Rice x Poopy - Charlie Becomes Charlene

After a long and difficult divorce I moved to another
state and started a new job in a large office building.

I was rather depressed and confused but still very
sexually charged. Most evenings I would have a few
drinks, watch porn and fuck my hand. If I had enough to
drink I would lick up my cum and finger fuck my virgin
ass hole.

After several weeks at work a nice looking well dressed
somewhat older man would stop by my desk and chat. We
hit it off and I looked forward to his visits, short as
they were.

As summer approached we started meeting outside to eat
our lunches. We had a lot in common. He was also
divorced and not dating. We agreed that men were a lot
easier to talk to and understand.

One hot Friday afternoon while we were eating lunch
John asked if I would like to spend the weekend with
him at his apartment in a nearby town. I was quite
taken by his friendship and said I would love to. He
said to dress light because his air conditioner was
acting up and I gave him my address.

Right on time he pulled up in his car and I put my bag
in the back seat and got in wearing baggy shorts and a
pull over shirt. He smiled and said I might still be
over dressed.

He was stripped down to just brief shorts with a hint
of a cock bulge. I wondered if my new friend was trying
to seduce me. Fuck it, it had been awhile since I had a
piece of ass and I was fucking horny.

He reached behind him and opened a cooler and got us
beers and off we went. We drank and talked and were
both a little ripped by the time we got to his

I followed him into his very small apartment and put my
bag in front of me to hide my own swelling cock bulge.
He was right, it was hot in there.

We sat on the pull out couch that made into a small bed
and he made us tall cool drinks. John sure knew how to
make a strong drink. I wondered if he knew how horny I
was getting or if that was his plan. Fuck it; I was
ready to get drunk. What could happen?

John drained his drink and stood up. He said he was
going to take a piss and shower while he could still
stand up.

He dropped his shorts in front of me and his semi rigid
cock sprang out. The bathroom was right next to the
couch and had no door. He stood with his hands on his
hips and made a show of pissing. He said he hoped I
didn't mind but the fucking place was so small. I told
him I thought it was just right.

He stepped into the shower and I could see him soaping
and stroking his fat prick through the clear shower
curtain. I was getting seriously turned on to this
perverted mother fucker.

I should explain that he is older, on the stocky side
and has quite a bit of body hair. I am quite a bit
younger, tall and slender; fair skinned and no body
hair because I shave.

He stepped out of the shower, dried and went to get us
more drinks. He sat on the toilet seat and watched as I
showered. He made no effort to hide his hard cock from

I got out, dried and put a foot up on the sink and
started to apply lotion to my slender long leg, my 8"
of shaved fuck meat wet with pre cum. hanging down.

He mentioned that he had never seen a man with shaved
legs, pubic area and cock. I was afraid he thought I
was weird.

I told him that I used to watch my mother shave her
legs and I thought it was sexy. I made my little prick
hard. Later I started to jack off in her soiled panties
and then go play feeling my prick soak in her cum
filled panties.

As an adult I started shaving my legs and wearing
stockings and panties under my street clothes. This
lead to my downfall and divorce. My wife caught me
wearing one of her dresses and jacking off. She left

John drained his drink and told me that he thought it
was fucking sexy to dress like a woman. By now he was
slurring a little and his cock was rock hard. He asked
if I would model a dress for him.

I told John that I would love to dress for him but that
I was fucking drunk and horny and hadn't been fucked
for awhile. He said to finish my drink and let him see
for himself.

He waited on the couch and didn't look while I got my
bag. I pulled on shear black stockings over my smooth
legs and then a black garter belt. Then a short black
party dress and stepped into black high heels. Fuck the
panties; I wanted the mother fucker to see my throbbing
cum filled cock pushing the material out.

My fucker was so hard I could barely lean against the
sink to apply my eye shadow and lip stick. I was so
fucking loaded that I had trouble getting my black wig
on straight.

I had him close his eyes as I stepped out of the
bathroom and stood in front of him hands on hips and my
rigid fuck meat pushing on the dress material. I licked
my painted lips and smiled at him and asked if he liked
what he saw. I told him that I felt so feminine and
sexy that he could call me Charlene.

His mouth fell open and all he could say was, "Oh
Charlene, you are so beautiful."

"I'm glad you think your Charlene is beautiful" I said
as I knelt between his open legs. I kissed the pre cum
off of his cock head and then licked up the pre cum
puddle under his hairy ball sack and then licked up the
under side of his cock shaft.

Just before I sucked his big cock between my painted
lips I said, "John honey, your Charlene feels like such
a cock sucking slut. Come on baby, fuck my cock sucking
mouth and feed me your cum."

He grabbed my head and started grunting and humping and
filled my mouth with cock. After only several minutes I
felt him tense and then sucked the mother fucker dry.

I looked up and smiled with cum dripping over my pretty
lips and kissed him, both drinking his load of love.

As he kissed me he ran his hand up my stockinged leg
and to my soft bare thigh and held my pre cum soaked
smooth ball sack and finally to my throbbing massive
fucker which was slippery with pre cum.

Before he could suck me I said, "John I am a horny
mother fucker. Don't suck me yet. Get me another drink
and I'll try to get my cum filled fuck meat in your hot
ass hole."

He got up and stumbled to the counter and got more
drinks. He said, "Fuck yes; I'd love your big cock deep
in my bowels. Fuck me until I shit cum for a week my
darling slut."

