How I Became A Whore

(Some prior notes about me and this story: If MALE bisexuality, crossdressing or interracial sex bother you, don't bother reading further. I am someone who considers himself a fairly "masculine" or normal guy, in many aspects. I think, however, that many straight, gay, or bi guys have always had secret fantasies,whether or not they'd actually admit to it, about what it would be like to be a woman, during sex. Without a sex change, the next best thing is to play "dress up and pretend", which I've always had secret fantasies about doing once or twice. (And I believe that, with my look, I could probably actually could make a good cute, little girl, if made up that way.) Some of my influences for this story were things like interracial gangbang fantasies (3 or more black guys on one white gal), a strong fetish for female cigarette smoking, hard rap/rock music and a weird, corny sense of humor. I'm not going to lie, either. If you want romantic and sensual erotica with lots of foreplay and moodsetting, don't even waste any of your time here. If you're into strippers, hardcore pornography, or raunchy unashamed sexuality in general, then feel free to read and let me know what you think.)

11:39 PM. Friday night. I gathered my breath really nervously as I tried to gather my courage and...oh, yeah. Where's my manners? Let me fill you in on some of the small details and background leading up to the situation that was going on. So , uh, where to start? First, my name is Brad. I'm 5'4", 125 pounds, long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and whenever I intently "forget" to shave, as was the case at the time, a nice bushy beard. I'm 28 years old, but most people only guess me for 19 or 20, when shaven. Good genes, I guess. Skinny build with an average endowment, cute full lips that look like they were made for sucking and a cute round bubblebutt. I had just moved into an apartment with a few childhood friends about 2 years ago and everything had been going well. We got along fine. Most of my friends were straight. We were pretty much all "metalheads." I was even the outcast there, also. Half of the time, I would be the only one who wouldn't want to go with them when they went out somewhere. We had also had fights about them telling me to turn my music down. Not exactly that they minded loud music. I just had different musical tastes: I was the only one in the group who listened to Marilyn Manson, 2Pac, and Johnny Cash. I was also the only one who'd ever read anything other than a magazine. But despite our differences, I did have many really good times with them. And, as different as I may have seemed, noone would ever have guessed that I had a gay or bisexual side. However, it seemed that most of them were moving on to other things and seemed to have a bit of direction or a plan.

I, on the other hand, had always been the slacker of the group. They had recently hurt me when they with some VERY harsh words to say the least. So, there I had been, with everyone else out at some club, and me sitting around depressed and drinking, trying to forget myself. But, to my dismay, it wasn't working. I was watching the boob tube, half drunk, when I came across a scene from Shawshank Redemption. One of the gay rape scenes. That, had reminded me of a joke that my friends had told me earlier. When I had joked about my lackluster sex life lately, one of them joked that they would drop me off at Molson Street at midnight and I'd see lots of action. Molson street was a heavy crime area. It was alright during the daytime. But at late night, it was a different story. One of the biggest rumors going around about this area of town said that whenever white people went through there after midnight, they would often end up getting robbed or killed, UNLESS they were taken as prostitutes. Which local legend says included not only girls, but some guys too, who were made to dress like women and get fucked like women. Smaller guys mainly .

Apparently, if one of the "Molson street locals" liked the white guy or gal, they'd rape him or her and then offer them a choice. Be our slut or die. Apparently, rumor has it that the drug dealers didn't actually mess with any of their own "stuff" or with anything stronger than a little weed or alcohol. They got their kicks from their "hoes" and working out. These guys were built like brick shithouses. People didn't wanna believe these rumors. After all, the law would not let things like this continue, right? However, the area had a very bad rep and people were still very afraid. Well, being inebriated as I was, all I thought was that I was horny. I was still depressed and thinking that maybe my first taste of dick would cheer me up. I mean these rumors HAD to be exaggerated. How much difference could sundown make in a place? Besides, as long as I stayed in line and did as told, I'd have free room and board and drugs. Not that I did many drugs. I quit smoking a year ago, and only occasionally drink, now. But, it might be nice to take some more risks in my life for once. Not to mention the free dick and pussy I might get, too. And I definitely was drooling at the thought of my first big dicks, chocolate dicks. And if things got too rough, I could be a scrapper. Not to mention my past training in submission fighting. So I shaved my facial hair and got ready to take a little walk to the "wrong side of town", just ta see what would happen. Alcohol kinda turned me stupid at times. And this is where I will start the story.

