My GF caught me looking at gay porn

I recently wrote about my first cocksucking experience but the act of writing it down triggered a memory I had suppressed for a long time, I did have one previous encounter…..
This was actually my first time sucking a cock……
I was a young student just 18. I was living in shared rooms. There were 4 of us. 2 guys I got on with pretty well, the other Andy, was a bit weird. He was a pain to be around, always making inappropriate comments talking about sex, often strutting around naked and making everyone uncomfortable, and I did as much as I could to avoid him.
The only benefit of sharing a room with him was he had a great collection of porn! The usual nude girl mags but also more graphic stuff from Netherlands and Sweden.
It was a Saturday morning, I knew 2 of the guys had gone into town, and Andy had also said he was off out soon. Having to share with 3 other guys meant that masturbation was a fairly furtive thing so finding a time when the rooms were unoccupied was a great chance to “unwind””.
Trying to be as casual as I could I went into his room. He was just going for a shower dressed only in his underwear (as usual)
“Can I borrow some of your new magazines?” I said
“Yeah sure” He replied
“”going to have a crafty tug while we are all out eh?”
Blushing furiously I stuttered some denial but sat on the edge of his bed and started to sort through the impressive pile of magazines. I was only wearing my PJ bottoms as I had just got out of bed.
Andy grabbed his towel and wandered off to the showers…….
I sat working my way through his selection when I came across some Swedish stuff. It showed 2 guys and a woman in fairly graphic detail having a threesome. She was taking a cock in her mouth and the other guy was eating her pussy. This was pretty raunchy stuff back then and I had not really seen anything like that, especially so well shot in color. My cock started to grow in my PJ’s as I turned page after page, gradually the scene of their sex act changed and there on a page was a picture of one of the guys now sucking the other ones cock!!!
My cock went from semi erect to full grown as I took all this in, I had sometimes fantasized about sucking cock, wondering what it would be like to pleasure a man and swallow cum. I had of course masturbated and tried to suck my own cock and had shot off into my mouth, it was sexually exciting but frustrating at the same time. I had also got intimate with several girls but that had so far only resulted in a couple of hand jobs but I had never see anything like this, the picture in front of me had me pretty engrossed!

Just then Andy came back into the room wet from the shower and clad only in his towel wrapped around his waist “Ha, you found the good stuff eh?” He said. Too late I realised the page I was looking at I tried to turn it over quickly but he had stepped closer and grabbed it from my hands
“My my” he said "look at what you were staring at".
He glanced down at my PJ bottoms and saw my all too obvious erection poking at the material. I looked down following his gaze. To my horror my cock was now fully tented in my PJ’s, causing the opening in the flies to show most of my erect 6 inch cock and balls
“Looks like somebody likes a little cock action”
I tried to protest but he just laughed “wait till I tell the guys what I found you doing.”
“I wasn’t doing anything” I said “I was had just turned the page I didn’t know what was in there!!”
“Ha sure and your cock just sprang up on its own” He said “I bet you wish it was you sucking on that guy”