While he was mixing more drinks I stood up and took my
dress off. When he turned around I was standing there
wearing only my stockings, garter belt, shoes and my
wig and make up. The black stockings set off my soft
white skin and my throbbing 8" shaved cock.

He said, "Motherfucker but you are fucking beautiful. I
love you Charlene baby. I think I'm fucking drunk
enough to take your huge fuck meat in my little shit
hole. I've never been this cock sucking horny."

John got on his hands and knees and reached around and
spread his hairy ass. I kissed his little brown hole
and then stuck my tongue into the little opening and
tasted his sweetness. No more cunt for me.

My cock was so slippery with pre cum as I rubbed it
around his hot hole. As the hole opened up a little I
tried to ease my cock head into it but it was so tight.

I reached under him and grabbed his hard prick and he
came all over my hand, squirt after squirt of warm cum.

I rubbed his cum onto his ass hole for lubrication.
Then I started rubbing my prick head on his brown cum
covered hole. He pushed back a little and I pushed
forward and my cock head popped into his ass opening.

With my hands on his hips I pushed until my fuck meat
started it's trip into his dark cavity. I fucked in and
out slowly until my pole was lubricated and his shit
hole accommodated my rigid prick to the hilt.

"Fuck Charlene, my fucking ass has never had this much
fucking meat in it. Oh yea baby, fuck me faster. Oh
shit but I've never been this fucked."

I was so turned on feeling my huge cock deep in his
warm moist cavity. I started fucking and pounding his
mother fucking ass faster and faster. I could feel my
huge load building as I pumped and he grunted.

The tension built and built until I started pumping
strong streams of cum into his depths. Stream after
stream until I was exhausted.

I pulled my slippery spent fucker from his violated ass
and flopped over on my back. The drunk mother fucker
straddled my face with his leaking ass hole and bent
over and took my softening cock in his mouth and
started sucking.

I kissed and licked his draining shit hole while he
sucked my limp prick back to life. Then we kissed like
two drunk whores, he tasting his ass juices and me
tasting my slimy cock juices.

We must have passed out because suddenly there was a
knocking on his door. John staggered to the door and
looked through the peep hole and yelled through the
door to wait a minute.

He whispered to me to go put my dress back on and do my
makeup. He said there was a fucking fairy cock sucker
who stopped by every so often, usually higher than a

I was putting the finishing touches on when I heard,
"Come on in Jeffery. Haven't seen you for awhile,
what's up?"

"Hey John, I'm fucking wasted and hornier than shit.
Cool man, looks like you are ready to fucking party."

"Fuck Jeffery, I have a friend over and we are drunker
than shit. Wait till you meet Charlene."

Just then I stepped out of the bathroom. Jeffery's eyes
got big when he saw me. John was right, Jeffery looked
like a fairy. Short, slender and an assortment of rings
in his ears, nose, lips, eye brows and a large stud in
his tongue. He must have been all of 5 feet tall and a
hundred pounds.

I said, "John my darling, look at you. Do you always
answer the door naked? Are you going to embarrass me in
front of your nice guest? My god, your prick is hard

"Hello Jeffery, my name is Charlene and I am so glad to
meet you. John, please make us some drinks while
Jeffery and I get acquainted."

I took his soft hand and led him to the couch. His eyes
were glued to my stiff fuck meat swinging under my

As I sat on the couch I made sure my dress pulled up a
little so Jeffery could see my white thigh skin just
above the stockings and the black garter belt. My horny
8" prick pushed the dress material up.

I put my arm around Jeffery and he slid over next to
me. I told him I wished I had a son like him and asked
him if he wanted to kiss me. He looked up at me and I
kissed him and sucked his probing tongue into my mouth.
I could feel his tongue stud as he explored my mouth.

He was breathing heavily and he rested his hand on my
bare thigh. I put my hand on top of his and pulled it
up my thigh and let him feel my throbbing fuck meat. He
gasped as I pulled my dress up so he could see my
shaved nakedness.

I rubbed some pre cum over his lips and asked if he
liked my cock. He told me he would love to feel my big
fucker in my mouth and suck me dry.

John said, "Take you clothes off Jeffery and let
Charlene see your pretty little prick. Maybe she will
really let you suck it off while I fuck her hot ass

Jeffery stood naked in front of me, skinny with a 4"
dripping prick. I leaned forward and gave his little
wet fucker a kiss and told him he could fuck me

I bent over; legs spread, and put my hands on the couch
with Jeffery under me and John behind. I could feel
John's hard cock probing my shit hole and Jeffery took
my rigid cock in his mouth.

I felt John's slippery cock enter my puckered hole just
as Jeffery started wildly sucking me.

"Oh John honey, your mother fucker feels so fucking
good in my wet ass and Jeffery baby, suck me like a
good little son. Shit Jeffery, your tongue post feels
so good, suck me baby."

John grabbed my hips and started pounding my ass and
his hairy balls slapped my ass cheeks. While the horny
drunk mother fucker rammed my slut ass hole Jeffery was
a fabulous cock sucking freak.

As John shot his load deep in my bowels Jeffery gulped
as I fired a huge cock load down his throat. I told
them I loved them and wanted to suck my son off while
daddy John kissed my dripping ass juices.

I kissed Jeffery's nipple rings on down to his very
hard little prick and sucked his lovely boy part until
he released his pent up load. I could feel John licking
my freshly fucked ass.

We decided we were a perfect family. What more could
anyone want?

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