An Ideal Match - The Beginning

"How did you and Sue meet?"

The simultaneous gulp from both of us was audible
around the dinner table. An assembled group of 3 work
colleagues with partners had joined us for dinner at
our new home and the meal was going really well until
that question. We had a prepared answer, of course, but
it always seemed to catch us out.

"It wasn't really me Sue fancied at first. A close
friend of mine was into her when we first met but I
realised she was meant for me."

"I met Grant when he was invited to his friend's party
and I was there as his friend's partner," said Sue.

"Oh, love at first sight," said Lisa from the office.

"Yes, more or less," I said, just catching Sue's wry

The conversation moved on to how the others had met and
my mind had a few moments to recap the truth of our
first meeting. In those days, I had a secret. I still
have the secret except I share it with Sue. I was
bisexual. Initially I though I was totally gay. I had
had a few brief sauna experiences with men but as I hit
my late teens I suddenly found women quite attractive
too and started not only dating, but screwing as many
as I could as if to prove my heterosexuality.

I abandoned men completely until at 20, I became
friendly with a work colleague, Steve. Now Steve should
have been gay. He wasn't effeminate at all though he
was of medium build and with muscles where required,
short, really blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, clean
shaven and little freckles on his arms. He knocked me
for six and didn't even know it.

He thought we were doing "lads things" but in fact I
was following him around like a lap dog. In the
changing rooms after squash, I would glance at his soft
cock, beautiful round balls and gorgeous blonde pubic
hair which gently spread up to lightly cover his chest.

When he met Sue, I was devastated. He still had time to
do "lad's things" with me but he spoke a lot about Sue.
Sue was very attractive. She was a full 5 inches
shorter that Steve's 6 feet and a blonde also. She had
breasts that were not too obviously big but when she
decided to dress in a low cut dress, they suddenly
became her main feature, such was their firmness. Her
smile lightened a room and she had a wicked, slightly
raunchy look about her. There was one little trick
where she shook her hair then flicked it back as she
looked at you which seemed to say "it's here if you
want it!"

Sue had confided in me one night that Steve was pretty
plain in bed. I think the phrase was "Wham-Bam, thank
you Ma'am!"

He could have been as plain as he wanted as long as I
could get my mouth wrapped around his cock!

Sue continued saying that she wanted more adventure.
She said she had asked him to have sex outdoors in
risky places, or even to have sex with another girl
present. I had jokingly suggested another man would
blow his mind when she said she had even asked him that

"Sex is just fun and love is forever," she said to me
that night.

Scroll forward three weeks and Steve is having a party
in his rented garden flat. There were about 30 people
there and I had been let down by my supposed date. I
spent the night talking to strangers and watching Steve
get a little drunk. Sue was being very saucy both with
other people and with Steve, making a big show of
kissing him in the middle of the room and even feeling
his crotch in full view of any who cared to look (i.e.

She kept looking at me when she kissed him or groped
him, smiling an odd kind of smile. One thing is for
sure I was horny as fuck and she knew it. Steve was
getting so drunk, I thought that she was going to try
and knock him out with booze and then make a play for

It was after 1.00 am and I saw her take Steve out to
the back garden. It was pretty dark out there because
of a high brick wall at the bottom and thick bushes up
either side. They disappeared into the darkness. I
suddenly had the urge to see what they were doing. This
might have been my only chance to see Steve in action.
My drunken mind had also lessened my sense of risk and
before I knew it, I also had slipped out into the dark
through the kitchen door.

The street lights at the front of the building gave a
yellow glow which meant that there was some light and I
slowly made my way up the path. I heard movement beside
Steve's shed and saw Sue on her knees sucking him. I
had to get closer if I was going to see anything so I
edged further up the path, on to the grass and stood in
a pitch black area out of the glow of the lights.

His jeans were at his ankles and his cock was stiff as
hell and looked fabulous. Steve was well gone and was
gripping Sue's head to push his cock in and out of her
mouth, however his eyes were closed and he looked as
though he was on automatic pilot. Sue was working hard
at him, Steve was doing bugger all but just standing
there, cock erect, grunting.

Sue stood up and slipped her top and bra off, and then
I saw her pull up her skirt and slip her briefs down.

"Kiss my nipples, Steve," I heard her whisper.

Steve's response was inaudible but it might as well
have been, "in this state I couldn't find my own cock
in the toilet."

