Caught By My Wife Having Gay Oral Sex

I visualized him in my masturbatory fantasies... and
even thought about him occasionally, when I was buried
deep in my wife. These were harmless musings that made
my orgasm stronger. He was ten years younger than me,
attractively fair, quite effeminate and charmingly gay.
We took kayaking classes together the month before I
ran into him at the neighborhood community center.

Inside the cafeteria, we gabbed about kayaking. I felt
awkward because I was certain he could feel my curious
homosexual fascination.

After coffee, he invited me into an empty, cozy room
where old folks play bridge Wednesday evenings. We sat
across from each other on matching leather sofas and
discussed nothing really; at least nothing on the
surface. Deeper, we were transmitting passionate
innuendo. It was about four in the afternoon that hot,
summer Sunday and I was due to pick-up my kid from day-
camp, but I lost all sense of time. I was consumed.

He'd lean forward to squeeze my knee whenever I said
something funny. He'd tilt back into the cushions,
laugh and spread his legs. He was so well groomed and
had a soft nature; not intimidating at all. I never
felt like this before. I was actually having an
erection over another guy!

He asked if I was gay. I'd never ever touched a naked
man but blurted, "I'm Bi." I really didn't know what I
was, at that point. I'd have said anything because I
wanted him.

The atmosphere became electric and my chest pounded. I
gazed unmistakably over his tight Levis. He pursed his
lips as I've seen women do often.

Without reserve, I put my hand in my pocket and
clutched my penis. He blew a kiss at me. I was trapped
in the game. I had to be alone with him.

I surveyed the room and hallway but found no place
isolated. I told him I lived down the road apiece, and
asked coyly if he'd come to my car in the underground.
A woman would feel this cheeky, but the guy stood in an
instant. We were both giddy and there were no
subtleties. It was pure male-sexuality. I beamed as we
walked away from the community center.

The underground's labyrinth was snug and private. If
anyone closed in on the car, we seemed to be people on
the go.

We built the mood again. I leaned over and touched his
face. I can't remember the last time I felt another
man's shaved beard. He reached for my fly and unzipped.
I helped him tug at my trousers. He closed his warm,
wet, mustached lips around my cock, and I stretched
out, stared through the car's roof, and got hard in his

Bingo! My wife's horrified face blazed through my side
window. I gasped. The fellow raised quickly. My pants
were around my knees. My sodden cock stood solid but
slackened quickly. She stomped off.

I was dumbfounded and flustered. I weighed running
after her but relaxed and uttered instead, "Finish me
off... Lover." I must have been insane. He grasped my
cock, floated down, and slurped enthusiastically --
until I convulsed and creamed between his delicate

He asked me to watch him jerk off, so I cupped his
balls. My other hand fumbled about to stroke my own.
Suddenly he cried, "Here, this is for you!" and
squirted consecutive arcs of cum over his T-shirt up to
his chin, and down to his fur.

We sat absorbing the afterglow and discussed the
mortifying disturbance. I guess he was trying to
untangle himself when he claimed sadly, that I had
enticed him back at the center. I assured him I would
never hold him responsible.

It happened! It's over I think... except when my wife
and I make love. She asks for a blow-by-blow chronicle
of that afternoon when she decided to get the kid
herself... since I didn't come home on time. I mean
right in the middle of fucking, she quizzes me...

And I tell her!

My loving - friend - and confidant suffers no ill. As a
matter of fact, the experience compliments our sex

Recently, she insisted on sucking me in the car;
unusual for my conservative wife. Sometime, when we
masturbate together, she tempts me to describe my same-
sex fantasies to her. During a family vacation to the
mountains, she stood naked in our chalet, and covered
her pussy with her hand. I knelt, then she tugged my
head and pumped her thumb into my mouth.

I never saw my graceful, cock-jock again but I search
for him whenever I'm at the center. I need to hold his
cock and watch his expression as he spurts love his
juice. I'd worship that, just one more cheatin' time.

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