on my mind. Because my shirt was being pulled up around my neck along with his grip on my throat, I felt his cock rub against my bared belly two quick passes. It seemed so hot and hard, and the slime from his precum in anticipation of getting a blowjob from me wiped across my belly. His attempted assault on me was quickly ended when the guard came back for us. But it never left my mind, despite my fears, the entire day. That night I found myself jerking off over the thought of how hard he had been and how driven he had become thinking about getting me to perform for him. That was the first time I took a true look at myself. I had something that had turned another man on so bad that he was willing to rape me to get it.

I never did wind up doing anything in jail with another guy, but I did want to a couple of times. I never would have done it without serious coercion, but it never quite happened for different reasons. The biggest one was that if I had of gone to my knees once, the whole jailhouse would have considered me up for grabs. I may have been willing to try it once, but I had no ambition of becoming the jailhouse tool whatsoever.

Now that I was hitchhiking my way to the ever warm west coast, I had almost decided to try something with a guy if the right opportunity came along. It would be totally surreptitious since neither of us would ever see each other again and thus would be buried as a secret forever after. The one thing I knew I would need though was that feeling I had gotten in the jailhouse laundry room. I would need the guy to be so in need of what he wanted that he would be willing to coerce me into performing for him. And it was strange that I never really ever gave much thought that a guy might want my ass, because almost every proposition I ever got was for a blowjob. That I could do with enough physical coaxing, but giving up my ass was beyond thinkable. I never even masturbated over that idea.

Almost halfway across country, I still hadn’t been hit on properly to experiment in the way I wanted. I must have been propositioned eight times, but it was always more of questioning me if I would, rather than the insistence it would take from a guy to really allow it to happen. I couldn’t just do it willingly, I knew I needed that hand on me with some gentle force so I could pretend I really didn’t want to do it. And that’s when it happened.

I was on one of the most desolate roads I’d ever seen that seemed to go straight for miles ahead of me in Nebraska. I had walked two miles since my last ride had turned off the highway and it was getting dark. I was worried about finding wild animals and scorpions in my path if I decided to bed down just as a van pulled over to rescue me from the impending nightfall. I saw the guy, probably in his early thirties, was smiling politely as I got in and I told him where I was going.

“Well, this is your lucky day then,” he said. “I’m headed about three hundred miles down the road. That’ll get you along your way pretty nicely. My name’s Buck… what’s yours?”

The guy was a hulking type of man that was somewhat disguised by his sitting position and the dim light, but his smile seemed soothing and safe to me. I told him my name was Billy and thanked him for the ride. We talked a lot about my life and why I was headed out west, and I even confided in him that I had just gotten out of jail. It wasn’t long before I was fantasizing in my mind that this guy would fit the build of an experimental interlude into the wild side of life. But because of his size, I was a little worried that if anything did happen I would have little in the way I might do to control him. That didn’t stop me from thinking about it to the point that I felt the tip of my cock getting plenty moist from the thought of him pulling to the side of the road and fulfilling my peaked interests.

The more we talked though, the more safe I was feeling about the guy. He didn’t seem scary at all, nor the abusive type. I fantasized about several scenarios that might turn into my first real homo experience, but as horny as I might have been in my own mind, I still knew it would take a lot of coercion on his part to make me accept what I was dreaming over in my mind.

About ten o’clock, Buck decided to pull off to a truckers café to get something to eat. He told me he knew I was probably close to broke and offered to buy me a late supper just to have the company. He was right about my situation and I couldn’t refuse. That was the first chance I got to see just what he looked like. And it was weird, because he was just about the same size as that guy from the laundry room incident. He was about six and a half feet tall, and two hundred fifty pounds. This was the type of guy I would expect to find a motorcycle under. He had a cocky walk that told me a lot about his confidence, yet seemed way too nice to be threatening. When he held the door open for me, I felt extremely effeminate momentarily when I had to duck under his arm to walk through it. That was a dangerous place for me to be in my mind and I quickly started trying to act all macho myself.