So, I gathered my courage drinking the last of the beer I had with me, and stuttering forward. Almost there. A mere ten minute walk away. Slowly walking, I enter the notorious street. Nervous as hell, I start to walk through the city, acting oblivious to cat calls, and threats of violence. Maybe this was a bad idea. I tend to do crazy things when I've been drinking. But, as I walk fast through the neighborhood, surprisingly, I'm almost at the end and thinking that maybe I'm lucky nothing happened. I'll just find somewhere to hide til morning and find my way back. Just as I thought that, I heard a young female voice scream out "Hey, honey! What the hell are you doing in this part of town? You know how dangerous this is?" I turn around and see this young blonde girl who, as far as I know is only 16. I know because I had used to know this girl from school. But, she had just kinda "disappeared", and noone had heard from her. I didn't know her that well myself, to be honest. She looked "different" from what I had remembered, to say the least. Full lipstick, gorgeous "curly hair, lots of "colorful" makeup and a fur coat. She had a really trashy slutty look, to be so young. Something about her also seemed to be way too mature for her age. She took a drag off her cigarette, and exhaled, looking at me for an answer. I am speechless for a sec and when I start to answer she starts to come up to me and says "How old are you, baby doll?", obviously not remembering me. She kinda smiles at me and invites me to come inside where I'll be safe. I remind her where I know her from as she opens the door to let me into the small building, but as I turn around, she shuts the lights off and closes the door. Just then, I feel some strong, heavy arms grab both of my biceps tight. I turn lightning quick, as if to scream, but a huge hand covers my mouth.

Just then I feel another hand strip my pants off as the guy holding my arms pushes me onto the floor. I can't believe that this is actually happening, and scared senseless, but still aroused at the same time. He's on top of my back breathing heavily and I then feel something unexpected. I feel a cockhead that is MUCH larger than I expected and much wetter, as if it's been oiled up prior to my entering the room, poised at my backdoor. I struggle to reach my feet as I mock like I want to escape. This does not feel as I expected, at first, but much more painful, as it doesn't fit smoothly. He pushes and pushes until deep inside me, and I can feel him almost automatically cum inside my quivering ass. As he pulls out, I feel the other hand pull some chemical coated cloth up to my face. The next thing I know, I'm out cold.

Next morning: "Wake up, hon!" I hear a familiar female voice as I'm splashed in the face with water and completely naked, lying on a bed. I wake quick, looking at the girl who had lured me to this "trap." I start to protest when I notice a gun turn on me being held by a rather large muscular black "thug" at the doorway of the strange bedroom I'm lying in. With a cigarette dangling from her sexy lips, she told me "YOU got a choice, boy. How much do value your life?"

"A lot" I gulp as she takes the cig from her mouth and exhales.

"You don't look stupid. I don't think that you came here by accident. Noone local or in their right minds really does. It's alright. So, I guess I already know your choice." she says.

"What choice is that?"

She smiles and scratches across my chest with her nails. "Be the little slut that you know you are."

"Or?" I continue.

"Or don't." she tells me casually.

"What happens if I don't?"

"I think you already know the answer to that one, don't you?"

"Will I be safe?" I ask.

"You have nothing to fear from anyone here, as long as you remain loyal." she says.

"Loyal to who?" she asks.

"I know that you've heard the rumors. Well, you will meet your bosses tonight. And believe me, as long as you continue to put out, you will not undercome any physical harm. The last guy that hurt one of us paid the price, heavily."

"Well, what do I have to do?"