Sue was panting and fingering herself with one finger
while her hand gripped Steve's semi-erect cock. It
looked to be a thick 6.5 inches and uncut with a thick
patch of hair around his balls.

"C'mon Steve, I need this," she panted.

I leaned forward to try and see her tits and slipped on
the edge of the garden path, stumbling into the semi-

"Oh sorry Sue, I just wondered where you had both gone
to," I mumbled unconvincingly.

"Don't worry about that Grant," she said, "if you can
get your cock harder than that," nodding at Steve's
cock, "I want you to fuck me against that shed! Let's
try and get him up to speed first," she continued, her
hand pulling his cock in my direction.

Sue pulled my shoulders downwards as she dropped to her
knees again and took Steve's cock in her mouth. I was
still half bent when she beckoned me down to the same
position. "Let's do him together," she said, offering
me his cock.

I gently took my first taste of Steve. This was
unusual, having gay sex with a girl present but it was
highly charged to me, a slightly "left of centre"
bisexual. I could see Sue half smiling as we shared
Steve's cock. It was a little over 6 inches and the
foreskin was quite loose and easy to pull back,
revealing the head beneath.

His pants were around his ankles and he was half
sitting on a long wooden plant stand, the sort that
would be in a greenhouse to hold cuttings. Steve's eyes
were blearily shut and he was mumbling encouraging
sounds as we both slurped on him. He was totally
unaware what was actually happening.

His cock had risen to my early estimate of its full
size and Sue struggled to get a condom on him, handing
me one at the same time. She backed herself on to him
and his cock slipped into her. She did all the running,
pushing her backside into him as his cock slid under
into her slit. I took the opportunity to stand behind
her, with one hand cupping her right breast, and kissed

His lips opened and his alcohol laden tongue slid into
my mouth. He had no idea who it was so I took full
advantage, gripping his head firmly and kissing him
fully on the lips. He started to slide and ended up on
the garden path, flat out.

"Come on big boy," said Sue, as she lay flat out on the
narrow wooden "bench" and opened her legs.

I slid the condom on and entered her easily. She was
wet, very wet, so it slid in quite easily as I started
to ride.

"That's more like it" she said, as my slightly larger
and thicker cock invaded her.

I gave her a great ride, even though I say so myself
and during the session, she seemed to orgasm at least
twice. Her drunken state eventually brought the session
to an end and Sue was of the impression that I had cum.

"I'm heading home," she said as she pulled up her
briefs and made herself presentable. "I'm not sharing a
bed with that drunk, he might wet it."

When we re-entered the house it was empty and Sue
pulled on a coat and headed off on the short walk to
her house.

I locked up and went back out to the garden finding
Steve snoring on the path in the near darkness. His
pants were still at his ankles and his cock was still
slightly erect, though not fully. I slid out of my
pants and briefs and enjoyed the cool air around me. I
pulled Steve's loose fitting pants off and I knelt to
suck his cock.

It took over 15 minutes before, slowly, his soft
moaning was transferred to some movement and his cock
rose. I had a nice 6.5 inches of my beloved Steve in my
mouth and he was still moaning. I pulled him on to the
grass and lay on top, kissing him while stroking his
hard cock. My own was painfully stiff. I then had an

I slipped back into the house and raked around until I
found some KY. He had told me that sometimes Sue wasn't
wet enough so I remembered he would have some. I
stretched my used condom on to his cock and lubricated
it then straddled him while facing him and sat down on
his rigid member. The subsequent ride was unbelievable.
If you can imagine being fucked my your best absolutely
straight friend you may get some idea of how I felt.

My own rigid cock was bouncing up and down in front as
I rose and fell on Steve's cock. Steve was an active
partner in the sex though his eyes remained shut
throughout. I had absolutely no idea at this stage if
he knew what was happening, thought he was having Sue,
or was out of it. One thing, he was suddenly horny.

His cock seemed to swell in me and his breathing
stopped, followed by a grunting sound. I froze,
thinking he was becoming more aware, but in the quiet
moment while I sat still, I could feel his cock pulsing
in me and I knew he was cumming. I clenched my buttocks
to drain him completely before wanking myself with his
dwindling penis inside me.

My cum should have hit him in the face but such was the
force of my ejaculation that it shot straight over him
into the gloom and only the last dribbles landed on his
naked belly. It took a lot of work to get Steve inside
and on to a sofa, as well as pulling on his pants to
make his decent. Steve then fell fully asleep.