While we were eating, and luckily away from anyone’s earshot, my stay in jail came up. Buck assumed that since I had such a slight build, long hair, and weighed only a hundred and thirty pounds that that meant I had come out as someone’s boy. I quickly felt threatened that he would think of me that way and started fighting to establish my manhood. But he had done a short stint himself and knew better, or at least he thought he did. I explained to him the pull that I had that had kept me safe, but he twisted his head a little and smiled as if he didn’t believe me. That’s when he said something that made me just as fearful as it did to make me aware that I had a raging hardon as he spoke.

“So, if I decided to drag you off to the men’s room right now and put you on your knees, you… probably wouldn’t like that?”

His proposition in such a public setting set my fears to racing, but it was also oddly comforting to know that I could just cry out for help if he tried anything. I did my best to tell him that I wasn’t gay, but a part of me kept fighting to get in the way of his sexual appetite. As soon as I was done with my food, I headed to the bathroom to empty my bladder before the next leg of the trip. As I stood at the urinal, I felt the precum from my earlier thoughts and wiped it away. I was just getting started when Buck came to the urinal beside me and unzipped himself. I could tell he was looking at my prick and felt very vulnerable. I tried to keep from looking his way, but then he asked me if I would fight him if he put me to my knees right then and there. I quickly zipped up, told him I would, and headed back to the table.

As I sat there waiting for him, I couldn’t get my mind off my desire to keep getting in his path now that I knew sex was on his mind. But he was so large of a man and I was so far from any help if I continued accepting his ride that I was genuinely worried over what might happen. He came back to the table with that same confident smile and dug out money to leave for the check. He didn’t say anything untoward while we walked back to his van, but the sexual tension never left me. I thought about reaching in and grabbing my backpack from the van, and bidding him farewell, but there seemed to be something new driving me.

I knew if I got back in that van with him after his comments that he would take that as a sign that I was up for grabs. And when I thought about it, and combined with how polite he had been, I decided this was the time to take a risk. I felt like I was already nude as I saw him watch me getting into the front seat. I was giving him a sign to continue with his efforts that was so subtle, yet so undeniable. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him and sat like a scared puppy looking straight ahead.

Buck kept making small talk and I kept giving short answers. I felt that I was getting wet at the tip of my prick again, and when we passed under a highway light, I caught a glimpse of his crotch. He had a hardon very visible running down his pant leg. It scared me mentally, but my own cock grew hard so instantly that I knew I was going to be seeing his up close very soon. The next few miles my mental state changed so drastically. I lost my bravado and macho thoughts when I realized that this man was erect because he was lusting over getting me on my knees. I knew my involuntary reactions would be to fight him, but as my own cock throbbed in anticipation of the inevitable, I hoped he was the right kind of guy that would be able to overcome my reluctance.

Buck started to pull off an exit ramp and I turned to look at him in a questioning manner. He decided to take control of me right then and worked to both soothe my fears while at the same time tell me what he was thinking.

“You got me so hard back there that I couldn’t piss. I’ll just pull off the road here and we’ll be back on our way.”

The smile he gave me made it clear that he was either feeling me out, or having fun torturing my mind. The side road was only lit by the moonlight and he pulled over just after the exit. A couple of cars were coming the other way, so he said he should find a more secluded place so he didn’t get arrested. I agreed with his assumption and quickly realized we both knew exactly what was about to happen, and he had to see I wasn’t so naïve as to not know what he was doing. As we drove down the road, his bulk started scaring me again. I knew I was being driven to such a remote area that help was out of the question. I had gotten into his van knowing what was coming, and now I knew the time was here. I was being taken to a comfort zone that would only comfort the man about to use me.

All of a sudden, Buck hit the brakes and started to back up. We had passed a small access road to a cornfield and he turned down it. The corn wasn’t very tall at all, so he kept driving to the back of the field until the roadway was out of sight. He shut off the van and walked around the front of it. He stood just off to my side, about ten feet in front of the headlights. I watched as he was slightly turned away from me and began taking a piss. Knowing that he was just emptying his bladder to make his use of me more pleasurable was somehow intoxicating to me in that it was another step closer to my fate. It seemed disgusting to know that my mouth would most likely be sucking on the very organ now getting wet with urine and I wondered why he would do that so visibly right in front of me. Later on, I would come to the conclusion that where he had taken his piss was to show me the domination he had over me, the weaker male.