She then smiles big and tells me "Just stick with me. You have a big day ahead of you. By the way, my name is Jewel. As head whore, I will be training you. During the daytime, you can dress as you normally would, if you so choose. But, come nighttime, you must be prepared for some 'hard work'. Your name?"

"B-Brad" I reply, nervously.

"Well, Brad, first rule you must learn is that with your male masters, your only name is 'slut'. For your first week, this is how I will refer to you. This is your initiation night. You won't work til you pass. Girls?" She turned to some other sexy girls, and boys dressed like girls who had been standing far behind her.

"Yes, m'aam?" one of the girls said.

Jewel kissed her hard and deep on the mouth. "You taste like pussy. Been playin with Michelle again, haven't you, hon?" The girl just smiled shyly and nodded, as if embarrased. Jewel continued "Well, you know what to do, girls. I'll be back in a few hours".

"Yes, m'aam." As Jewel leaves, the other girls tell me to follow them. I could not believe how mature and experienced acting Jewel was to be her age. But, that confident sexuality and sluttiness from such a young little thing was already becoming a huge turn on for me. I knew that I would have to have her. As I follow the girls, I am led into a bathroom with a tub full of water and shaving razors and shaving cream surrounding the tub. The girls have me step into the tub, as they proceeded to bathe me, shampoo and condition my hair and shave my entire body bare. I talked a bit with them, and even started making out a bit with one of the other girlie-drag boys. I am told that I will have to learn responsibility to keep shaven by myself on a daily basis from here on after. I am then led back to the bedroom and told to eat, as I am given some bread and some Ramen noodles.

After waiting a bit, Jewel returns. "It's time to study, slut."

"Yes, m'aam" I reply, with a playful pouting look.

She then went into a closet in the room and came out with a pair of high heels. "Ya know, walking on THESE is not as easy as you may think. You're gonna need practice. Put these on and follow me..." I hesitate a moment. "Now, slut!." She hands them to me. "Second rule. No hesitation" I follow behind quickly almost tripping and stumbling in the "new shoes", as I now end up stopping in a small room with a chair in the middle. "Have a seat, slut. You are getting your piercings. You gotta have both ears, your tongue, nipples, belly, and cock done. Just be a man. I know you can handle it. You'll grow accustomed to it, in no time." I winced and grimaced, but when it was over, I was told that my day was just starting. I am given studs for all of my new holes, except for my ears. For those, I am given these really gaudy, big effeminate looking earrings to wear. Then, I am told that I must spend the next hour practicing walking in my high heels. I spend a whole hour with Jewel being taught how to walk properly in high heels. Then, once I start to get the hang of it a bit, I am led into the bathroom again. This time in front of the mirror. "I have been giving special instructions for you since you have such a different hairstyle than any of the usual boys we get here. We usually would give you a wig, but obviously, that's not needed with you. Jewel reaches into a drawer and pulls out two neon pink hair scrunchies, and demonstrates to me, on herself, how to put them on to make little schoolgirl pigtails. She then pulls them out of her hair and hands them to me. At first, I get it all tangled. It takes me about ten minutes to actually get the hang of doing this on my own. She tells me to relax and hands me a cig for a sec and tells me to take a drag.

"No, thanx, I don't smoke" I say.

"Rule number three. You smoke. Your head honcho pimp daddy likes all of his little sluts to smoke around him. It's a thing he has." I do and cough immediately.

She laughs. "First time, huh? Here's the lipstick. Push very lightly, because it's delicate."

I finish putting on a heavy coat, right as a big black guy walks in about 6'2, dark as can be. He looks me up and down and tells Jewel, "You're doing a good job. I can't wait ta break this little whore in. Mmm-mm--MMM!" He slaps my ass and squeezes it. "Continue" he says and leaves.

