Ass and Dick, the two Prick

John had driven the route almost bimonthly since the
move to LA. And each time, he stopped in some city to
gas up....for some reason Gilroy seemed to be that

And each time it was late ... John planned it that way
so he could speed a bit faster then he could during the
day. Too, at night it was usually cooler. But that one
night it was muggy, hot and generally uncomfortable.
He found a gas station open a few blocks off the free-
way -- he did that because he planned to cool off
afterwards, sitting on some bench near the water.

The place had a few lights on, but as he drove up, most
were turned off. He was pissed, figuring the place was

Then a lone figure walked towards the pumps. The figure
wore a dark blue or black jumpsuit. And it was opened
almost the full length of the man's body. Needless to
say, John was intrigued and beginning to be excited.

As the attendant got closer, John saw his face,
streaked with grease was rather boyish, clean cut
looking. He was probably in high school or in college,
John thought.

"Closing up already?"

The guy smiled back "trying too, but it's so hot, I'm
just moving real slow." The guy bent over ... letting
his opened jumpsuit open further. John realized the
kid was naked under the outfit, he could see the boy's
belly hair and tried to see down further, but it was
too dark.

"You look like you're trying to cool off." John said

"Ooh sorry ... it just gets so hot." the boy stood up
and pulled his suit closed.

"No got a great body." John said.

He smiled and said thanks and proceeded to pump the
gas ... even though John was at a self-service island.

John got out of the car and stretched. his white shirt
was opened from the heat and he let the night air, such
that it was, brush across him. "You're in decent shape
too," the attendant said looking up from the pump. He
had let his jumpsuit open as he bent over.

However, this time he didn't bother to pull it closed
as he chatted.

The boy slept in a room behind the station. "Don't say
anything ... it's not legal I guess, but I got it in
exchange for working this shift."

John's crotch was bulging ... he wanted to reach inside
the boys jumpsuit and explore the kids body, cup his
balls, probe his butt, tweak his nipples and kiss his

"What time DO you close?" John said pulling his shirt
completely off and tossing it into the car.

The boy looked around for a moment "I can close up
whenever the traffic seems to stop." He shook the gas
hose and put it back in the pump.

"That's twenty one dollars," he said. "Cash or credit

John handed the boy his gold card and the boy took it
inside. "Want me to come in?"

The boy turned his head and scratched his crotch. "Why
don't you park around back and I'll bring it to you as
soon as I turn everything off."

The back of the gas station was hidden by hills, free-
way walls and some old buildings.

He got out of the car making sure he had some rubbers
and a tube of lube which John got out of his backpack.

The boy appeared pushing his jumpsuit off his
shoulder. John thought it would fall to the ground
leaving the kid naked, but it just fell half way, the
boy had buttoned one of the lower buttons.

"I'm in here," the kid opened the door to a room.

John felt the sudden brush of cooler air.

"It's not much but at least it's cooler in here."

"Here." John said as he pulled up the boy's jumpsuit.

The boy looked confused and disappointed ..."Oh I'm
sorry, I thought..."

"You thought right ... I just want to start things this
way." John unbuttoned the rest of the jumpsuit and
began to kiss the kids face and neck.

His hands slid inside and explored the body that would
soon be in full view. The kid was hungry ... his cock
hard as hell and his balls tightening ... "Oh god ..."
the kid kept saying.

John pulled his own pants off and stepped out of his
oxfords. His boxers were soon being pulled down by the
boy who was sinking to his knees. His mouth was sucking
John's balls, and cock.

John looked down at the boy working on his cock. The
boy had moved out of his blue jumpsuit again letting
the top part fall down -- this time beyond his waist.
The boys white buttocks stuck out ... and John reached
down for them.

The kid moaned then gagged on Johns cock as a finger
found and entered his butthole.

John knew what he wanted to find out.

The kid was soon naked ... kissing, licking, biting
and muttering the magic phrase, "fuck me please!"