I felt somewhat relieved that instead of coming to my side of the door when he was done, he went back to his side of the van. But all he did was reach in to turn off the lights and shut his door. He walked around to my side of the van and opened my door. I asked him what was going on and he grabbed my shirt collar to pull me out. I started struggling a bit and then when he shut my door, I was pushed up against it. I was held in both his fists and he asked one question I found strange, but it was my answer that told him whether or not I was giving him permission to continue with his assault.

“What you gonna do boy? You know what you gotta do. You gonna call the cops when I’m done?”

“What… no!” I realized I was a little too obvious and added a little something to try to explain away my acquiescence, “I couldn’t tell anyone about something like this.”

Buck smiled just as much as if I had told him to take me and do as he pleased. I almost had, but my reluctance was about to kick into fear mode and I started struggling to get away from his grip.

He started to force me to my knees and said, “Don’t worry little Billy. It’ll be alright. I’ll take good care of you then.”

That made things feel much safer for me, almost as if we had a tacit agreement that I wouldn’t be hurt and he wouldn’t have to worry about the cops afterwards. It didn’t take much for him to get me down and then he controlled me by my hair. I have rather long hair and he would find that very useful in the days to come. I would also find out that that’s what first got him to thinking about taking me.

With the one hand twisted in my hair holding my head still, he began opening his pants with the other. Being only inches in front of a man’s crotch made everything seem so rightfully placed. I was the smaller and weaker male about to be used for the larger and more powerful male’s benefit. It was the way nature had intended things to go. As scared as I was of sucking on another man’s cock under force, I was just as happy at the same time knowing that I didn’t have anyway out of this now. The most I could hope for was that he wouldn’t hurt me. I guess I could blame any compliance on my part for that fear.

Despite how painful it was, I snapped my head to one side when he started rubbing the head of his cock against my lips. He immediately corrected my position and began applying pressure to my mouth. I felt my hair being painfully scrunched between his fingers which forced me to open my mouth for him. My hands flew to the front of his hips to keep him from impaling me and it felt so odd to be touching another guy there. I could smell his organ as much as taste it and I was amazed at the fact that it wasn’t nearly as bad tasting as I had always imagined it would be. When I was ordered to concentrate on sucking the full mushroom head, I took my first notice at just how big his cock was and the parts that made it up. He was twice as thick as myself, and probably two inches longer. Having had my freewill stolen from me, I decided that my first taste of a man wasn’t nearly as bad as all the childhood stories had led me to believe.

And as far as the man I had in my mouth went, I decided that I had waited just long enough along my trip to pick the right man to break my homo-like virginity. He wasn’t letting me get away from my appointment, and was applying just enough aggression to spur me on.

After sucking on the head of his cock for a minute, he quickly became so sensitive that he began fucking my mouth instead. He went slow at first as if to probe my opening, but he also explored the available depth I had to offer him. When I gagged that first time, his cock spiked in size and he told me how much it pleased him to hear his cocksucker struggle to accept him. It certainly scared me at first to have my airway cut off, but after several times of his purposely making me gag, I found I was waiting for the next thrust with some very mixed feelings. Something about it felt… intoxicating.

After a couple of minutes, my mind started wandering around as the moonlight lit up the abdomen of the man using me. The smells of the field seemed to come back to me and even though my mouth was full of the froth his juice and motion was making, I felt it become dry. When I felt the front of his legs tense up, I knew he was getting ready to cum. I snatched my head away from his grip and begged him not to do “it” in my mouth. For that I had my head slammed against the truck door and he leaned into me.

“You got a choice bitch,” he offered to me, “you can either finish me off yourself and catch every drop, or I’ll shove my cock so far down your throat my cum will be coming out your ass.”

Buck backed away just enough so I could take my only real option and I murmured that I would do it on my own. He held still and demanded what actions he wanted of me. I had often imagined this point in my fantasies of what it might be like to have a man cum in my mouth, and I had even tasted my own cum a couple of times, but now it was for real and I hesitated greatly at allowing this hulking man to do it to me. He kept ordering me to catch every drop and my level of anxiety couldn’t go any higher.