Jewel turns to me and kisses me hard with a wild look in her eyes, as she shoves her tongue deep into my mouth. Then says "You're gonna have fun, slut. Trust me." She goes on to teach me how to apply makeup, presson nails, eyeshadow, eyeliner. She teaches me how to talk like a woman, helps me practice sucking cock on dildos, helps me loosen my bottom in preparation for the night, teaches me how to smoke and hold a cigarette like a girl, and helps me do or practice various other things. Apparently, rule number four was that I was not to even ask the real names of my pimps/masters. When asked if she was worried about pregnancy, she told me that she was unable to have kids due to some compilations. Seemed a touchy subject, so I dropped it.

Nightfall's about here. I'm given a short time to eat and rest, but not sleep, before the "initiation" begins. Then, I hear a loud deep masculine voice shouting "Yo, get that ho ready and bring her bitchass in here!"

Jewel comes in and tells me to slip on some nylon stockings, a cheerleader's shortskirt, a thong and a bra top. All of which, is in addition to the earrings, piercings, eyeliner, eyeshadow, makeup, lipstick, nails, and high heels. I am also told to try and keep a cigarette lit constantly and drag on it occasionally. "You ready?" she asks me, eyeing me up.

I lick my lips, with my cock as hard as a rock, and reply "I've been ready".

I walk into the room nervous as fuck as about 3 huge black guys are whistling and carrying on, and I ash my cigarette holding it in a very effeminate limpwristed manner. All of them naked with fairly huge cocks standing at full attention. These guys bodies were unbelievable: sixpack abs, huge pecs, biceps that could choke the crap out of someone. And their dicks!!! They must have been 9-11 inches each and thick! The air smells of weedsmoke, and sounds of loud rap music. I recognize it as "Ho" by Ludacris. "School's about ta start, slut. Down on your knees and join your little slut friend. Pay attention. You're gonna be doing what she's doing next."

I get onto my knees behind Jewel, who exhales from a cigarette. "Watch me and do as I do" she winks at me, right before being slapped, playfully but rough, and told to turn her head back around. "Aw yeah, I LOVE IT!" she screams. She then grabs two cocks on her side with her hands and starts licking up and down the shaft of one in front of her slowly. I lunge forward. Jewel lustfully tells me as she licks "Remember, you gotta relax. Don't swallow. Let the spit flow freely. Try not to wipe off all of your lipstick." With that, she starts to slowly go down on the first cock, picking up pace, until drool is flying hard and fast as it gets as wet as hell. At one point the guy held her head still and pumped like a piston, ALMOST seemingly making her hurl. She does the other two for a second, before stopping, turning to me smiling, wiping her mouth, and catching her breath saying "Now---PANT-You try", with her hand still on a wet dick. I start to do as she did, with 2 in my hands, and licking the 3rd. I try my best and am slow at first, but then I start getting into it. I pick up the pace, being every bit as wet as Jewel my first time. Still not used to wearing the nails, but am careful not to break them, as nasty as I get. I was loving these delicious monstrous chocolate treats, as I alternated from one to the next. Tasting them, feeling them, squeezing them, wrapping my tongue with my new studs around them, as I tasted their yummy precum. I started to come off of the head with suction noises and go crazy, with my little pigtails bobbing and swinging in a nonstop motion.

"Daaammn! He loves that dick. Good little sissy." one guy went.

"Fuck! You a natural, ho!" the guy in my mouth, whom was the guy I recognized from the bathroom earlier, screamed before grabbing both of my little schoolgirl pigtails and forcing his veiny pulsating erection down my throat as he came in my mouth, and I greedily gulped every last drop.

I took a drag on my cigarette. "Good to the last drop" I said, exhaling and licking my lips. This guy backed up a bit, to take a breather.