In the morning, he seemed to have absolutely no
recollection of any of the night though when Sue
returned later, the twinkle in her eye and the innuendo
suggested she might have had some idea of what I had

It took three months for her to eventually dump Steve
and, after a suitable few weeks, start dating me. Steve
was getting bored anyway and there was no ill feeling.
Before we became an item, Steve said he found her to be
a little too kinky for his tastes. She had even
suggested he bring another guy along for sex. He
continued by saying that the thought of another looking
at his cock while it was hard, or worse still, touching
it, made him feel sick. Little did he know that his
cock had done more than that!

The story above had been only my introduction to Sue
and as we became fully acquainted over the next few
weeks I discovered that she never felt one cock was
enough and wanted me to help her find other men,
bisexual or straight to feed her cock craving which I
discovered, was second only to mine. She kept her flat
but we tended to sleep over in either her place or mine
at the weekends. I couldn't imagine how I was going to
go up to straight guys in a pub and suggest they join
me for sex, even if my girlfriend was present but Sue
had a better idea.

It actually worked first time. What we did was to go
out on the town ensuring we had enough drink to loosen
our inhibitions and morals. She loved me to take a half
Viagra. Not that I needed it, but certainly, if I took
one, my cock had a mind of its own! We would spend the
evening in some noisy downtown club. Fridays were
always good as there were more groups of guys on the

Sue and I would initially dance together and she would
get very frisky, firstly with me, and then with any guy
or guys who were around. She would fix on her target
say, at the bar and start chatting leaning into him,
patting his hand, complimenting him on his bum or
telling him how sexy he was. She would then manoeuvre
him to a quiet corner and kiss him, feeling his cock
until he was hard. This would last 15 to 20 minutes
before she would thank him for getting her so hot and
say she had to get back to her boyfriend who would have
to shag her to cool her down. The little victim would
then look so forlorn as he thought he just lost a hot
randy chick.

"Would you have liked to fuck me?" she would then ask.

"You bet," was the usual reply.

"Well with my boyfriend it's always a quickie and he's
not the jealous type as long as he gets his rocks off
so why don't you come along and give me a real seeing
to after he's done?"

With a little more gentle persuasion and a smile from
me while tapping my watch, she could usually hook them.
Sometimes she would have to take a hand and either
press it to her tits or, if he was withering, push it
between her wet thighs and that clinched it. I had to
act quite drunk so usually I was a heck of a lot more
sober than him. In the taxi I would sit back and let
her fool around with him and when we got to the house,
she would immediately start on him first.

The first time we went out with this in mind I was
terrified. Sue reminded me that it was the guy who
would feel guilty, not us! The guy she picked was a bit
young for my tastes. He had to be 18 but he looked a
couple of years younger. He was with a group of about 6
mates but as they were all drinking heavily he was
slowly being pushed to the perimeter of the group. He
was watching every attractive girl who went past and we
noticed him rubbing his crotch a few times. We were
both 23 at this stage so he did seem a bit young
however Sue said that a randy inexperienced guy would
be good for a first attempt.

She went to the bar and as she fumbled to buy a drink
for herself, she dropped her purse right beside him and
gently kicked it away from the group. As he was on the
edge of his group, he quickly knelt down and recovered
it. I could see Sue offer to and buy him a drink. She
was stunning from where I was sitting. Her white all in
one dress, hugged her hips and rested well above her
knees. The low cut top exposed the top half of her firm
breasts and her hair hung in soft curls, sometimes
covering part of her face. She would brush it back and
then toss her head to keep it their in a most
provocative way. Her nipples were pronounced and her
beautiful teeth and smile made her a dick magnet!

The lad was hooked and she found it quite easy to walk
him over to a slight backwater behind a pillar where I
could still see but they were cut off from the line of
his friends' vision. Sue was a vamp and this skinny
your guy with his 'trendy but looking too big for him'
clothes was taken. I could imagine what she was saying
by her body language and from his, I knew that he liked
her breasts, thought she was sexy and would love to
fuck her. When she kissed him, he almost passed out and
I saw her hand briefly brush his crotch and squeeze
what looked like a very stiff dick.

When she surfaced and his flushed face calmed down, she
took his hand and led him in my direction. I slumped
slightly in the seat to look as though I was the worse
for wear and when she introduced "Simon," I shook his
hand and said, "As usual, one is never enough for Sue."