As he was talking I saw he had dropped his towel. He was standing quite close to me and was now totally nude. His body was quite smooth and he was trim with little hair anywhere. His cock was jutting out, not semi erect or anything but not quite flaccid. It was about 5 inches long and he was uncut but his foreskin showed the crown of his cockhead he had a nice looking ballsack with not too much hair around it as well.
As he stood he was flicking the pages of the magazine. “You ever do anything like this?” He asked casually, seemingly unaware of his proximity and nakedness. As I started to phrase some sort of denial, I noticed his cock was beginning to grow and lengthen, thickening slightly and raising out in front of him. “I err, No I mean I have never….”
He ignored me but very casually stroked his cock making it rise further and harden, he pulled his foreskin back to expose his mushroom shaped cockhead..
“They look even better in real life don’t they faggot?”
I couldn’t believe what he was doing!! He was about a foot away from my face as I sat there on the edge of his bed. I was very aware of my own nearly exposed cock throbbing in its slender strip of prison. I had never seen another guys cock in a state of arousal like this. It was so sexy and erotic, my heart was pounding as I watched him slowly wank his cock almost in my face.
Effecting to notice my gaze on him he stopped his stroking, pulling the foreskin fully back so his cock was now fully exposed and hard in his hand. He pointed it towards me
“Do you like it?” He said
I gazed in a sort of trance at this beautiful 7 inch cock merely inches from my face the glans exposed and the head a deep red from the rush of blood. His slit was slightly gaping as he held it there for my inspection
“You can touch it if you want” “Go on it wont bite”
Without thinking I reached out and slowly ran my fingertips down his shaft, from just below his cockhead to his balls. He inhaled sharply and his cock twitched.
“Mmmmm that feels good, you have a nice touch.”
He took a step towards me so that his aroused hard cock was right in front of my face.
“Go on stroke it a little more you know what you want don’t you faggot”
I was in some sort of sexual daze, I slowly ran my hand up and down his cock again, grasping it this time and working his foreskin up and down so that his smooth cock head was hidden for a moment before I drew down the shaft to make it bulge slightly. It felt amazing hot and soft and hard all at the same time there was a clean shower scent coming off his body as I involuntarily leaned forward slightly to inhale. I cupped his balls with my other hand and gently rubbed them as I wanked his cock.
“ Mm mm yes rub my balls, in fact I want you to kiss them, GO ON kiss my balls you little slut”
“Look Andy” I started to protest
It’s too late for protest cock-lover, anyone else would have run a mile but look at you, just can’t get enough can you? Now kiss my balls and lick them!!!”
Rather than put me off his harsh words and total control of the moment just made me more willing to do his bidding. Holding his cockshaft in my hand I leant forward and planted a gentle kiss onto his ballsack. He stepped in so his balls were pressing into my face, the smell of his arousal broke through the fresh clean smell making my head swim and taking away my last shreds of resistance.
“Oh yes, just like that, now lick them till I tell you to stop!!”
I bent and licked the soft flesh, sucking each one into my mouth and gently massaging them with my tongue, I licked further underneath between his balls and his asshole, making him gasp and grind into my eager teasing tongue.
“Fuck yes!! That’s it”
As I continued my slow exploration, a beads of precum leaked from his slit onto my fingers. Without conscious thought I broke off from my worship, took my hand off his penis and brought my precum covered fingers to my mouth. I looked up into his eyes as he stared lustfully at me and then I licked the precum off my fingers sticking my tongue out slowly as I tasted his nectar.
He smiled slowly down at me “ I knew I was right about you.”
“Well go on, ask” He said
“Ask what?” I said in a whisper
Ask me for what you want” He replied “GO ON, say it”
“Please can I suck your cock?” I couldn’t believe the words came out of my mouth!!!
“And swallow your cum”
He smiled at me, “There that wasn’t so hard was it?”
He turned and walked to the door and locked it
“Get those bottoms off, I want to see you naked in front of me as you suck my cock”
I slid my PJ’s over my erection and sat naked on the edge of his bed, waiting for him. He walked back towards me, his fully erect cock swaying slightly, a bead of precum dripping from his slit, a look of pure triumph on his face.
He stopped right in front of me, his dripping cock brushing my face.
“There’s a good boy” now be a good little cocksucker and earn your reward”
I grasped the base of his cock and adjusted my head and his hot hard cock until it was level with my mouth. Slowly I poked out my tongue and licked his cockhead. His cock jumped slightly and he gasped as I repeated my movements licking all around the crown and slit of his sexy blood suffused head. I teased his slit probing it with my tongue, tasting a even more precum as it started to ooze and lubricate his erection. Then I leant forward and drew his cock in, wrapping my lips around his shaft as I moistly sucked him into my willing mouth. My hand was stroking the lower end of his shaft and I brought my other up to cup and fondle his balls. Lapping round his cockhead with my tongue as I held him in my mouth, I started to bob back and forth working my lips a little further down the shaft each time, to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could before his head hit the back of my throat, causing me to back off.
I heard myself making sucking slurping noises and was aware I was moaning with little sounds of excitement as I was sucking him. My own cock was straining at full erection, leaking precum onto my thighs. Andy brought his hands up to hold the sides of my head.
“Oh god yes suck my cock that is so good”
I took this as a cue to work harder to pleasure him. I licked and sucked as he started to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth in slow but regular motion, the friction and suction of my mouth bringing him closer to ejaculation.

“OH yes” He cried “yes, I’m cumming “ His breathing was ragged and he was panting as he suddenly pushed his cock as deep into my mouth as he could and arched his back.

I felt his cock in my mouth spurt out and shoot his cum. It hit the back of my throat causing me to gag and tear up slightly but by now I was so excited to receive this discharge, too busy swallowing and tasting it to care. His cum flooded me as he pumped what felt like a pint of his cream into my eagerly sucking mouth. It ran down my chin and dripped onto my own cock as he held himself clenched and let his orgasm jet out. I was intoxicated by the taste and feel of his sperm in my mouth knowing that my oral worship had brought him to orgasm and loving the fact I was swallowing cum like the dirtiest slut in those girly mag stories. At that moment I was totally in his control!!!
He held my head still as his cock finished its eruption then slowly sighed in satisfaction as he eased it back from my lips His still hard cock was sticky with cum and my saliva. I gazed at it in awe as I licked my lips and swallowed the last mouthful of creamy load.
He smiled and offered his head for me to lick the dribble of cum still oozing from his cocks slit. Neither of us spoke or moved for a moment, then he looked down at my own leaking straining erection said “Why don’t you lie back and take care of that?”
I needed no further prompting, but lay back and began to rub my own engorged cock bringing myself close to release Andy stood over me rubbing his glistening semi erect cock he lifted my legs and I realised what he wanted. He pushed my legs right over my head and pointed my bursting cock at my mouth
“That’s it faggot take your load”
As I continued to stroke he pushed a slick finger deep into my asshole I gasped in sexual surprise and came, shooting ropes of cum onto my face and into my mouth, Andy released my legs and scooped the cum off my face, feeding it into my mouth. I sucked and licked and swallowed my own cum as my dizzying orgasm subsided.

I lay back slowly coming round to the realisation of what had just happened, the taste of my cum and his mingling in my mouth. Andy was standing there looking down at me his cock ready and hard again….
“Well” He said “Looks like I have a little cumslut to take care of my needs this semester.”
Andy left the college quite soon after but not before he made me carry out further sex acts on him…. I blocked these memories out until writing about my recent sex contact brought it all back.

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