Campsite Fuck

its kinda dark out and getting cold, and no one else has shown up. But you see a light a little bit off from you and realize there's someone else camping nearby. so you head over to see what they are doing. Its an older guy, sitting by himself. He sees you and smiles and invites you to sit down and offers you some water. You sit down near him and start talking, but he's gradually moving closer to you as you talk. eventually he's so close you can feel the warmth from his body.

he suggests you sit next to each other to keep warm, and he moves right next to you and puts his arm around you. Thats when you notice the bulge in his pants. And he sees that you are looking at it and smiles... and reaches over and feels your cock, which is getting very hard very fast. before you can say anything he pushes you down on the ground, gets on top of you, and starts to make out with you. You can feel his hardon pressing against you. You try to push him off but you suddenly feel dizy and weak, and realize there must have been something in the water. The last thing you see is him smiling down at you.

you wake up and its totally dark, but you are moving around. You suddenly realize you are stuck inside a sleeping bag and its being dragged somewhere. And you also realize your clothes are gone. You're naked, inside a sleeping bag.

All of a sudden the bag stops moving, and bright sunlight streams in. You climb out of the bag. The guy is there, wearing only a pair of jeans, and he's definitely got a hardon. And you standing there, completely naked, outside, with this half naked guy with a huge bulge in his suddenly feel your cock start to stand up.

he tells you you have a 5 second head start and then he's coming after you.

you start running, totally naked, through the woods, with your cock bouncing up and down with every step you take. But you dont make it too far before he grabs you from behind. He spins you around, and forces you down to your knees. And you watch as he slowly unzips his pants right in front of your face. And his cock springs out almost hitting you in the face. The next thing you know his cock is rubbing all over your face, getting precum all over it. And you cant help yourself, you lick some of the precum off your lips. He sess that and smiles down at you, and then shoves his cock into your mouth. He starts to fuck your face....sliding his cock and out of your mouth. He's groaning...and rubbing his foot against your stiff cock.
A few more minutes and suddenly he grunts, pulling his cock out of your mouth, and he starts to cum, spurting all over your face. In a few seconds you have his warm cum dripping down your face, off your chin, onto your chest.

he smiles down at you, picks you up, and tells you not to bother wiping the cum off, because he's going to be putting more on. He doesnt even bother to zip up his pants, he just turns around and walks away with his cock hanging out and dripping some cum. He says over his shoulder that if you dont want to be lost naked in the woods, you better follow him. So, you walk behind him, naked, with his cum dripping down your face, wondering what you will do next. And your cock is still hard, aching to shoot a load.

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