This let him realise I wasn't going to be an obstacle
in the way of his night of sex. Sue led Simon out of
the club and I followed. We taxied back to my flat,
which was nearest and I slumped as though sleeping
while she kissed this immature schoolboy-lookalike! He
was cute however, and his youth and light stubble gave
him a slightly effeminate look.

In the flat, she sent him to shower and suggested he
come out with just a towel. She dashed into the small
shower in my bedroom and I stayed slumped. I was
secretly very excited at the idea of watching "my" Sue
being fucked by a boy. The door opened and Simon came
out as instructed, if slightly sheepish, and I dashed
past him into the bathroom, leaving him in the lounge.
As I closed the door I heard Sue come out from the
bedroom and invite him in.

By the time I showered, I gently opened the door and,
completely naked, I tiptoed across the hall in the
darkness and looked into the room. Sue was on the bed
facing the door, her legs drawn up and apart and a
hairless boy-arse was facing me, his head buried
between her legs, slurping noisily at her cunt as she
whimpered and held his head in place. My cock was stiff
as fuck. The full 7 inches curved upwards and was
almost painful with its hardness. I had no idea how
much I would get to play with this lad but I so wanted
to. His balls were visible between his legs, dangling
in their sacs. His cock, I assumed was upright and out
of sight from this angle. I so wanted to watch more
before joining.

Simon climbed up the bed, kissing Sue as he went. He
may have looked like a virgin but he wasn't acting like
one. He spent some time on her nipples and moved to
kiss her with an urgency that suggested he was going to
run out of air and die on the spot. His breathing was
heavy and his hands were everywhere. Sue gripped him
and flipped him on to his back and at last I saw his
cock. If mine was hard, his was a rod of iron. It was
about 8 inches long but very thin compared to mine. He
had quite tight skin but it peeled back at the top. It
was very fair and the colour of the rest of him. His
hairs were quite fair and his balls looked quite red
compared to his body. He flopped back and Sue dived
straight on top. She slithered down the bed, with her
arse now facing me, and enveloped his cock in her

"Oh my God, that's amazing," he said. "I love being

"Don't dare cum yet," she said, "I've enough energy for
you, and Steve if he comes in."

"Eh, is he going to, eh, join us?" he said

"Depends if he's still awake, but would it bother you?"

"Dunno � don't think so. It would be kind of kinky I
suppose," he replied.

My cue!

"What a fantastic sight," I said as I walked in, my
cock 7 inches ahead of me.

I saw Simon's head angle sideways to see what I was
doing, then he zoomed in on my cock. I assume he had
never seen another erect cock in his life. What Simon
had in length, I had in width and he hardly took his
eyes off it as I stood at the side of the bed. I so
wanted to stick my cock in his mouth but thought better
of it.

I started to lick Sue as she sucked him, my tongue
entering her moist cunt, its lips peeled back to aid
entry. I took it in turns to lick cunt then arse and
she loved it. Of course licking his saliva helped
enormously too. She slid up the bed and planted her
open slit on his mouth, covering him with her thighs as
she did so.

Sue then slid back down lay directly on top of Simon
and let his cock slide between her legs. About 1.5
inches stuck out from between her buttocks. I leapt
over and started to kiss her buttocks and then let my
tongue stray on to his cock head. If he was aware, he
wasn't letting on to me. Whether he thought the
sensation was the work of Sue's thighs or not, I don't
know. The precum dribbled out of the tip and I licked
every drop.

Sue then rolled Simon on to his face and started to
kiss his body. He was covered in goose bumps as she did
this, but when she started to rim him he reached
another planet. His bum arched upwards to give her
better access so she put her hands between his legs and
gripped his cock, stroking it softly as she buried her
tongue in his arse.

He was moaning as loudly as having his face buried in
the pillow would allow. I moved over and as Sue pulled
back slightly, I replaced her. There is something about
a young man's virgin rosebud that tastes so wonderful.
The skin texture is soft and slightly sweet and Sue's
saliva made entry very easy. Once more, I don't know
her he knew the switch had happened.

"Simon, you're going to fuck me," she commanded.

She rolled him on his back and took a condom from the
drawer, opening the pack and placing it in her mouth.
She had this technique of rolling it on with her mouth
which only worked so far with my thick cock, but
enabled her to roll it all the way down Simon's long
thin pencil.