John obliged not only once but twice during the
remaining hours of the night. The door banging woke
them up.

It was the gas station owner, Bruce.

"You at it again I see." the man had come into the
room and seen John and the boy in bed together.

"I got a credit card here and it's not signed ... that
yours?" he asked John. John smiled and signed it and
accepted the card.

"You want me to send Craig back?" he asked the kid.

"I don't know ... do you have to go? " he asked John
while stroking his cock under the covers.

"Not yet." John said.

Craig appeared and I stared in amazement. He was almost
a mirror image of the kid I had been fucking all night.

"Fraternal twins," my late night lover said knowing my

Not only did he look like the naked boy next to me, but
he wore a jumpsuit exactly like the one the kid wore
last night -- and to make things even stranger had all
the buttons opened down to his pubic hairline.

"Hi, I'm Craig..."

John shook his hand and the covers revealed some more
of his body. "Any trick of my brothers is a trick of
mine," he said.

"Where were you last night?" Carl, the name of my bed
partner, asked his brother.

"Oh Bruce wanted to have some fun ... and I thought it
was time to pay the rent anyway."

Bruce, thought John, had the luckiest life of anyone.
Twins, gay, and they liked sex.

"How was he last night?" Craig asked as he pulled his
jumpsuit off ... John spoke up, "no leave it on ... and
you put yours on too."

Carl got out of bed and pulled the discarded jumpsuit

"He's hot," he said to his brother.

"But you got to put on your suit." he said to John.

John pulled on his trousers and retrieved his white
shirt from the car. He added the tie and jacket and
knocked on the door. The boys answered the door and
their faces lit up. As soon as John went inside, their
hands were all over him ...

As were their mouths ...

His zipper was opened and the two knelt, using their
tongues to fight over his erection.

The boys were soon naked as was he ... tongues in his
asshole, lips on his cock and fingers everywhere.

John was fucked by one while fucking the other then
turned over to reverse the action.

He fucked one brother while the other one got sucked.
The combinations were the basis of fuck films John had
seen in the privacy of his own home. The room's air
conditioner didn't have enough power to overcome the
body heat they generated ... bodies were soon coated
with sweat; adding to the taste the three horny men's
tongues experienced.

"Hey got to go ... one of you needs to take over."
Bruce banged on the door.

"Guess it's my turn!" Carl said as he kissed John and
stumbled out the door naked while carrying his jumpsuit.

Craig and John carried on, less frenetic but still
totally involved with each other until their bodies
wouldn't generate any more cum let alone keep their
cocks hard.

"Whew ... Carl was right. You are hot!"

John found a motel room where he could shower and calm
down. A short nap and he was undecided if he should get
back on the road or enjoy the pool and rest before do-
ing so.

He dialed the phone.

"Dinner? Pool? Big bed here." he said on the phone.

John was soon sitting in the dining room ... enjoying
a big meal ... realizing he hadn't eaten anything since
late last night.

Across from him sat Carl and Craig enjoying his dinner

Seeing them in the pool frolicking about like little
kids had convinced John he made the right decision.
Both looked hot in their blue and yellow speedos,
matching of course.

And all three fit nicely in the king size bed that John
had wisely asked for. The night wasn't made for sleep-
ing however as the three rekindled the lust they had
earlier that morning ... and continued to seek the
satisfaction that would never fully come.

John still commutes between LA and San Francisco. He
still stops at the gas station in Gilroy. And Bruce
tells him about the boys, where they are and what
they're doing.

And once in awhile, John calls Bruce ahead of time, to
see if his arrival should match closing time -- and if
a night attendant is there waiting ... with his jump-
suit half opened.

Occasionally Bruce says yes and John relives his time
with Carl even though there's not Craig.

But he imagines whoever the lad is, he's a twin; and
it's a wild night in the back of the gas station.

Gas Station encounter by Freddy D

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