It seemed to take forever, but finally it was time to lose my virginity. Buck became very aggressive in his effort to spear me. He took over control of my head again and started a milking motion into my mouth that told me it was about to happen. Everything

was coming to a head at once; I was finishing off my first blowjob, I was about to get my first taste of another man’s sperm, and I was getting my first lesson at how another man expected to receive a blowjob.

The first shot of his sperm hit the roof of my mouth so hard that it couldn’t be mistaken. I started gagging just over the thought of the nasty thing he was doing at that moment. Somehow I was able to heed his warnings and kept my lips sealed around the shaft of his cock while he continued to relieve himself. Considering the amount of cum I made, I figured the amount he was depositing in my mouth was exaggerated in my mind. It wasn’t until after he took another minute to pump away at my pursed lips that he finally began to go soft. He warned me to hold his juice until he told me it was okay to spit and I grimaced over why he was torturing me this way.

When he finally did withdraw his softening cock, he went down on one knee to eyeball me and demanded that I close my mouth tightly. I was ordered to swish his cum around my mouth to get a real taste of it, and he wasn’t satisfied until he saw my tongue hitting the insides of my cheeks and the underside of my gums. By the time he told me I could spit, I was ready to throw up. I quickly leaned to one side and allowed the bulk of the material to flow freely from my mouth and then spit the rest out the best I could.

Buck was soon lifting me to my feet and then pinned me to the door of the truck with his body. He asked, “So, how’d you like that? Good stuff, huh?”

I gave the only answer a guy in my place could really give after a first time sucking cock and said, “It was fucking gross. Can we leave now?”

That drew a laugh from him and he went to his side to get in. When he saw me hesitating to get in, I asked if he would drop me off as soon as we got back to the main highway. He laughed again and told me I had nothing to fear because I had already paid for my ride. I got back in and we headed down the side of the field and back to the road. No sooner than we got back to the road, a cop pulled us over. I was given a severe threat to keep my mouth shut while he pulled to the side of the road.

The cop asked for Buck’s license and registration, asked me about who I was and then called me back to his car when he found out I was hitchhiking. He wanted me to explain why we were in the field and I told him part of the truth while hoping Buck would say the same thing when asked. The cop looked me up and down as I told him we had pulled over to take a piss, and I wondered if I had spilled any of Buck’s little present on my shirt. I guess I sold the cop on my story well and soon we were back on the road with just a warning about trespassing.

Buck asked me, “Why didn’t you tell him? That was your chance to get even.”

I looked straight ahead to find a suitably believable answer and slowly, quietly said, “What was I suppose to do, tell the cop what you did to me?” And then I decided to add something to help my own safety since I didn’t really know what might happen down the road. “Besides… you really didn’t… hurt me.”

It was amazing how quickly things went back to the way they had been before the sexual tension had started. Buck understood how I didn’t feel like talking about what he had done to me and tried to lighten the conversation by asking if I had relatives and friends waiting for me. If I knew the real reason behind his wanting to know, I never would have told him about not having anyone knowing or caring where I was at. It was probably that one seemingly inconsequential comment that turned Buck into a man happy over having received a quick blowjob, and into my captor. I had given him the best bit of information he could have hoped for after having just sampled my abilities. Later on I would realize how badly I had done myself in right then and had all but asked to be kidnapped.

I tried to restore my dignity a little by asking some questions of Buck and asked about the cap on his dashboard. “What’s the TTC stand for on your cap?”

He turned to look at me and just answered that it was a club he belonged in. His smile bothered me a little because I could tell he wasn’t totally telling me the truth, so I went onto other subjects.

My real ordeal started a good hundred miles down the road. Buck finally began asking me about how I had liked giving my first blowjob. It took a great deal of effort on his part, but he finally got me to admit that it hadn’t been as bad as I had always feared it might be. His questions kept prying for the details and I was soon feeling like a school girl trying to keep some modesty. And after he got me good and flustered, he asked me that question again.

“If I pulled over to take another piss, would you tell the cops this time?”