"Fuck me but don't cum yet Simon," she told him.

She lay on her back and Simon climbed on to her in the
missionary position. He fumbled a bit for entry so I
put my hand between his legs and said, "Let me help."

He looked startled as I gripped his wonderful teen cock
and aimed it into Sue's waiting sex. He slid in without
stopping so I had to quickly withdraw my hand as he
started to pummel her. His fucking was quite frantic
but as he did so, I kept telling him how much it
excited me to see his hard cock fill my girlfriend. He
slowed, I assume to stop cumming, and this gave me an
opportunity to start rimming him.

"I just want to see what Sue was raving about a few
minutes ago," I said just as my tongue slid into his

Again, a startled look but he then just pushed into my
face, and worked back and forth from fucking to being

"I have to stop or I'm going to blow. Does your
boyfriend want to fuck you?" said this little sweetie.

Sue lay as Simon climbed off. I lay flat as Sue climbed
on top of me, with her back to me and started to sit on
my cock. As Sue and I were regulars I had the pleasure
of fucking bareback. I was surprised when I felt firm
fingers grip my cock and realised that Simon was
holding my cock as I entered Sue. I also felt his other
hand cup my balls. Obviously he didn't want the
opportunity to touch another guy's cock and balls pass
him by. One thing is for sure, his touch was like an
electric shock through me and the ensuing blood rush
made Sue gasp as she lowered on to my thicker cock.

As Sue rode, Simon kissed her and I thrust upwards to
meet her downward push. Sue was in heaven. I may have
talked about my pleasure as the presence of this virgin
bisexual, but to Sue, it was all she ever talked about.
She loved the attention of two guys and for some
reason, got even more excited when they handled each
other in front of her, a fantasy I was happy to help
with. The following 10 minutes went past in a blur with
all my sensations focussed on my cock while Simon used
his expert tongue to great use on Sue. At one point he
even managed to lower himself to the point of entry and
I briefly felt his tongue against my cock under the
pretext of licking Sue's clitoris.

This was good and I wasn't going to last much longer. I
had to get my hands on him more positively so I
encouraged Sue to climb off just after her second
climax. Simon collapsed back on to the bed, his cock,
still covered in a rubber, defying gravity in its
upward erection. I leaned over quickly.

"You want to give me a hand Sue?" I said as my mouth
engulfed his cock and my hand gripped his shaft firmly.

"Oh my God," was all he said.

I wasn't sure if it was shock at being sucked by a guy
or pleasure at the sensation of my expert lips on his
cock but he did nothing to stop me and Sue made no
effort to join me either. I ripped the condom off and
went back to sucking while gently pulling his foreskin

"Oh Christ!"

Now I knew it was pleasure. Sue silenced his mouth my
kissing him deeply. One hand reached for her tits his
other gently fingered her and I gently stroked my own
cock as I sucked. I felt the end was nigh.

He erupted into my mouth, I think trying to warn me
while Sue smothered his lips as I heard a grunt. The
fluid was wonderfully thin and copious. Some was
swallowed and some leaked out and ran down his cock. My
own cock emptied over his balls in similar volume
though, I must say, of thicker content. Sue managed to
coordinate a little climax of her own as Simon had
continued his fingering of her cunt.

The ensuing silence was broken by Simon suddenly
inhaling, as though he hadn't breathed for around 5
minutes. "Fuck and I can't even tell my mates about
this, at least not all of it," he said nodding in the
direction of my dwindling cock.

Simon satisfied Sue and I for a good few months. We
managed to push his bisexuality a little further but
really not much. Sue started to get twitchy again!

I knew when Sue was twitchy as she started looking at
guys in the street and imagining what she, and I, could
do with them. She could be quite embarrassing with her
smiling and staring, especially at a promising crotch.

"The bar thing worked once, it's bound to work again. I
have a new bar in mind," she said.

Why did I have those butterflies again?

When I saw the Rose and Crown, my heart stopped
beating. There was a major shopping centre being built
nearby and this traditional pub was where most of the
guys working on the site were drinking. It wasn't a
rough pub as such but it certainly wasn't a woman's pub
either. It was the sort of place where guys went to be
guys. There was a games room with darts and snooker, a
great big gantry bar but it was the sort of place where
you wouldn't complain if the white wine wasn't chilled

"Oh come on Sue," I bleated as we stood outside,
thankfully plainly dressed (i.e. jeans and t-shirt), I
still thought she looked provocative.

