The fuck stop

Tim Cremers meets up with Chris Moreels just out of town close to the
woods. The scent of trees and daylight blend together. The cop is not happy
with this meet up, especially since Chris got the upper hand.

"What do you want from me?" Tim sneers after getting ordered through a
message to meet up with Chris. He is greeted with an evil smile.

"Ah ah... don't put such a tone towards me. You do what I want or I will
let everyone know that you and your wife have worked for me for a lot of
money." Chris bickers. "How will you explain that to your colleagues?" A
sigh escapes his mouth, "Not to forget about what I know about Joren."

Tim only balds his fists and looks down. Frustration is building up every
second he is standing in front of Chris.

"I have a test for you to show me you will do everything that I want you to
do." Chris explains.

Tim looks up at Chris. He lifts his eyebrow. "What kind of test?"

"You're going to check who drives the fastest and put that person aside."

"That's what I usually do." Tim says, not understanding what that test can

"I'm not done yet." Chris continued. "You put that person aside and you let
that person believe they can have sex with you to work that speed ticket
away." Chris says.

Tim's eyes widened. "What!? No way man!" Tim says. He tightens his clenched
fists, ready to throw a punch on Chris.

"Do I need to tell your colleagues what I know about you?" Chris threatens.

Tim realizes he's under Chris' control to do what Chris wants. His fists
relaxes, but his entire body is tensed.

Chris notices Tim realizes he has no other choice. "That's better. Now get
at the side of the road and wait for the first man that passes by." Chris

Tim walks to the road and waits. He trembles at the thought of agreeing to
this. It takes a while before a car comes. Chris waits from the bushes to
watch. Then a car arrives, by the silhouette it's obvious that it's a man
in the car and he's alone. Tim makes the car stop. He's nervous and takes a
deep breath before he walks over to the car.

The window of the car lowers down. Tim looks inside into the car and is
surprised to it's Bob Sleeckx.

"Bob!" Tim says shocked and then looks at the bushes to Chris.

Chris nods to Tim to proceed with what he wants. Tim feels like there is a
stone on his stomach.

"Tim, what is wrong?" Bob asks.

Tim looks at Bob. "Did you know you were driving too fast?" His voice was

Bob is surprised. "No, I didn't know that."

"Well uhm..." Tim starts, but hesitates. He looks towards the bushes.

"Tim?" Bob asks.

Tim looks back at Bob.

"You can pay off that ticket." Tim suddenly blurts out.

"What! How?" Bob questions.

Tim can't believe he's about to do this, but he suddenly says
something. "Bob, I need you to open the door."

Bob is not sure about the ordeal is, but he unlocks the door. The door was
quickly pulled and Tim suddenly goes in. "Tim, what are you doing?" Bob
asked in horror.

Tim loses Bob's seatbelt and puts the car seat of Bob further back. Bob
freezes. He is surprised at what Tim is doing. Tim gets himself on Bob's
lap. Bob and Tim look into each other's eyes. They are quiet for a
moment. Tim then leans forward and kisses with Bob. Bob is frozen while Tim
kisses him. The kiss wasn't half bad. Then, to Tim's surprise, Bob starts
to kiss back. Bob takes control of the kissing and wraps his arms around
Tim. Outside in the bushes, Chris watches how Tim is fully being taken by
the man. He grins that this is happening. Inside the car, both men kiss
passionately. To Tim's surprise Bob makes the car seat lower down to
laying motion. Bob break off the kiss and looks at Tim.

"I don't know why, but I want you." Bob confesses.

Tim can't believe this is happening. Without interrupting the kiss, Bob
starts to unzip Tim's jacket. Tim in his return starts to unbutton Bob's
shirt. Bob removes the jacket from Tim and then wants Tim's sweater
off. Bob feels annoyed at how much clothing Tim is wearing. Tim gets the
sweater over his head and throws it at the back seat. Bob looks at Tim now
wearing only a tank top. Tim is skinny, but some parts have tones of
muscles. Tim opens Bob's shirt and is surprised to see a full furry chest
on Bob. It looks so alluring. Bob is clearly more masculine than Tim. His
pecs nicely formed.

From the bushes, Chris grabs his phone. He wants more leverage over Tim to
be sure he keeps the sexy cop under his control. He hits record when he
finds a good angle.

Bob's shirt is hanging open and Tim looks at that hairy chest. To Tim's
surprise Bob grabs his hand and rubs it over that furry chest.

"Kiss me." Bob instructs. His hot breath resonates with Tim. Tim feels like
melting through Bob's touch and words.

Tim leans forward and starts kissing Bob. Meanwhile outside, Chris steps
closer to the car to get a better look and to film the hot action in the

Bob has no clue someone is there and Tim has forgotten about Chris. Tim is
too focused on how good the intimacy is between him and Bob. Chris films
how Tim kisses Bob.

Bob reaches his hands out to get that tank top off of Tim. Tim gets
shirtless. Bob looks at that ripped body of Tim. Tim looks at Bob and then
eyes snaking below the belt, watching how Bob's hand rubs over his stomach
onto his chest.

"You're such a hot man." Bob confesses.

Bob then reaches for Tim's belt and starts to unbuckle it. Tim freezes
up. He realizes the action is now going to be more intense.

Bob unzips Tim's pants and in a clumsy way Tim tries to get his pants off,
laying his bare chest on top of Bob's hairy chest. Tim's smooth chest rubs
against Bob's furry chest. Something inside the two men excites how Tim
tries to get his pants off and rubs his chest against Bob's chest.

