College boys

This story involves two college-age men and an underaged boy (the
brother of one of the men) having sexual encounters. As always, my stories
are fantasies with no basis in reality either intended or implied, I
personally have a clearly defined border between fantasy and reality in my
own life and can enjoy these sort of stories with no desire to go out and
emulate them in my own life. But if stories of this sort offend you,
please, spare yourself and read no further. I write a wide variety of
stories (it's what lets me stay so prolific) so check back next week for a
story of mine that may not go too far for you.

Brian floated in the air before the control panel. He punched some
buttons and examined the results that produced, then sighed. "That'll do
it." he told Mark. "Lock the controls and we can kick back and relax the
next two weeks."
Mark was strapped to his chair, some people, he mused, couldn't accept
the disorientation that weightlessness produced at times like this. He
reached out and flipped open a panel and slapped the single button within,
this one froze all the switches and levers in place to avoid having them
being jostled until it was time to program the deceleration. Only then did
he unstrap himself, the small motions caused him to gently float free of
his chair and he turned to face Brian, carefully positioning himself so
that their faces were both oriented in the same direction. Again, the need
to orient himself in a specific direction to force his universe to make
sense to him. Brian could care less, he oriented himself by what everything
was, no matter where it hung or stuck out or stuck up in his world.
"Now what are we going to do?" Mark asked Brian.
"Hey, we got two weeks until we get to the colony." he said. "Just
kick back and do whatever comes naturally." He made a fake masturbation
motion at his crotch. A natural enough joke to pass among two guys in the
last months of their teen years, on a space flight to join their parents at
the Earth Trailing Trojan colony.
"Heh." Mark snorted. "We got a problem with that, you know."
The source of that problem floated into the compartment. Shot, rather,
because he'd kicked very hard at the opposite wall when the door had
opened. This caused him to ram his big brother Brian very hard on the
chest. As Brian went "Whoof!" and flailed for a handgrip, Mark caught his
buddy and helped him recover from the little-brother projectile.
"Damn it, Chris!" Mark exclaimed as he spun from the transfer of
energy grabbing Brian had imparted to him. "Slow down when you come into a
room, you know that!"
"I'm sorry!" Chris said, but he didn't sound very sorry. He was a
miniature and younger version of Brian, both had hair the same tint of
reddish-brown called "auburn" and the same basic face that was only budding
in Chris, but in Brian had reached the full flower of classically handsome
manhood. Years and circumstances had separated these two brothers and had
put the kibosh on any real brotherly bond, on Brian's part at least, he
tolerated his little brother but it was the toleration one would give the
pet of a sibling rather than that of the sibling itself. Brian had been
away at college of course, but Chris had been staying with an aunt until
the colony (floating at the gravitationally stable section of a sixth the
way around Earth's orbit from Earth (and thus equally distant from both
Earth and Sun, result, stability) had been formed well enough to permit
them to spin the large can-shaped colony on its axis and create artificial
gravity by Coriolis force. As a growing boy, he needed gravity to permit
his body to grow normally, rather than becoming a ten-foot-tall,
bird-boned, attenuated travesty of a man, who could never tolerate gravity
in any form and would die young. So these two brothers were traveling
together for the first time in their lives.
The ship itself was Mark's father's personal property, his father was,
to put it bluntly, filthy rich. With Brian a natural born pilot in tune
with celestial mechanics on a level that bordered on psychic, the two had
become friends early in college and so thus these three had set out into
space together on their two-week journey.
"Why are you bouncing around so much, anyway?" Brian had his breath
back and was ready to confront his little brother.
"You want to play bounce tag?" Chris offered.
"You're too young for bounce tag!" Brian scoffed. The game had evolved
from space travel, the age-old game of tag played in a large area at rates
of speed that could be dangerously close to that of a speeding car, and so
required sufficient padding and other safeguards until the players
resembled football players.
"Oh, come on!" Chris whined. "We can play some, can't we?"
"You might as well give up." Mark advised. "If he's going to be along
on this trip, we're going to have to play with him at least some of the
"So what do you suggest?"