"I had a drink in here on the way back from Lucy's the
other night and the guys were really friendly." Lucy
was a friend of Sue's. She continued, "You had a really
young little guy the last time and now I want a man,
don't you?"

She was inside before I could say anything. We had been
quietly drinking for around 15 minutes when 2 guys came
up to us and stood for a few seconds before one of then
looked and said, "Sue?"

"Hi Jake, hi Sam," said Sue and looking at me she
continued, "These are the guys who were so kind to me
the other night when I got lost."

We did the formalities.

Sam really was a striking guy. He was around 6 feet
tall, well built without a trace of fat and probably
only about 27 or 28. The most striking thing, apart
from his glistening white teeth was his wonderfully
blue black skin. I assumed he was of Caribbean origin
though his accent was pure British. Jake was more of
your traditional Londoner. Again he was over 6 feet and
well built. A little heavier than Sam but he had a well
trimmed beard (more a stubble) and a shaven head with
just enough hair to suggest the image was to defend his
encroaching baldness. He looked to be around 32 or so.

"And this is your boyfriend," Jake continued. It was a
statement rather than a question.

"This is the guy," said Sue, as though continuing a
conversation started some prior time.

"I see," he said, drifting into silence.

I must have looked a complete pillock as I looked back
and forth to Sue and the guys but the conversation
changed back to their work, our work etc. We drank
quite happily and much as these guys looked like
workmen, they were also squeaky clean and well turned

I ended up speaking with Sam who told me that he and
Jake had been good friends since he had joined their
present company, 2 projects ago. He had experienced a
lot of racist taunt and Jake had not only stood up for
him but had become a great friend. Now they tended to
do everything together. It was a heart warming story
except Sam repeated "everything."

"How about a taxi, a pizza, a few beers and your
place?" said Jake.

"Thought you would never suggest it," said Sue as we
whisked out of the door and did just that.

I couldn't believe this would head for sex as nothing
suggestive had been said at all and even back at the
flat we munched the pizzas and popped the beers.

"So Sue tells me you haven't been up to speed
recently," said Jake suddenly, looking at me.

"Uh?" said I.

"Well some guys," continued Jake," can become pussyboys
and, like their women, need taken in hand. Sam and I
are here to help � Pussybusters � that's us."

Sue laughed as Jake lifted her and kissed her fully on
the lips, his hand slipped straight up her t-shirt and
he fondled her loose breasts. Sam quickly slipped over
and sat beside her, his hand on her other breast.

"You can strip and watch," said Jake to me.

Since I seemed to be superfluous to the action, I
followed his advice and stripped to sit on the chair
opposite and stroke my cock.

Sam slowly stripped Sue while Jake stripped himself. He
pulled off his boxers to reveal a substantial cock,
about 6.5 inches long but nicely thick and uncut. It
curved upwards and outwards from his body with the
urgent need of release normally associated with an
early teen rather than an adult.

When Sam stripped, he pulled off his white Jockeys and
I was pleased so see that his cock did nothing to
shatter the illusion that black guys are well endowed
(even I know that not all are, but this one was). Sam
had about 8 inches but his girth made it really
impressive. I figured it was as wide as my forearm and
I couldn't wait to see him in action.

The two guys certainly kept Sue happy. They licked her
out (in turn) stuck alternate cocks in her mouth and
Jake even straddled her face with his arse. Sue obliged
as Sue would, by rimming him! The sight of this hunk of
a hairy guy, stark naked, his cock curved upwards and
his face towards me having Sue's tongue up his arse
really got me going.

Sue was no shrinking violet so most forms of sex and
took great delight in giving guys what no other woman
would. Jake stroked his cock gently as he pushed his
buttock into Sue's face. Sam stood idly by stroking his
big, black meat and I sat watching, quietly wondering
if I would get a chance to get my hands on either guy.
They showed no signs whatsoever of being remotely
interested in me.

Sue leaned forward to suck on Sam's wonderful cock. She
slid his foreskin back making sure I saw every
movement. She ran her tongue around his cock head and
swallowed as much as she could manage. Jake, keen to
get started had slipped on a condom and, as Sue bent
over, entered her cunt from the rear. She gasped as he
slid into her and, as she faced me, her tight little
tits swung downwards. She squealed more in pleasure
than pain, the black cock meat stifling most of her

"You like seeing your little tart being fucked by a
man, pussyboy?" Jake said between thrusts.