"Try to lower my pants as well." Bob suggests while unbuckling his belt and
then unzipping it.

Again, in a clumsy but erotic way, Tim's body rubs against Bob's body when
Tim tries to lower Bob's pants. That hairy chest trickles on the smooth
one. Outside, Chris loves the show he's seeing happening in the car. Tim
manages to pull Bob's pants down; he looks at Bob who gets him back in a
kiss. Bob kisses Tim passionately. Tim lays on Bob's hairy chest, feeling
the soft fur rubbing against his smooth body. Bob runs his hands over Tim's
body and then surprises Tim by rubbing his crotch. Tim jumps a little up by
surprise that Bob is rubbing his dick.

"You're hot and I'm gonna love fucking my ticket away on you." Bob

Tim can't believe he's willing to let this happen and all because of that
horrible Chris making him do this. Tim then jumps up, feeling Bob has
reached his hand in his underwear and is now holding his dick. Bob starts
stroking Tim's dick while Tim releases some moans out of his mouth. The
moans echo through the car. Chris can here it loudly like a clear speaker
is set. Tim's body keeps rubbing against Bob's hairy mascular body. The
movement of Tim going up and down is being felt at Bob's dick as well. It
makes him hard.

"Mmm Tim... drop that underwear and take mine off as well." Bob says out
loud through moaning.

From the dead angle of the car, Chris keeps filming Tim and Bob without
them knowing it. Tim maneuvers himself to get his underwear down and then
tries to get Bob's underwear down. With all that movement, his upper body
rubs against Bob's furry chest. All those moves excite Bob more and
more. His dick gets rock hard and that is what Tim feels between his
legs. That big hard rod.

"I want you to lower yourself on my dick." Bob instructs. Somehow, as
gentle as that sounds, there is still a commanding presence into it.

Tim looks in shock. Bob rubs his hand from Tim's shoulder to his neck and
pulls the cop towards him to kiss him. Tim doesn't know how it happened,
but suddenly he feels Bob's dick at his hole starting to press inside. He
moans inside Bob's mouth.

The waves of Tim's moaning are felt by Bob.

Bob's big dick gets deeper inside. Tim, who isn't used to such a thing,
clenches his ass.

"Try to relax or I might hurt you." Bob says and rubs his hands over Tim's
back to make the sexy cop relax.

Tim's hole relaxes a bit and every inch Bob gets to go further in he takes
till his whole dick is completely lodged inside that tight hole. Tears
formed inside Tim's eyes and he looked at Bob.

"Come on sexy, that cannot have been that bad."

Tim wanted to retaliate, but somehow he kept it to himself. He feels taken
by Bob. He wants to get off and presses his hand to Bob's shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Bob asks, wondering. "I thought you wanted me to fuck you."

Tim realizes again why he is doing this. "Yea-yeah I-I do." He stutters.

"Then let me really take you." Bob says.

Tim lowers his hand from Bob's shoulder and feels Bob wrapping his
masculine arms around him. He realizes it now really starts. Just when Tim
thought that Bob started to move and thrust more up. Tim's ass now really
gets fucked by Bob. Bob looks up at Tim seeing the sexy cop moan by his

"You are a virgin aren't you?" Bob suddenly asks.

Tim is shocked and looks down.

"Don't you worry. I will take good care of you and give you your first best

Tim looks at Bob and somehow he feels safe with him. He's relieved that it
was Bob that stopped and not a random stranger.

"I just didn't know you wanted to have your ass deflowered so much that you
used your cop's role for it."

Tim, not knowing what to say to Bob, suddenly leans forward and kisses him
to distract the hairy hunk. Or maybe to distract himself from the pain. Bob
keeps thrusting up inside Tim. Tim and Bob moan loudly. Both men give a
lot of heat that the windows of the car get foggy.

"Damn!" Chris says seeing the windows get foggy from the steam that's
inside the car.

Tim's dick got rock hard from the fuck he's getting from Bob. Bob feels the
sexy cop up while they kiss. Tim, who is new to this, barely knows what to
do. He lets Bob lead it all. Bob notices Tim is searching his way to know
what to do.

"Just let it happen, stud. Let me fuck that ass of yours good."

Tim doesn't know why he does it, but he also starts to move up and down,
lowering his ass every time when Bob thrusts up, making the thrusts deeper
and harder. Both men are covered in sweat. Beads of sweat hanging in Bob's
furry chest hair. The 2 hot hunks are lost in the lust they are

Tim tenses up and his dick shoots his load without being touched. He's
shocked and impressed. Never felt such satisfaction. Bob keeps on thrusting
inside, while Tim still is at awe of cumming without touching. Then Bob
tenses up and his cums inside Tim. Bob cums so much that the cum leaks out
of Tim's ass. Tim and Bob look at each other. Both satisfied, but now
having an awkward silence. Bob's dick softens and plops out of Tim's ass.

"Please don't tell anyone about this." Tim begs Bob.

"No worries, sexy. Your secret's safe with me."

Tim maneuvers himself to the seat next to Bob and gets himself dressed.
Bob dresses up as well. A silence is in the car until both men are fully
clothed again.

"I think I will go now." Tim says.

Bob grabs Tim's arm. Tim turns to Bob confused looking at him.

"I really enjoyed this." Bob confesses.

Tim just nods yes. "Me too." Bob pulls Tim one more time in a kiss. After
the kiss, Tim hops out of the car. Bob drives off and while Tim sees the
car fading from his sight, he suddenly realizes Chris was supposed to be
there before he went into the car. He looks around, but notices Chris is
not around.

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