"Let's take the little weasel down to the exercise room and play
bounce tag with him. The whole place is padded, and we can go easy on him."
"Yeah, come on, let's play bounce tag!" Chris urged his brother.
"All right, for a while, I guess." Brian agreed. "Okay, weasel," he
called his little brother by the nickname he and Mark had assigned Chris,
at first in casual insult, it had stuck. "Meet you in the gym in ten
Ten minutes later, the three were in the gymnasium. The largest room
in the ship, covering one entire floor, it was shaped like a can of tuna
fish, with a diameter of twenty feet, and as Mark had pointed out, padded
in all directions, only hand-holds and small, inset, covered hooks in
compartments breaking up the padding. It made a perfect area for the game.
Brian and Mark had chosen to wear only a pair of slim, tight-fitting
shorts akin to Speedos. Chris was wearing a pair of baggy exercise shorts
ill-fitted to use in space but all he had. Naturally, these two young,
well-toned and well-muscled college athletes expected their young rival to
be easy prey.
But Chris turned out to be better at the game than they'd
anticipated. Not only was the little body wiry and agile, Chris had
inherited the same "space-savvy" as Brian and had acclimated to
weightlessness in a way that the older two had not quite attained despite
ample opportunities to practice their art in college. Despite pulling out
most of the stops (they still avoided the high-speed maneuvers used in
professional bounce-tag), the youngster was still outplaying them by a
factor of three-to-one.
The two went into a huddle a moment later when Chris had paused during
his turn as "it" to get a drink of water. "Time to fight dirty." Brian
murmured to Mark.
"We can't hurt the little bastard." Mark protested.
"Don't worry. Just draw him past me and I'll take care of the rest."
Brian replied.
"You got it."
Brian hooked a foot into one of the handholds to anchor himself near
the far wall from Chris and Mark placed himself midway between the two. As
the closer, Chris would naturally come after him and Mark pushed off from a
wall, bounced off the other side and flew past Brian.
Concentrating on Mark, Chris floated past Brian at a rapid speed, and
Brian's hands snaked out and grasped Chris' shorts by their legs. The angle
and motion of Brian's hands caused Chris' own speed to slide the shorts
right off of Chris' body, leaving the boy buck-naked in mid-flight!
Mark chortled as Chris struck the next wall gracelessly, squawking and
hands on testicles, proceeded to bounce around much like a Superball thrown
in a small room, striking wall after wall. "Hey, give me back my shorts!"
"What's the matter, you lose something?" Brian hooted.
"I'm naked!" Chris complained.
"What you worried about?" Mark asked him. "Only us three on board
ship. Who's going to see it but us?"
"And we don't give a shit!" Brian agreed. "Run around buck naked if
you want to."
That gave his little brother something to think about. "Hey, yeah!
And with that, the game of bounce tag was back on, and Brian and Mark
were dodging an agile naked little boy. Only this time, those little hands
had a specific target in mind.
Every time he grabbed at them, his hands would reach for the two older
boys' shorts. Mark figured the first time was an accident, but by the third
time, he knew that Chris was out to grab him by his nuts! "Hey, watch the
family jewels there!" he complained.
"But if I'm naked, you should be too!" Chris objected.
"Yeah, why aren't you naked, Mark?" Brian asked his friend.
"Don't be stupid!"
"So why are you pitching wood?" Brian wanted to know.
"Huh?" Mark looked down at himself. Hell, he hadn't even
noticed. "Oh. Well, when you handle it, it's going to get stiff."
And Chris landed next to Mark and this time he hung on and grabbed at
Mark's crotch. "Come on, let me see it. You've seen mine, let me see
"Yeah, show it to him!" Brian egged his little brother on.
"The hell I will!"
"You too, Brian, you too!" Chris called out.
"Yeah, you too!" Mark chipped in.
"No way!"
"Make a bet?" Mark suggested.
"Play one round of bounce tag with Chris. Whoever he catches first has
to strip and let the brat get a good look at it."