Then it was Jewel's turn to "teach" me again, as i would watch everything she did. This time, she laid her head back down on the couch as one of the guys dangled his massive member above her face like bait for a fish. As he lowered into her mouth, she took another drag from her cigarette, exhaled around his fully engorged dick, and started moaning. I seen the way that she used her lip muscles to pull the cock further down her throat, as she winked at me. After another minute of moaning and sucking from her, it was my go again. I assumed the position, took a drag, exhaled, stuck my newly pierced tongue out and opened wide (And I do mean WIDE-Mmmmm!). He slapped me hard, spat a long line of spit onto my face, and said "That's it. Open that dirty little mouth, slut, so I can fuck that face." His slap was so hard that the side of my face almost felt numb for a sec, but I didn't mind. In fact, I loved it.

"Oh yeah! Treat me like the little white trash slut that I am. Feed me that big, black dick!" Everyone else laughed and whistled encouragement at this. I quickly stuck my tongue out again and he started lowering into my wet mouth and as soon as the head was in, I started sucking it and moaning loud and reached both hands up grabbing and stroking the rest of the length. The radio song changed to 2Pac's "How Do U Want It?", as I started moving my head to the beat. Then I imitated Jewel's move and used my lip muscles to pull his cock down further into my hungry mouth and throat. I went insane as I gagged myself on his dick, and for the second time, I outshined the teacher. As I sucked, I could feel his massive erection pulsating and I instinctively knew what was about to come, or cum. This guy, like the other, also came in my mouth, hard. He pulled out as my lips slowly slid off of his dick. I savored every drop.

Jewel said smiling "Competition, I like, I like." Last guy was up. I was wondering if I was gonna get fucked soon. Then she dragged on her cig again, and he leaned in to kiss her hard, before pushing down on her head forcing her to her knees, where she opened her mouth and he spat in it. I was remembering what she had taught me earlier. Arch your back and maneuver right and you will be able to go further on the deepthroat. I seen her hock and spit on his dick, then start to deepthroat using this method. After going down DEEP a few times, I thought that there was no way that I could do that. The guy came hard right at that moment, blasting her face. "1 for me" she smiled. Right then, though I went back to the second guy who was hard again, as he downed some Hennessy straight from the bottle. I scraped my nails lightly across his ripped perfect chest, and started kissing down his rock hard abs, towards his chest, devouring his dark chocolate body along the way. I tried unsuccessfully to duplicate her act, but was unable.

"You'll get it, slut. Practice makes perfect." the guy said as he pulled me off, and shoved me back to the ground. "Yo, nigga. I'm ready to fuck. Y'all ready?"

"Let's get this party started" came the answer from the first guy. He then walked to the stereo and pushed a few buttons. The song "Shake Ya Ass" by Mystikal came on. "First, let's get a little tease. Dance bitches." Jewel and me immediately started dancing like I had seen strippers do many times, shaking my ass to the beat. They slapped my ass, sending waves through it. As me and Jewel did this, about halfway through the song, they were rubbing baby oil all over our bottoms, and lubing our anal cavities.

I was told to watch once again, as Jewel got onto all fours, with the cig just dangling from her lips and the first guy spat on and lubed his dick heavily and put it up to her puckered back door. "You gotta lean back into that shit. He pushes forward, you gotta push back. Ignore the initial pain. You'll start ta enjoy that shit. Believe me, babe. Squeeze your ass muscles on the out motions."

"Yeah, and this shit's gonna be bareback, ho! I want ya ta feel my cum in ya ass, bitch!" I watched as her ass shook violently like jelly from the hard and fast pounding and she screamed bloody murder. She was bucking back into him as hard as he could push forward. Which seemed insane. A few more minutes, they both slowed the pace as he thrusted a few final thrusts into her, while she gyrated her hips in a circular rotation into him, flexing her tight ass muscles with a very hardcore look on her face, and this guy came hard into her ass with a loud "AAAAAaaaahhh! Fuck yeah!"

"Watch out, babe. I'm making a comeback."

"Yeah, I just came IN your back slut. Yo, slut numba two, you're up."