I nodded in a slightly embarrassed way as I stroked and

He held her shoulders as he forced his cock hard into

"We're both going to cover her in cum when we finish
and leave you to mop her up any way you can," he said,
obviously struggling to find what would turn us on.

I still nodded.

"Come one Jake, let me give her a real big man cock,"
said Sam, pulling his cock from her mouth and walking
around to the rear of Sue.

"Oh yes," said Sue, "we both want to see what a real
man cock is like."

Sam rolled Sue on to her back and opened her legs. I
was extremely excited at the view of her gaping cunt,
glistening with juices and slightly red against the
rest of her skin. Her pubic bush was neatly trimmed
around it and her vaginal entrance looked like a large
soft mouth waiting for something really tasty. She was
very, very wet.

Sam looked at me and said, "Come on pussyboy, get in
close and watch as I fuck your woman. I want you to see
and smell, hear and smell me fuck her!"

I walked over. Sue lay at the edge of the bed, her legs
up in the air in a "V" as Sam's cock, almost struggling
to stand erect with its size versus weight ratio,
aiming towards her cunt. He was no animal though. He
gently teased her entrance with Sue gasping every time
she thought he was going to enter her.

He eased the head in, and pulled it back. Her wet
juices glistened on the extremely stretched rubber.
Soon he had managed to get in enough to fuck and
started a gentle thrusting. Sue's whimpers of pleasure
suggested she was in a happy place with a long black
cock in her cunt. When he started a real stroking he
brought her faster to orgasm than I had every managed.

By this time, I was below the action, my head under the
edge of the bed looking up at the fucking. His cock was
inches from my face, and, though not sure of the
outcome, I lifted my head up and licked the latex clad
dick as it fucked and then held my tongue there are he
went in and out. I gently handled his balls and pulled
them back slightly from the hammering they were taking
against Sue. They were hot and leathery. Then I moved
my hand to grip the base of his cock as he fucked. It
was brick hard.

From somewhere outside my enclosed environment, I heard
Jake say, "So you want to suck some cock too,

My arm was gripped and I was whirled around, in a
kneeling position to face Jake's very hard cock.

"Suck it," he commanded.

The cock was in my face, pre-cum trailing from its
head, a thick pubic bush and balls sagging low beneath.
He thrust it towards me and I accepted it. I didn't
take long to get into my stride and soon he was holding
my ears and fucking my face.

"You are the best sucker I have ever had," said Jake.
"Jeezus that's good!"

I looked over at Sue, just close to me on the bed, her
face flushed and the black cock hammering into her and
felt a rush of excitement as though I was on drugs. In
that split moment, my mouth filled with warm fluid. At
first I thought I was bleeding but the slightly salty
taste which I remembered from my previous encounter,
filled my mouth and jolted my memory. I had to swallow,
I had no choice. I tried to pull back but the fluid was
pumping into me and trickling down the side of my lips.
Jake's howl was like a wolf on heat.

"That was better than any cunt," he said as his cock
plopped out of my mouth and I coughed the little sperm
left out on to the carpet.

Sue's next orgasm seemed to coincide with Sam's. I
quickly shot across, gripping his balls and licking his
cock base as I felt the pumping action of his cum
firing into Sue even though it was contained in its
rubber sac. When he slid out, I was still below and the
heavy cock thumped on to my face as I wanked furiously.

In one action, Sam slid off the condom and emptied it
over my face. I erupted. I tried to cover the jettison
of cum with my other hand but it just sprayed sideways
in two directions, covering both my kneeling legs. I
completely keeled over and felt as though I passed out
for a few seconds.

When I next took stock of my environment, Jake was half
dressed and Sam was standing in his Jockeys, his semi-
hard wet cock poking out of the fly and still dripping
cum. These guys were no romantics! They were gone
inside 10 minutes, Jake's cell phone number in Sue's

It took me only 15 minutes to recover enough to give
Sue the ride of my lifetime, though perhaps not hers!

We had gone from a simple, accidental threesome, to
being predators on some young drunk, to being on the
receiving end of 2 "thug-types," and all within a short
space of time. In no way was Sue finished with this
journey. Her fertile imagination kept working on even
more encounters from then until the present day!

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