My own sissy

On the screen of my computer I am watching this middle – aged guy jerking his cock. He keeps telling me how beautiful I look. Of course I was telling him how big his cock is and how the only thing I want is to feel it inside me. Then I lean into my cam a little bit more and open my mouth and slide my tongue out. “Baby cum for me, fill my mouth, drown me with your cum. ” All of a sudden my screen goes hazy and I can’t see anything. I hear moans and grunts so I know I’m still connected. A moment later a finger comes and cleans the whole picture.

“Sorry honey, part of my load must have hit my cam. “Did you get to see any of it”? he asks.

“Yes dear I did” I lied. “Baby you flooded my mouth” as I lick my lips.

“Great” he says as I see him lick his finger.

He mutters thanks and then my screen went black

I’ve been working as a cam t – gurl now for about a year and most of the time it’s pretty boring.

Before work I have a routine I go through of showering, shaving everywhere and applying lotion. Then off to the make – up desk, where I start with the foundation and various creams, blushes and powders. I put a lot of attention on my eyes. Then, to select a wig, I have naturally long hair, but fixing it every night is such a drag, pardon the pun. Tonight, I think I will go blonde.

Tonight I’ve had a few customers, but it’s been slow. So many pings on my computer, but they are just guys trying to get a free shot. My camera is set so you just see my chest in a sexy outfit or bra and can see my arm pumping up and down. Every once and awhile, if I have a good hard on, I’ll stand up and jerk a bit, turn around, bend over and finger my ass. That’s when the pings go crazy. If I’m lucky, I get a guy that wants to take me private.

But after the last guy, I am debating turning off my cam. My set up is in my bedroom so I can act out on my bed. I normally have the curtains drawn, but for some reason, I’ve left them open. “Oh well, too late now” as I stand and walk over to close them. I look around at the apartment windows of my complex and don’t see anyone paying any attention. Good.

I turn off my cam and kick my heels off. I sit and roll my stockings off and unclasp my bra. Oh what a relief. I walk into my living room, pour a glass of wine and plop down on the couch completely naked except for the wig. Truthfully, I’ve forgotten that I have it on. I am massaging my toes and flipping through the channels on TV when my doorbell chimes.

Damn, it’s almost 1 am. I wonder who that can be, as I get up and go to the door. I keep a short robe by the door, just in case. As I put it on and tie the robe, I look through the peek hole.

There stands a fidgety young man in a t – shirt and jeans. Hmmm. This could be interesting. I open the door as far as the chain will allow.

“Yes” I ask.

I see his eyes dart up and down my body and settle on my crotch area. I know he can’t see anything and my cock is soft even though I haven’t cum tonight.

“Well, what is it you want” I asked a little annoyed.

As he stands there, his face turns a beet red and his hands dart into his pockets. Finally he speaks.

“I’ve ah, well I’ve ah, um…” he stammers, “I’ve ah seen you through your window a couple of times. ”

Oh great, a peeping tom.

“And, what is it you think you’ve seen?” I ask as I look him up and down. I do notice a bulge in his jeans as he shuffles around. I’m not frustrated, but it’s been awhile since I played with an actual cock.

He speaks again, “You see, I live with my sister across the court and I have watched you on your bed a couple of times. ”

“Oh, you have, have you?” I replied. “Did you see anything you liked?”

“Yes” he quickly blurts out.

“Hmmm, you look harmless enough. You want to come in?”

I close the door enough to take the chain off and swing the door wide open. I gesture with my hand for him to enter. He hesitantly steps around me and walks in. As he passes, I see that I stand about 3 to 4 inches taller than him. He also has a cute butt in those jeans.

“Have a seat on the couch. Do you want some wine?” I ask.

“Um, just some water, please” he croaks out.

I walk into the kitchen, swaying my hips more than normal. Filling a glass, I bring it back to the living room. If he were a cartoon, his eyes would have been bugging out. I bend and set the glass on the coffee table and turn and sit next to him. I allow the robe to slide up my legs, but not too far. I adjust the top of the robe a bit, just enough to be open, but yet not to show much.

“What’s your name, honey” I ask.

“Um, Peter, but most people just call me Pete. ”

“I’m Michelle. So, you live across the court with your sister, Pete?” I inquire. I always use men’s names as much as possible. It helps to calm them down.

“Yeah, we moved in about 6 months ago. My sister got a job here and I live with her. Our parents were killed in an accident, so we had to move, ” he went on.

“Oh dear, that’s tragic. What school do you go to? What’s your sister’s name, Pete?

“Her name is Pam. I don’t go to school. I graduated last June and was supposed to start college, but with the accident I just can’t get my head around studying right now. ” he answers and is calming down nicely. He continues, “I turned 19 in July and have considered joining the military. ” I can see his eyes looking at my legs.