He had timed the question just as he headed for another exit ramp. I knew my answer would have no effect on him, but as we went under every street lamp I found myself trying to see if he really had another hardon for me. Right up until I saw he was indeed hard again, I really just thought he was sticking it to me. I started to plead with him not to make me do that to him again and he finally told me that he just had to take another piss.

We pulled over to the side of the road and he went about his business. This time he turned so I could see his cock in the headlights and I grew very apprehensive. When he was finished, I thought for sure that he had lied to me when he came back to my side of the van. I felt a little safe from losing anymore of my pride when he passed my door and opened the sliding rear door instead. He fished around in a duffel bag and then my door was flung open. His demeanor instantly changed from the jovial person he had been a moment earlier and I was ordered to lean over the console. When I began asking why, I was physically turned and held down. I felt my right hand being pulled out from under me and behind my back. I struggled to get it back, but before I knew it, I felt a metal cuff being snapped around it. I started screaming, but it did nothing to stop him from grabbing my left arm to meet my other.

I started begging for all I was worth and even offered to suck him off again if he released me. It seemed like he had stopped listening to me entirely and within another minute I was carried to the back of the van, had a hood put over my head, and the cuffs I wore were hitched to an eyebolt on the floor of the van. The snatch part of things was over. I was his.

After a few minutes of my begging to be released, I was ordered to be silent. It was at least another half hour before the twists and turns came to a halt and I heard Buck shut off the van. I knew I was in deep shit and began bargaining anything I could think of to get released. I could feel he was freeing me from the eyebolt and began begging for my life. He started to drag me somewhere and when I gave him enough trouble, he hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me. I heard him opening a door with his keys and felt a lot better that at least I wasn’t being carried off into the woods for an execution.

Between my begging I could feel that I was being carried through a house, then heard a closet door open. I heard some coat hangers being brushed to one side and another door opening. My worst fears were coming true. I knew I was being put into some kind of a torture chamber. I started screaming and kicking my legs frantically. He banged my head getting me into the room that sounded soundproofed, and then I was dropped off his shoulder. Luckily, there was a bed to break my fall.

I felt Buck stripping my pants off me and then my underwear. I felt so vulnerable and became fearful that he was going to rape me now. But then I felt a clamp going around my ankle and I knew my worst nightmares couldn’t compare to what I might endure at his hands. In the middle of my continued pleas, I heard the door shut on me. A few minutes later I heard him come back and he removed my hood. I looked down to see a chain attached to the cuff around my ankle. I tried to calm down and seeing that he was sporting a calm face himself helped me do that.

“What are you going to do to me?” I begged to know.

He smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. I’m not gonna cut your head off or anything. We’re just going to have a few days of fun and then if you really want to leave, you can. Let’s face it kid, you didn’t tell the cops when you had the chance for a reason. You liked what I did to you and we both know it.”

“Why the chain then? Take it off and I’ll stay.”

“Sure thing,” he said, “And I bet you’ll suck my cock for hours, too?”

“I’ll do whatever you want. You’re scaring me though. Please let me go.”

“We’ll talk about that later. And as far as doing what I want, you bet you will.” He paused to seek his next question. “You give a mean cocksucking kid. Ever think of what it would be like if you were a girl?”

I was puzzled by the question and told him, “No!”

“Well, think about it. You’re going to get your chance over the next couple of days. As a matter of fact, if you want to prove you’re going to be a good little girl for me, get over here and suck me off again.”

I must have had an incredulous look on my face. What was he talking about? Was he planning on raping me for the next couple of days? And what was that comment about being a “good little girl”? None of that really mattered right now, because I was still hoping to buy my freedom, so I slowly got off the bed and headed for the chair he was sitting on next to the bed. I could feel myself trembling as I got on my knees and waited for him to tell me what to do.

He saw my reluctance and asked me how serious I was about staying in his good graces.

I was visibly shaking and hung my head. “I’ve never done this before.”

Buck laughed and retorted, “You blew me just a couple hours ago. You know what to do.”

“I didn’t do it… you did it to me. I can’t…”

He obviously took pity on me and asked me if he helped me along again if I would tell the cops if I got loose. I swore I wouldn’t tell the cops as long as he didn’t hurt me and again we seemed to have a tacit understanding. I wouldn’t tell, but I also couldn’t do what he wanted on my own. He told me to take his pants down and he’d do the rest.

