Third Wheel Stops By - Cum on mouth

I had managed to avoid Nate since the threesome I had
with him and Kim a couple of weeks before. Although I
had fun, I just couldn't face him after the way the
night ended. I had only seen Kim in passing at work and
she seemed as embarrassed as I, by the events of that
night. Still, I was especially plagued by my memories
of that night and still couldn't believe that I had
actually sucked another guy's cock.

As a result, I had become quite the man-whore over the
last few weeks; essentially fucking any woman I could
find just to prove to myself that I wasn't gay. I had
managed to get six different women into bed over that
time but still couldn't get the image of being on my
knees licking and sucking Nate's huge dick out of my

One morning at the gym, as I was running on a
treadmill, I noticed Nate walk through the door. As he
made his way back to the free weights, our eyes met and
he just gave me the same cocky grin he had while I was
sucking his and Kim's juices off his cock. I quickly
looked in the other direction, still embarrassed over
what I had done. Still, I knew I had to get back into
my daily routine so I couldn't let him keep me from
doing my workout.

After finishing on the treadmill, I walked over to that
section of the gym and watched as Nate worked out. His
muscles shining already as pushed 75 lb dumbbells over
his head effortlessly. I tried to think about anything
else and do my own work but I kept catching myself
watching him as he worked. A couple of times, he caught
my gaze and just smiled but he didn't make any move to
talk to me which I was relieved by but also a little

Once I got home, I tried to lay down and relax but was
interrupted by the phone ringing. I didn't recognize
the number but picked up anyway and was surprised to
hear Nate on the other line. He said that he needed to
talk to me about something and asked if it was okay if
he stopped by. Even though I was alone and would have
felt better if my roommates were there, I told him it
was okay and he said he would be right over.

When Nate arrived, he asked if I was feeling okay and
that he was surprised that he hadn't heard from me over
the last couple of weeks. I just told him that
everything was fine and that things had been pretty
busy. He laughed and asked if something else might be
the problem and when I told him I didn't know what he
meant, he just told me to follow him into the side
bedroom. Even though I knew I should have just told him
to get the fuck out, I couldn't help myself and
followed him.

When we got into the room, he told me to shut the door
and I did as I was told. He just stared at me with a
cold expression as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out
his semi-hard cock. I just stared at it and he stroked
it and asked if "this is the problem."

I stammered something about being drunk that night and
that I had made a mistake. He looked at me with those
cold eyes, smirked and pointed to the floor. There was
no disguising what he wanted or the fact that he just
knew that I was going to do it.

As I walked over to him, I kept trying to tell myself
to stop, to kick him out, to tell him that I couldn't
be attracted to another man and to just leave. But none
of that registered as I got down on my knees in front
of him. His cock was probably about � hard now and so
big and magnificent, I couldn't help myself. I started
to slowly stroke it and admire its length when I heard
Nate's voice above me command "suck my cock Ryan�now."

I slowly took the huge head into my mouth as my lips
stretched along the shaft. Nate begin to work more of
the length in carefully and I could hear him start to
moan a little as I licked and sucked with my lips and
mouth while stroking the fat shaft with my hands.
Unlike the last time, I wasn't merely just cleaning his
cock. I was sucking it and Nate expected me to make it
good and make him cum.

As I continued to suck Nate's cock, his treatment of me
got progressively rougher. Nate's hands dug into my
hair as he guided his cock in and out of my mouth. He
even pulled it out a few times and slapped me with it,
telling to take my time and enjoy it.

His words got rougher too as he called me "slut" and
"cocksucker" and told me if I was good, he would come
back and really put that big cock to work. I couldn't
help myself as his words got me so worked up that I
continued to suck and stroke that cock, hoping to make
it cum.

After a little while, my jaw was sore and I didn't know
if I could go on but Nate continued to urge me and tell
me not to stop. Suddenly, he cried out that he was
going to cum and that I had better not waste a drop. As
Nate's hands dug into the back of my skull, I did
everything I could not to gag when I felt the first
shot of cum hit the back of my throat.

Above me, Nate cried out, "Yeah, swallow it all
cocksucker! Drink it down! Don't spill any!" As spurt
after spurt of his cum filled my mouth. I did my best
to swallow it all as I felt his hands loosening their
grip and his grunts turn to sighs. He then just said,
"Finish cleaning me off slut." I licked him clean.

Once Nate was satisfied, he just looked down on me and
said that he would be stopping by from that weekend for
more so I had better be ready. He then gave me that
cold smirk of his and headed for the door.

I was left on the floor with the same thought as two
weeks ago. Just what had I gotten myself into?

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