His cock is now straining in his jeans. I place my hand on his knee. He jumps a bit as I ask, “You like looking at my legs, Pete?”

“Yes, they are beautiful. ” And it’s my turn to blush a little.

“That was sweet of you to say, Pete” as I move my hand up his thigh.

“I see somebody else likes my legs” I say running my hand over his bulge.

He quickly looks away. I ask, ” Do you want to show me, Pete?”

He jumps up so quickly that his knee bumps the coffee table, causing the glasses to rattle. He undoes his belt and slides down his jeans and boxers to mid thigh. There stands out a very nice 6 inch hard cock. I see wisps of blonde hair like a boy, but the cock of man. I motion with my finger for him to come closer. He does and his cock sways back and forth. Standing about a foot in from of me, I can smell the musky aroma coming from his cock.

I place one hand on the underside of his cock and run the other hand along the top, like stroking a pet.

“That’s a very handsome cock, Pete” as I pet it, looking up into his eyes.

He looks down at me with very bright eyes and sys, “Can you do something for me?”

“Sure honey” I answer expecting him to tell me to suck it.

Excitingly he asks, “Can you show me yours?

“Of course, honey, if that’s what you want. ” I stand up and let my robe drop. His eyes are riveted on my cock. It is just hanging flaccid and he could see my balls hanging behind it.

He looks up at me again and asks “Can I touch it?”

“Sure, go ahead” I coo at him.

He reaches down and lifts my cock up. His hands are soft and warm. I can feel him tremble through his finger tips. My cock starts to harden with his attention. I feel a tingle resonate through my body all the way down to my balls. I am excited with the prospect of having a first timer. My cock is now stand out its proud 8 inches and ballooned its thickness. I curl my fingers around his cock and slowly stroke him. I rub my thumb on its head and feel the slickness of his pre – cum.

Leaning my lips close to his ear, I whisper, “You can lick it if you want. ”

Startled out of his reverie, he jumps back, letting go of me and exclaims, “Oh no, I could never do that. ” His mouth is opened in shock.

“Well what is it that you want, Pete?”

“I was hoping that, you know, that you would suck me, ” he answered.

Looking into his eyes, still holding his cock, I tell him, “Honey, the sad fact is that I’m a working girl. I would expect payment for such services. Now if I was to get some relief for myself, we could forget about any money. ”

I am stroking his cock a little harder now and can see in his face that he likes it and wants to cum tonight and knowing his mind is conflicted.

“Well, what will it be, Pete? I ask.

He looks at his cock being stroked and then back at my smiling face; he stammers “I guess, um, that maybe, um, I could do that. This is, um, the first time, you know, that I have even touched one. ”

Dropping his cock, I kneel down and run my tongue around the head of his cock, savoring the taste. I look back at his face and see that his eyes are closed. Going back down, I tongue him some more and then slide my lips around the head. I feel his hands lightly touch my head, trying to pull me closer.

“Ahhhhh” he moans. I slide my mouth in, taking him in my mouth further until my nose hits his soft hair. I reach up and cup his balls. That earned me another moan.

I pump my face on him, letting my teeth gently graze his cock. He responds with very shallow pumping of his own and more moaning.

Suddenly, with a grunt, he starts spurting his cum in my mouth. I’m not surprised that he didn’t last longer, and I kept all his cum in my mouth. His cock wilts quickly and I let it slide out. I lean back, look up at him. I opened my mouth so he could see his cum. I push it with my tongue to the edge. His eyes are large again. I swirl his cum around in my mouth and then close my mouth. With a finger to my lips, I swallow. Licking my lips, I open my mouth to show it is empty.

I slide my butt back up on the couch. Taking my cock in my hand I begin to stroke it.

He’s standing there with his soft cock staring at mine. Sometime during the play I see he has lost his pants and they are lying on the floor. I see a drop of cum drip from his cock and smile.

Pointing a beckoning finger at him, I say “it’s your turn, honey. ”

He slowly kneels in front of me and I scoot my hips closer to the edge of the couch.

His hands again caress my cock. This time he reaches and cups my balls. He is stroking my cock up and down. My balls are tingling with anticipation. He leans his head in and opens his mouth. I have leaked a drop of pre – cum and it is sitting right on my slit. He sticks out his tongue and I can feel his hot breath.

I push a little further, waiting to feel his tongue, when he jumps up, screaming.

“I can’t, I just can’t put that in my mouth. Oh God, I can’t”

Alarmed and frustrated, and now the beginning of anger, I stare at him.

Standing, I grab his arm, “Look, we had a deal. If you can’t suck me, there is another way. ”

“Oh no, there is no way you’re going to fuck me. No way in hell. No. ” he yells at me.