I saw that he looked rather sedated and assured of himself, so I reached forward and for the first time ever, I worked to undo another man’s pants. I’ll never forget that first time I did that most intimate thing. It was so surreal knowing that I was helping prepare this guy to assault my mouth for a second time. It was a struggle to say the least to get his pants and underwear off him, and sickly as it might be, seeing how hard he was kicked in my own form of heat. Again I had a man aroused for me and I began to wonder what he saw in me that worked so well.

When I set his clothes to the side, I sat back up on my knees and waited for him to take over. He reached one hand out and grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me forward. I smelled his musky scent again and this time I forced myself to open my mouth. He wasted no time in getting into my mouth and started humping up into me. He only did that for a minute before pulling his cock away and demanded that I bathe and suck his balls.

For some reason, sucking his scrotum seemed even nastier than his cock, but I did as I was ordered and had to hold his cock out of the way to do it. I licked softly at first to make sure I didn’t hurt him, but he wanted me to be much rougher. While I licked and sucked away on each ball one at a time, I realized my hand had started to gently jerk him off. He applauded my double effort, so I tried to show a willingness to buy my freedom and continued.

All the time he kept me busy, he talked about how good of a girl I would make and finally asked me, “if I could be a girl for a few weeks if I would try it?” I didn’t answer him for the longest time, but he got me thinking that maybe since he was fixated on the subject that maybe I should go along with whatever he had in mind.

“What do you mean,” I asked?

He grabbed the back of my head and said, “Just some simple stuff. Wear panties, sex me up, and maybe get some tits.”

I understood the first two things, but what did he mean about the tits? I asked him and he told me he had a way to give me some temporarily. He explained a hormone regimen he could give me that would make them grow and assured me that my body would absorb them quickly as soon as I stopped taking the hormones. Granted, it was a twisted thought, but I asked him how it worked. I guess I was a little too inquisitive and he laid out a whole scenario of what he would do.

I was very intrigued by what he was telling me, although I knew I could never agree to it. But then he promised me that he would neither hurt me, nor would he fuck my ass until I wanted it. When he saw my reaction, he amended that comment to, “unless I wanted it”. I asked him what would get me out of here the fastest and he told me that to walk the wild side I would have to stay at least several weeks. But if I really didn’t want to see how the other gender lived that he would let me go in three days.

I decided to take a little of both. I told him I would try what he obviously wanted to appease him, but in my mind I would try to hold him to the three day thing. At least that way I had his promise not to rape my ass. He grinned like a little kid at Christmas and pulled his balls away from my lips. He left the room and came back a minute later and threw some clothing at me. It was a pair of panties and a bra with very small cups. He also had a glass of water in his other hand.

“Prove it kid,” he said and sat back down in front of me.

I looked at the underwear and sat on the bed. When he saw me looking at the cuff on my leg, he fished out the key and unlocked the cuff so I could dress for him. I was trembling as I played dress up for the first time in my life. I pulled the pink cotton panties over my legs and was at least thankful to hide my pintsized, shriveled up prick from his view. I had felt so inadequate next to the tool he slung between his legs. He quickly refastened the cuff to my ankle. I then took the bra and tried to remember how girls put them on. It took some doing, but when I got it in place, I saw Buck was smiling a huge smile.

I started to go back to working his balls as I had been when he offered me the glass of water, and two small pills. I took the water but hesitated at accepting the pills. It was the first thing that seemed to make him mad, so when he brought them close to my face, I opened my mouth as slowly as if they were poison. He put them on my tongue and I swallowed them down with the water. I didn’t really understand what the pills were all about, but I wanted my captor to feel pleased with me and knelt between his legs to begin licking his scrotum again.

I spent the next fifteen minutes dragging out sucking his cock as he told me his plans for allowing me to experiment seeing what it felt like to be a girl. I don’t know what it was, but at some point he sat me back on my knees and felt my cock. All the things he had been talking about had gotten me very hard, and I had a very wet spot on the front of my panties. He told me that when I really decided to “turn”, that I wouldn’t have a hardon when servicing a guy.