I nervously bent over and before I could even brace myself, I felt some other guy grab my thong and pull it aside, and slide his cock into me out of nowhere. He must have snuck into the room behind me. This guy was bigger than the others, which shocked me. It must have been 12 inches, at least, and as big around as a soda can. "Oh, damn, ho, I didn't see ya there", he joked for a second, as I screamed in initial horror and pain. He then started necking me heavily, as he pinched my nipples, and I struggled. Then, he let go and shoved me to the floor, brutally, so I was on all fours. He got right over me and started to shove his cockhead into me.

As soon as he had the head in he shoved in all the way quick and brutal, and started ripping ass hardcore. I screamed like a murder victim at first. My ass was shaking so violently that you could probably hear it outside. He was pulling me back by my thong, and letting go as I pulled forward, in a back & forth frantic rhythm. He slapped my ass a few times and squeezed hard enough to destroy my delicate bottom.Though, it was painful as fuck, I was loving it. He then slowed down after a few minutes, and grabbed my shoulders with a few hard singular thrusts, seemingly trying to thrust right through my delicate little behind. The first hard thrust made me scream like a little girl, very effeminately. then, I came hard as hell all over the floor.

At this, everyone laughed and one said "Yeeeaah, love that black dick, don't ya slut?"

"Yes, sir" was all that I could say with a smile, as I continued to be pounded in my cute little tight asshole. He hadn't stopped, but then grabbed my pigtails in one hand, and yanked hard, picking up the pace once again. I screamed "Ow!" really loud the minute he pulled my hair like that. He pulled out that monster slowly, trying not to cum yet, and it kind of tickled as it came out. I giggled like a teenager. "OOooo, I like, pimpdaddy." I then turned around and blinked up at him a bunch with my colorfully painted deep brown eyes and stuck out my lower lip in a pouty flirting look.

Then, the second guy told me get on the couch and spread my legs, like the cocksucking white trash whore I am. The radio then started playing "He Wantz It" by Gangsta Fag. This guy pulled my legs behind him as I lit another cigarette, and moaned in my most feminine-like voice "Oh, yeah, fuck me hard, daddy! I need some more hot chocolate." Over to the side Jewel and the other two guys were busy watching as he grabbed up underneath my ass and slid me into his dick, hard. With my legs wrapped firmly around him, I screamed like a banshee. After a minute, with feet in the air, I relaxed my legs, as I twirled the high heels around on my feet in utter delight. Then, he grabbed my legs, and draped them over his shoulders, as he started to choke my neck and pump rough into me in his crazy rhythm. After a few rough, psychotic minutes of slamming my bottom, he came hard with so much cum that it exploded out the sides of my ass, as I cooed in content, having came myself at that exact moment.

"I got one more thing to show ya, babe." Jewel said flicking her cig. The third guy sat down as she sat her ass down on his dick facing away. She closed her legs, rested her arms at the back of the couch and lifting her legs, as he held them and started thrusting upward into her, making her scream. I noticed her positioning and how she managed to stay balanced with a little bit of help.

"We can do that now, slut", the first guy said. He went to sit in a chair, and I then started to lower myself, slowly. "Fuck that slow shit, bitch. Get on this shit" he said as he shoved me down quick to the base, and I tried to keep my legs lifted and together. He started fucking hard as hell and I looked over and Jewel was in the same position, except that she was sucking off the second guy, too. I came immediately on my stomach, as I seen that and my own ass was being slammed up into like a prisoner. Then my view was blocked by the huge dick of the fourth guy who just forcefully shoved it in my mouth from out of the blue, surprising me.

"Fuck lookin over there at that bitch, yo. You gettin yours, too, slut. SSSUCK my big, black dick!" I guess they had built stamina after a few The first guy continued to thrust upwards into my aching ass as I greedily slurped the dark meat in my mouth while also admiring his well toned buff beauty of a body. Then, I pulled off for a minute to suck his sweaty balls, as his monstrous black dick rested against my face. By this point, I had dropped my legs to bounce up and down on the rock hard cock below me. Then, I took another drag off of my cig which I had lied down for a sec, and then exhaled again, letting the smoke curl out from the sides of my lipstick covered mouth in a sexy, erotic manner as the dick entered my mouth simultaneously.