I still have a grip on his arm as he tries to jerk it from me. He bends down to grab his pants and his wallet and phone falls out.

“Listen here buddy boy, then you owe me $200 for the blow job”, I snarl at him.

Still jerking his arm, he reaches to grab his wallet. As he does, I slap his ass quite hard.

“I think I will just have to fuck me a virgin ass, ” I say, but he slips out of my grasp.

He flings open his wallet to show me that it is empty. “What you gonna do now, bitch?”

I could easily overpower him and fuck him, and the idea of raping him is appealing, when another idea comes to mind. I bend and scoop up his phone. He tries to grab it and I backhand him and he falls to the couch. His bravado didn’t last long as tears form in his eyes and start sobbing.

“Gimme back my phone” he pleads.

“I don’t think so, you little shithead, ” as I thumb it on. Not even password protected. I scroll down his list of contacts. I find the name Pam and hit it. I turn the phone to face him, “How about we call your sister? Maybe she can pay me or better yet, maybe I can fuck her ass. ”

“Oh God no, no, no, no, please God no!” he sobs, “She doesn’t know anything about this. Oh, God no. ”

“Well, there is only three ways you’re going to get through that door” I say pointing

“One, pay me, which obviously, you can’t. Two, you suck my cock, which you say you can’t and three. I fuck that little virgin ass” I say as I tick off my fingers. “The choice is yours, you little fuck”

I stand over him as he continues to sob with his hands covering his face. I am beginning to wonder if this is all just an act. Slowly he begins to subside, hitching his throat. Just as slowly he drops his hands. It was no act. Tears have flooded down his face with some still pooled in his eyes. He is snuffling and snot has dripped down to his lip. Hitching his throat again, he sniffles, and his tongue comes out to scoop up the snot.

My anger is slipping away as I look at his face, 19 years old and yet still a little boy. But, my anger is not gone completely.

“Well?” I ask, crossing my arms across my chest.

By now, my cock is limp. And I need to piss from the wine earlier. I grab his pants from the floor and head to the bathroom.

Looking over my shoulder, I say, “You better give me your choice when I come back from pissing. ”

I don’t bother to close the door to the bathroom. I need to keep an eye on him. Reaching down, I flip up the lid and seat of the toilet.

Spreading my legs a bit, I hold my cock, aiming, and let the stream go. I lean my head back, sigh, as my piss is bubbling up the surface of the water. As I relax, my anger is also flowing out with my pee. Finishing, I shake it, open my eyes to reach some toilet paper to wipe and I see him standing there.

He is not saying anything. Instead he is just using his forefinger and thumb to squeeze the tip of his cock.

“You got to piss also?” I ask, looking at him.

He just nods and takes a small step forward. I motion for him to go ahead. He steps up to the bowl and looks at me.

I look down at his small cock and say, “Go ahead, I’m not going anywhere. ”

He looks down and points his cock. At first, it was just a couple of drops. Then as he relaxed his muscles the stream got stronger. Watching this, I got that tingly feeling again. I reach and take his cock in my hand. I direct the stream to bubble in the areas I had left open. I could feel his pee surging down the length of his cock. When he finished, I got a piece of toilet paper and dabbed him dry.

I flushed, dropped the lid and walked back to the living room. I plopped down on the couch as I watched him shuffle and sits down beside me. He put his hand on my knee and looked at my face.

With a quick sniffle, he said, “I’m sorry”. I looked at his dewy eyes, put my arm around him and drew him in.

My mind was in turmoil, I wanted to fuck that smooth ass, I felt a tad bit sorry for the kid, but I was half hard from watching and feeling him pee and I want to cum. Damn this is difficult.

While I sit and stare, his hand starts to rub my cock. He is watching it as it grows again. I rub his shoulder. His hand grasps the shaft and is stroking up and down. I sighed. He slowly bends and brings his face close. Without much hesitation he licks my pee hole. This sends a shudder through my body. I resist the urge to plunge it in his mouth. After he tongues the head and the under the head, I feel his lips wrap around it.

“ Ahhhhh, that’s nice” I mutter.

His hand picks up the pace, jacking the shaft with just the head of my cock in his mouth. I watch as the warmth of the coming orgasm builds. His eyes widen as the first spurts of my seed hit his mouth. Surprisingly, he holds it in his mouth, taking the entire load. He pulls his mouth off my cock as some dribbles down his chin. He looks up at me, grimaces and swallows. Endearingly, I pat his head. I turned and gave him his pants.

Slowly he slips his boxers and jeans on. Putting his wallet and phone back in his hip pockets, he looks at me silently. I stand up as he heads for the door.

Just before going out he says, “That wasn’t so bad. I think I will come back”. With that he disappears down the hall.

I closed and locked the door and leaning back on it, I say to no one, “I think I just got my own sissy. ”

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