Gay brothers

My brother had always seemed so much straighter than me.
He had gone out for football, and every other sport he
could find, while I was more into my books and my
hobbies. He was ruggedly good looking, and the few times
I'd seen it, he had a good body.

I discovered fairly early on that my own interests ran
to both sexes, but I never told my brother. I simply
couldn't deal with what I knew his reaction would be. We
lived in the same city, L.A., and after we got out of
college, we didn't see each other as often as we might,
maybe once a month or so.

One night, I was dropping a friend off at the Club, a
private local club with a slight S&M flavor, though
nothing too intense. Sort of S&M for people who aren't
terribly into S&M, and mainly want to play at it. I
hadn't been in the place myself, but from what I heard
most "guests" usually tended to find it reasonably
pleasant. But you can imagine my surprise when I saw who
was coming out of the back door of the Club: none other
than my brother.

I was astonished. In all the time I'd known him, there
had never been so much as a hint that he swung both
ways. But now that I knew, some wonderful possibilities
began to occur to me....

I went back the next week, same day, only much earlier
this time. I wanted to know if this was a regular thing
with him. I parked across the street in an empty lot,
and watched and waited. Sure enough, around ten o'clock,
he drove up and went inside. He came out again about
11:30, looking like a man who had just had a good time.

That was when I began the plan in earnest. I asked a few
people I knew who used the place regularly what went on,
and what to expect. They filled me in. I confided my
plan to one of them, and he gave me the perfect gift: a
latex mask that completely hid my features. Zippers for
the mouth and eyes, slits for the nose, and once I had
it on, there was no way to tell who it was unless you'd
seen me naked recently...which my brother hadn't, not
since we were kids.

The next week, I went to the Club and gained entrance,
using the pass of a friend. Went in and stripped,
putting on the mask. I roved the club, looking in at the
various rooms. The orgy rooms were quite a sight. A
little after ten o'clock, I looked up, and sure enough,
there was my brother, naked except for a leather jock,
looking at all the action. He saw someone he recognized,
and waved. The two spoke for a minute, and I was trying
to think of a way to get into the scene. I was walking
by them when I heard the friend say, "Well, we've got
two, we need one more -- how about you?"

I turned, startled to see that he was speaking to me. I
nodded. In a minute, I was down on my knees, and the
friend had his stiff rod out and was sliding it in and
out of my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I could
see my brother sliding his hand up and down his own dick
as he watched. I kept hoping that he wouldn't go

"In here," the friend said, and we went into an empty
room. I turned back to face them. "Try a little of
this," my brother said. He held his dick out in front of
my face.

I hesitated only a moment before engulfing it with one
swallow. He shoved it all the way back into my throat,
holding my head between his hands to drive it in harder
and faster. He was so big, and straight, and I thought I
would die with the thought of my brother's dick in my
mouth after so long.

He slid in and out of my mouth, one hand on his hip now,
the other holding my head in place through the latex
mask, each flick of his hips sending his cock over my
teeth and down my throat. I sucked at him hungrily,
taking it all in.

Finally, the friend pulled me away and prompted me up
onto a bench on all fours. He stood in front of me and
shoved his cock into my mouth as my brother moved in
between my legs. He kicked my legs wider apart and,
without preamble, shoved his hard cock into my ass. It
seemed so much bigger once it was inside me, and I had
to shift a little to get comfortable. After a moment, we
found a rhythm, and soon they were both pumping into me.

As I sucked his friend, my brother shoved harder into my
ass, slapping my ass each time he pulled back. The
sensation, the knowledge that my own brother was fucking
me without knowing it was me, was almost too much to
bear. I came without even being touched, though neither
of them noticed, too lost in their own sensations.

I tightened my ass to meet each stroke, making it
tighter for him as he fucked my soft ass. It seemed to
get bigger with each thrust until suddenly he shoved
against me and cried out, and he came. At the same
moment, his friend grabbed my head and shoved deeper in
to my mouth, flooding it with cum. I took it all in from
both of them.

After they withdrew, and pulled away, I slipped away and
made it out of the club without being seen. To this day,
he doesn't know. And sooner or later, I'll go back there
-- and this time, maybe I'll take off my mask halfway

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