"Nu-uh, both of you!" Chris insisted.
Brian looked at Mark and suddenly he said, "How about a time
limit. One round, thirty seconds, if Chris can grab us by our nuts in that
time, he gets to have us strip for him."
"And touch it, too!" Chris insisted.
"And touch it, too." Mark put in before Brian could say it. "Thirty
seconds from...right now!" And that wasn't totally fair because Mark had
drifted slightly apart from Chris and he pushed off from a nearby wall the
moment he said "now." Whereas Brian still had his foot hooked into a
Chris wasn't slow on the uptake, and he dived at Brian, who fought
himself free, but not in time, and Chris had tagged him. "Got you!" he
cheered and then bounced and headed for Mark!
Mark was prepared to bounce around the room and wear out the time, but
he hadn't counted on Brian helping Chris out. He got too close from Brian
(now anchored again) and Brian reached out and snagged one of his ankles
and braked him to a stop in mid air! You can swim in air in weightlessness,
but it's a slow way to get around and in no time, Chris had grabbed him as
well. "I win, I win!" Chris yelled in glee.
"All right, you win, you win!"
"Come on, Mark, strip for my little brother!" Brian snickered.
"You first, he caught you in the first five seconds." Mark objected.
"Yeah, you first!" Chris declared.
"All right, all right!" Brian complained and in one motion, he yanked
off his black shorts and was as naked as his little brother.
"Wow!" Chris gawked at the love-muscle his big brother was
displaying. "I want to see it stiff like you said Mark has!" and he dove at
his brother's crotch.
Brian didn't dodge him, just let his little naked brother impact him,
knocking him out of his foothold and the two floated around the gym,
bouncing off the wall and into the middle, with Chris holding firmly onto
Brian's pud.
"Oh, shit, he's playing with my dick!" Brian gasped as they moved
toward Mark (somewhat), spinning around a mutual axis that showed the
gawk-eyed buddy everything about the two brothers' actions. Chris clinging
to Brian like a monkey on a tree, with one hand now pumping up and down on
a fully-erect phallus that was a solid nine inches of man-fun.
"Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit!" Brian groaned.
"Shit, man, he's pumping your dick!" Mark gaped wide-eyed at the view.
"Yeah, uh, uh, yeah!" Brian gasped. "Get over here, and pay your own
bet! You owe him too, dude!"
"Yeah, come on!" Chris invited.
Alone with these two on a ship in the middle of space, thousands of
miles from everyone else, two weeks of this, all the rules off. Mark pushed
off toward the two floating naked bodies. He contacted and gripped Brian
and as he did, Chris caught one of Mark's legs with his own leg, locking
the three together in a vise grip and that freed both his hands to work
both the older two's pricks at the same time, side by side.
Brian clung to Mark in rising passion as he moaned. "Ooh, oh, oh,
shit!" he groaned. "So hot, so fucking hot! Pump me, little brother, pump
my pud and pump it hard, harder, damn it, harder!"
"Mmmh, yeah, damn, he's good at this!" Mark grunted his agreement.
"Man, I haven't been so turned on since the time Mary Goodall went
down and sucked me during chemistry class!" Brian moaned.
"Sucked you?" Chris inquired.
"Yeah, hell yeah!" Brian confirmed. "Sucked me like it was a
Mark saw it coming. "Oh, God, Brian, he's not going to.... Oh, God!"
Chris had just leaned down and taken the closest dong (Mark's at that
moment, for the two older boys were bobbing back and forth despite Chris'
clutching legs, flapping like the wings of a butterfly.
"Oh, shit, he is, he's sucking you!" Brian marveled. "Man, that is so
fucking hot! My little brother is slurping on your wiener!"
"He sure is!" Mark moaned. "I hope to hell your mom and dad find out
about this!"
"I sure as hell won't tell them!" Brian agreed. "Go ahead and suck
him, little brother. And when you're done, you can do mine, too!"