It had to be the way he was making everything sound, because I barely seemed to realize what I was doing anymore. I was wondering why he assumed I would want to become a female and for a brief moment I wondered just what the opposite sex might have to offer. Despite his telling me what it would take to pass as a girl, I still believed it to be wholly impossible. The idea that a few pills a day could really make me grow boobs seemed preposterous. And no matter what he did I knew I could never accept taking on the role of a female. But just as I thought that, I felt Buck’s hand rush to the back of my head and pull me down onto his cock. He gagged me rather hard and without realizing what I was doing it, I gasped for air and willingly waited for him to do it again. I tugged my leg forward to support my weight better and felt the leg iron come along with it. My mind left the purpose I was being used for at the time and flashed back to that moment at the rest stop where I had hesitated before getting into this man’s van. I remembered how I had noticed I had a hardon as I chose to climb in instead of fleeing. And as I realized I was as sexually enraged as I’ve ever been, I allowed my left hand to fall to my crotch to see just how hard I felt and got the surprise of my life. Instead of being ready to pound nails with my own prick, it was as flaccid as if I was in a cold shower. Did Buck really have my slant pegged better than I did?

It was pretty dark in the room and so I decided to allow myself a little freedom to explore that which I couldn’t escape from anyway, and began feeling the weight of his balls in my hand while I waited for him to finish with me. I was signed up, albeit against my freewill, to oblige his wishes for three days… I could play along with his fantasies for that long at least.

“Get ready, boy,” I heard him saying to me, “You’re about to get a midnight snack.”

I tried to fight my face away from his grip, but that action had been anticipated and along with that he thrust his cock up into my mouth as far as he could and began relieving himself again. As soon as I felt that first splash of warmth shoot into the start of my throat, I worked my throat muscles to try to expel it while trying to whip my head away from his grip. It was obvious that he intended to make me swallow his cum this time and no matter what he might know of my capabilities, there was no way I couldn’t fight doing the nastiest thing I could think of in the way of sex.

My actions didn’t entirely free me from him, but at least I got the spewing head of his cock tucked into my cheek and away from the opening of my throat. He seemed satisfied to finish there and his cum ran freely down the side of his erection. My gagging continued as I did my best to rid his wastes from my mouth while trying to breathe. I felt him pulling back a little and relaxed some thinking that he was done with me, but immediately he shoved it in again to the back of my throat and I felt one last shot empty from his shaft. I knew it had been successfully shot too deep to keep it from going down and I was mortified to know I had just been force fed another man’s cum.

When he finally allowed me to pull away, he was laughing and I was heaving my guts towards the floor. It was no use though. That last shot had made its way towards my belly. The tingling of live sperm filled my mouth again as before, but it seemed so much more substantial this time. While I was bent over, Buck reached for my crotch again, felt my flaccid prick and reiterated how I was already assuming my new role. I pretended not to hear him because I knew in the back of my mind that he was right, but there was no way in hell I could agree with that conclusion, let alone admit it to another man.

He brought my mouth back to his softening cock and forced me to lick it clean. All the while he was telling me what he expected of me over the next three days, and then he was even so bold as to claim I would be staying with him much longer; of my own volition. The next thing I knew, he was leading me by my arm towards the closet door. The chain around my ankle seemed long enough to go fairly far past the door and later on I would find out it was long enough to reach past his bedroom and into the bathroom. But I was only being ushered as far as his bed on this trip and he pulled the covers to one side and ordered my to lie down.

I watched Buck undress and soon he was crawling into the same bed with me. I figured he was just trying to keep a good eye on me to prevent my escape, but he forced me to turn away from him, and then enveloped me in his arm. His hand ran up to my chest and under the bra I was still wearing, and he told me how much better I would feel to him once I had tits. His hand then ran down my stomach until it was cupping the side off my crotch. It seemed like a purposeful cupping motion designed specifically to omit the touching of my genitals, almost as if I had none.

His actions were emasculating to me and I knew that was his intent. He was making sure I knew the place he had pinned me to, and to some end, that was his method of trying to brainwash me into accepting my assigned place.

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