Shemale Beast

First let me introduce myself. My name is Garry, I am
20 year old white guy with brown hair, and stand 5ft
10. I am British, but I have been living in the US for
several years now, and this is a story about myself and
a young shemale called Nikki.

I first met Nikki when I was at work and she came in
looking for a job, however the manager was out at the
bank depositing the daily takings. I told Nikki that
the manager would be back within 15 minutes. She
decided to wait, and this gave me a chance to get to
know her better.

Nikki is 19 year old, white, brown hair, 5 ft, Canadian
accent, small frame, and very pretty. Not only did
Nikki have a great body, but I found that she had a
great personality as well.

It's a good thing that there was a counter between us,
because my dick was already straining to get through my
trousers and the bulge would have been all to visible.

Soon the manager returned, and I introduced him to
Nikki and highly recommended that we hire her. He took
her in the office and conducted a short interview.

About ten minutes later, Nikki exited the office with a
big grin on her face. She had obviously gotten the job.

The more I got to know Nikki, the more infatuated I got
with her.

It was coming up to summer now, and the store had
massive fire, so our manager gave us a week off while
the insurance brokers and fire inspectors thoroughly
checked the store. Because of this, Nikki and I where
at loose ends.

As luck would have it, my parents and younger brother
were away, so it was just me and my dog at home. I
didn't want to be alone and bored all the time, and I
thought this would be a perfect chance to make my move,
so I invited her over to my house.

Nikki arrived at my house at about midday. It was
incredibly hot, so she was wearing a bikini top and
denim cut offs. My God, she looked hot. We went out to
back yard and lay on the sun beds.

We were out about an hour when she mentioned that she
was thirsty, so I got a couple of drinks for us,
however, on my way back to handing Nikki her drink, my
dog ran between my legs and the drinks went flying all
over us.

I immediately apologized and suggested we go inside and
shower up, and I'd get her something clean and dry to
wear. She agreed, and I handed her a towel and a long
t-shirt for after and showed her the shower. She,
however, didn't shut the door properly, and when she
was taking off her top, I could see her through the
gap, and I could see she was easily a B-cup if not a C.
She, however, noticed the door wasn't closed properly
before she removed her pants.

"Shit," I thought. So close.

Nikki exited the shower 10-minutes later looking
incredibly hot with her nipples clinging to her white
t-shirt. It was my turn for the shower. I started to
strip, leaving the bathroom door open hoping she would
want to watch.

In the reflection, she was defiantly perving at me
which gave me an instant erection which I wasn't
ashamed to turn round and show her. I, however, didn't
let on that I saw her.

I got into the shower, had a quick wash, and was out
within minutes. I exited with only a towel around my
waist. There she was bending over, picking up some
magazines I had left on the floor, and showing her
magnificent arse.

I could resist no longer. I walked up behind her and
grabbed her arse. I then spun her round to face me so I
could kiss her, and to my surprise, I found that she
had a cock sticking out under the front of her t-shirt.
Even more surprising, it was fully erect.

It was bigger than mine. I'm 7 inches, hers was at
least 9. She saw what had happened and immediately ran
crying into the bathroom. I was more than a little
taken back by what I saw, but I thought she needs
comforting, and it's not like I've never seen a cock

I walked into the bathroom where she was still crying
and went to kiss her, but she turned her away. I
notices that she still had a huge erection, so I
thought I'd show her that it didn't bother me, so I
knelt down with my face next to her crotch and
immediately slammed it into my mouth before she could

I had never sucked cock before, never thought I would
either, and it tasted a lot better than I expected. She
tried to push me off, but I was having none of it, so I
grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her in further so I
could deep throat her.

Eventually her crying subsided and she started enjoying
herself. She actually started to call me names and fuck
my face. This really got me hot. She then told me to
get off of her and to go and wait in the bedroom, which
I did.

She came out soon after with an obviously lubed up
cock. This did freak me
out. She told me if I wanted to suck cock like a bitch,
then I'd be fucked
up the arse like a bitch.

I was happy just to be with her. If this is what I had
to undergo to do that, then that is what I was going to
do. I got onto all fours, my head in the pillow, my
arse in the air, but she did something quite unexpected
and gave me a rim job.

I have to admit, I had only ever had one before from my
dog, which was great. She jammed her tongue at least an
inch into my arse. It was pure ecstasy. She continued
for several minutes before she pulled out and replaced
her tongue with her incredible length of a dick.

I couldn't believe what was happening. My anal
virginity was now just a memory. I was in total agony
at first, but I became her willing fuck toy within
minutes. She had her full length in me, and I was
pounding my arse back to try and get more into me. It
wasn't long before she shot her wad deep into the
depths of my bowels, which was a strange sensation to
say the least. She then lay on my back with her cock
still throbbing inside me. We fell asleep like that for
several hours.

Nikki eventually rolled off me. I could not roll onto
my back yet, however, because of the pain still present
in my arse.

Later the dog walked in...

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