"Yeah, yeah!" Chris agreed and with that, he switched from sucking
Mark to scarfing down his big brother's dong. Brian's groans as his younger
brother started sucking on him were truly monumental. In space, Mark
thought with a smirk, no one can hear you scream!
But it left him neglected and horny as hell. Chris' body was floating
free and that little prod of his was as hard as it was going to get. Hell,
the little bastard deserved a little of his own back, didn't he?
He caught Chris by his legs and soon enough, that tiny dong was buried
in his mouth. He could suck this easily, it was no bigger than one of those
baby carrots you get in a salad sometimes.
"Hey, Mark, you sucking my little brother on me?" Brian
inquired. "Hell, didn't mean to leave you out on this. Let's share the
weasel, why don't we?" He lifted Chris' head off his prong. "Little
brother, get back to sucking my buddy, will you? I got some special fun
planned for you!"
Mark gratefully relinquished Chris' little pud so he could get a view
of this. Even so, he wasn't prepared for what he saw.
Brian buried his lips into Chris' ass, digging his tongue into the
tiny young puckerhole. Chris gasped, then moaned in his pleasure as Brian
also jerked his little-boy pud as he continued to nurse on Mark's dong.
"You're not going to fuck him, are you?" Mark gasped as he understood.
"Why not?" Brian said. "We can stuff this little weasel from both
ends. Look at him, he'll love it!"
"Shit!" Mark marveled. "Chris, don't let him do anything you don't
want to do, okay? Okay?"
"Mm-hmm!" Chris mumbled around his pud.
Soon, Brian was pushing that thick cock of his at his little brother's
anus. Mark watched carefully for signs of distress, but while pain creased
the young tender face, there was no gesture or motion of distress. Even as
Brian wormed his schlong into his little brother's ass, there was only
grunts and moans, no more.
"See, the little prick likes my big prick!" Brian chuckled. "Let's
stuff him full of hot dong and see if he can take it!"
Mark wasn't convinced but Chris never let up on sucking him, even as
his big brother was humping at him from behind. The three of them were
bouncing around the gym like a convoluted ping-pong ball, every wall they
struck sent them in a new direction depending on how they hit, and they
spun rapidly on one circuit, slowly on the next as their momentum was
increased or absorbed by the impacts.
"Oh, oh, shit, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Brian gasped as he pounded
Chris' tender ass. "Going to pump him full of hot brother jizz!
Mark heard the heated sounds of Brian squirting spunk into his little
brother, his nostrils filled with the smell of male sperm flowing into the
tender buttocks.
"Oh, God, I'm coming too!" He gasped out and was then wrenched with
the power of orgasm that clawed at his senses and assailed his brain. He
squirted his load into Chris' mouth, and the boy choked, caught himself and
began to gulp him down as he shot it out and Mark loaded Chris' mouth with
his spunk just as Chris' older brother had loaded Chris' ass.
"Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man!" Mark moaned as his climax finished
mauling him and released the husk that was left to float in limp
exhaustion. Brian caught him by an arm and pulled him back toward them and
the three were a sweaty, spunk sodden lot of sex-drenched male bodies.
"I guess we've played enough with your little brother now." Mark
essayed the joke in the silence. That won him a tired chuckle from the
other two. "What do you two want to do now?"
"I want to do it again!" Chris chipped in.
"Me, too, but not right now." Brian agreed. "What say we rest up and
then Mark can plug your ass while you suck on me?"
"Yeah!" Chris agreed enthusiastically.
"Two whole weeks." Mark mused. "This ship is going to stink like a
locker room by then. How are you going to explain that to your mother and
"Hey, the ship is your problem." Brian joked. "Besides, all ships
smell funny, one way or another. I say we say nothing and let them make
their own guesses."
"Works for me." Mark nodded. "But in the meantime, we have a lot of
time to kill."
Brian looked at his little brother. "Says you. Looks to me like we
just got booked solid for the entire time."
"More bounce-tag, yeah!" Chris slapped the two of them and bounded
"Yeah, more bounce-tag." Mark had to admit that Brian was probably
right. They were going to be very busy in the days to come.

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