New Sensation

This is the the first story I ever wrote. It has been posted on another site but i thought you folks might like it too:

When I was 19 I went on my first trip overseas. I had gotten a job as a camp counselor at a Summer Camp in upstate New York. It was my first time away from Australia and I couldn’t wait.

I was in charge of a group of 10 girls under 13. We slept in an actual log cabin. There were five sets of bunks in the main room and a small room at the front for me and there was another room at the rear where Ashley the photography counselor slept.

During the day I would lead my girls to the various program areas. At night after dinner Ashley would help getting the girls settled and off to bed. After lights out Ashley and I would sit outside and talk but never long as I was always exhausted after a long day.

I had been brought up Catholic and had attended Catholic school and had a fairly repressed attitude towards sex. I masturbated occasionally but always felt guilty afterwards. My fantasies were fairly plain; nothing too kinky. The only thing that I thought I did that was “out there” was I liked to finger my asshole when I masturbated. I would play with my clit with my right hand and use my left middle finger to probe my anus. When I came I would pump my finger in and out. It felt so good at the time but after the feeling passed that damn Catholic guilt would get to me every time. Hence the reason that I only masturbated occasionally.

With my repressed attitude towards all things sexual, Ashley was a revelation to me. She was 21 years old, she lived 50 miles from the camp and was studying Art at an east Coast College. She was so open about her sex life. I had never talked about my sex life with anyone and was a bit shocked when she began telling me about hers in graphic detail. After a while though I began to look forward to our night time chats; when I look back on it now I realize it was the start of my sexual awakening.

Ashley would tell me of her life in an American College dorm, blow jobs in back seats of cars, fucking guys in stairwells. I used to get so turned on listening to her stories. The one that nearly tipped me over the edge though was when she told me about her threesome with her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend. She told me she got home from a party where she had fucked a guy with the biggest dick she’d ever seen (if she said it was big, it must have been huge.) She said her pussy was red raw and leaking a lot of cum when she got to her room and found her roommate Mandy and her boyfriend Steve fucking doggy style on the floor. She said “Mandy just looked up and waved me over. I just hitched up my dress and pulled down my cum soaked underwear. I sat on the edge of the bed and let Mandy eat the cum out of my pussy whilst Steve was fucking her.”

Ashley went on “Mandy then turned around and pushed Steve onto his back and straddled his head. She reached down and held his cock towards me, nodding for me to climb on. I knew I was way too sore to fuck him with my pussy even though he did have a small cock. So I rubbed a bit of cum around my asshole for lubricant and put his cock up my arse. He might have a small cock but god it was good for anal.”

Listening to this story I could feel my pussy juice soaking though my panties, despite the heat my nipples were so hard they were pushing my tank top away from the skin on my breasts. Ashley seemed to relish the effect she had on me. She finished her story by telling me how after Steve left Mandy had licked her asshole clean. I couldn’t take any more and made my excuses about being tired and needing to go to bed.

As soon as I got to my room I put on my nightie and lay in my bed. I hadn’t masturbated at all since arriving but I just had to that night. I didn’t want to make any noise in case one of the girls woke up so I lay face down in the bed with my face in the pillow and my bum in the air. I came the hardest I have ever cum in my life. I lay there for a while enjoying the sensations of my body and the feeling of my arse and pussy being exposed to the night air. Just as I was getting my breath back I thought I heard a noise at the door. I jumped up and looked but saw no one.

After 4 weeks of Camp the children go home, the counselors get the weekend off and on Monday we get new campers for another 4 weeks. Ashley and I still had our evening chats but I had become better at controlling my responses. Ashley asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend at her house rather than being stuck at Camp for the free weekend. I jumped at the chance.

Ashley’s house was great, her parents and younger sister were away on vacation and we had the house to ourselves. Ashley showed me to her sister’s room and told me to have a shower and come down to the lounge room and she would show me some of her photos.

I enjoyed my first hot shower with strong water pressure for 4 weeks. I put on my robe and went downstairs to join Ashley. She had several albums of different photos she had taken during her study. She was very talented and had some great photos.

I picked up the last album and started to flick through it. It was all nude shots of women. It was very tasteful and quite beautiful. Ashley said “Can I take your photo?” I remember blushing red “You want to photo me naked?” Ashley just smiled and said “I think you’re gorgeous.”

I started to say no but something stopped me. I remember thinking “Come on, lets live a little.” I nodded my head and Ashley got out her camera and started taking shots. I dropped my robe off my shoulders and started to pose.

It felt so liberating sitting in my friends lounge room completely naked and having her compliment me on my body. Occasionally Ashley would turn my body to move me into a better light. My mind started to wander and I started thinking about all the things Ashley had told me about her sex life especially the story of Mandy licking her asshole.

As I lay there fantasizing I felt my nipples start to harden, which did not go unnoticed. “God your nipples look delicious when they’re hard.” Ashley said. “Turn over so I can take a shot of your back and butt”

As soon as I turned over I realized that my nipples were not the only part of me that was indicating how turned on I was getting. I could feel my pussy juice rolling down my thighs. “My you are enjoying this” Ashley said. She then reached out a finger and ran it up my inner thigh and just brushed my pussy lips. I turned and looked at as she placed her now wet finger into her mouth. “Is there anything you want me to do?” She asked.

Almost as if acting on reflex I pushed my self up on all fours and said “Will you lick my asshole?” before I could stop myself. Ashley just smile and said “Baby I’ve been waiting to lick your asshole ever since I saw you finger it so hard back at camp.”

I let out a moan as Ashley lowered her face to my rear end; I felt her tongue lick at my asshole. She used her hand to play with my clit and started to drive her tongue into my ass. I reached back and pulled apart my checks to give her better access. Finally I succumbed to the situation and screamed as my orgasm seemed to explode out of me.

Ashley let me catch my breath. “Oh god, that was good.” I said. She just smiled her devilish smile and said “I hope you don’t think it’s over.” With that she turned and lent over the coffee table pointing her short covered butt at me.

I reached up and pulled both her shorts and underpants down in one go. She spread her legs and I could see everything. I lent forward and started to suck on her long pussy lips. She reached back and spread her cheeks and said “You can deal with my pussy later; right now I want your mouth on my ass. I looked up at her beautiful asshole and slowly ran my tongue all over it. It was going to be a good weekend.

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