After a bit of being DPed, they told me and Jewel to both get up and get on all fours facing each other, in front of the mirror in the back of the room. I seen guy number one enter Jewel's pussy and felt guy number two enter my soft ass once again. Funny thing is right before they started to fuck, I laughed at the song I heard playing: "We Want Some Pussy." In a weird way, it helped the mood to turn me on even more. After all, I was one of the "pussies" this time. Me and Jewel both took drags and exhaled as we kissed and both of us were getting the dicking of a lifetime. The third and fourth guys then came up to our faces, and I grabbed one in my mouth, as Jewel took the other. I looked at the mirror from the corner of my eye, and loved what I seen. I could see myself all dressed up in my newfound beauty, pigtails and all, as this guy kept slamming into my shortskirt covered ass. After plenty of frantic thrusting, all of them came like geysers, filling me and Jewel to the brim with warm, sticky fluids.

This caused both me and Jewel to cum a storm as we locked lips hard. We both had "messy mouths" lots of cum dripping out of us. Then, the second guy, who was just in me, grabbed me up, under the arms, roughly, and spun me around on my knees. Clean that shit off, ho!" I did not hesitate, and devoured it like an animal in heat, using all I had learned. "You like tasting your ass, slut?"

I just moaned "MMmm-hmmm", while looking up at him.

"You in, ho. looks like you've passed our initiation with, shall we say, flyin col-uhs." They decided to get dressed at that point, and left us on our own, telling me I'll start "work" tomorrow night, peddling my ass. One of them then stared at Jewel, then at me and winked right before leaving.

As soon as they left the room, I seen Jewel was sitting on the floor, smiling at me, while holding her ass. She looked so hot to me after this, in a barely legal kind of way, but st. It was hard to believe that such a young gal could be such an experienced SLUT. "Goooood joooob. Ya know you make a cute little whore." she said eyeballing me and laughing. I was still horny and couldn't stand it a second longer, so I grabbed her legs and forcefully slid her into missionary position, entering her wet snatch almost instantly, and surprising the hell out of her, making her scream. First time I had been the one doing the fucking all night. She ground her hips against me, as I tried to slam her through the floor, breathing heavily on her neck, in a truly perverted manner. She screamed and came fast, but I still had much further to go. I picked her up, still inside of her, and carried her to the couch, where I dropped her and continued plowing her sweet little teenage snatch, like a madman. I finally came like a geyser, as she moaned in satisfaction, and I bent down to lock tongues in a deep, passionate kiss. She tasted like a combination of beer, cock, and cigarettes. I loved this trashy whore, like I had no other. We immediately decided to clean each other off, in 69 position, as I licked my cream from her freshly fucked cunt, and she sucked her pussy juices off of my now softening tired cock.

I awoke that next morning with "tum full of cum", a sore & aching asshole, a spent cock, and the taste of pussy and dick in my mouth, and cigarettes & alcohol. This was the first time in a long time, I actually cared for or had pride in a job. I was a fucking dirty cocksucking whore. And I was loving life. A bunch of things would go on to happen. That night would be my first day on the job. After that one night initiation, I was to be safe as hell in my attitudes about protection. My days would be spent as a normal everyday average crude male, with a little bit of personal time for reading and intellectual improvement here and there too, though. And my nights, I would spend as my alter ego, whom I named "Brandy."

Eventually, "Brandy" took Jewel's place as top whore. And then, my masters eventually found out that I could fight, and I gained a large level of respect from them, even learning their true names, as they put me into pitfights with others for their entertainment. I won many and lost a few horribly. So, for a while, I was spending half my time fucking, and the other half fighting. They even offered to let me quit dragwhoring. But, I decided to still do it for them, on a personal level. I was addicted to the dick. And me and Jewel became the best of friends. Friends with benefits, anyway. I could never resist her sweet little snatch, the whole time I knew her.

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