Never Before

Before this day, I would’ve never guessed my life would turn out like this. I imagined that I’d grow up, be successful, have a few kids, and be married to a gorgeous woman, who I’d grow old, and die with. I suppose it’d be strange now to think such things huh?

I never even planned for it to happen, it sort of just…did. For a few months, I worked at Barley’s. It’s an eat-in diner close to where I live. We always have genuine customer service there. We smile, we laugh, and talk with our customers. We literally try to get to know them in a way. Well, one day I was working the mid-day shift when this guy walks in. He’s no taller than 5’ 7. He’s got a build to him, not really a muscle-bound build, but you could tell he kept himself in good shape. He was Caucasian, and no older than 18. He had his hair cut to a short wave length, and a trim mustache. His eyes sparkled like blue diamonds. Before this day, I always admired the females that walked in to the diner. I was caught flirting with them on more than one occasion. But strangely enough, when this kid walked in, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Something in my body told me I should, but I continued to gloss him over, in the most sensual ways possible.

I think I was more than obvious, which I often tend to be. Even with the ladies, I’m generally blunt, and this guy was no different. He could tell from my stare that I had it in for him, and strangely enough, I didn’t know why. Sure, he was attractive, but he was a guy, and I am a guy. Exactly why would I be so interested in him was beyond me. He came up to me, we spoke, and I offered my genuine kindness that I usually do for customers. He bought Barley’s Knapp Sandwich, and a Root Beer Float. He sat down at a table not to far from my cashier’s position, and began to eat. He finished his meal in a half hour, but didn’t leave. He pulled out a book, one I can’t clearly remember, and started to read. Moments later, he started to write. When the waitress went to his table to ask him if he was finished, he replied, “No” and ordered a few cups of coffee.

The guy stayed in our restaurant for nearly two hours. My shift was coming to an end, and I could hear the other waitresses in the back gossiping about him. Saying that maybe he was staying because he admired one of them. Maybe there was a certain girl he had an eye on, and he was too shy to come out about it. Each one of them would’ve given a right arm for it to be them, but were afraid to say it out loud. I love pussy as much as the next guy, so why was I hoping that their assumptions weren’t true? Why was I hoping that I was the one he had his eye on? I heard our counter bell ring, and immediately knew what it meant: My shift was over, and it was time for me to go home. I looked over at the table where he had sat, and noticed that he wasn’t there anymore.

‘He must’ve finally left’ was my first thought, even though silently I was praying that I was wrong. I went into the back, and removed my work clothes. I said goodbye to my co-workers, and prepared to leave, but before I could leave, I had a sudden urgency that I had to take care of. I needed to pee. Since I was off the clock, I couldn’t use the employee restroom, so I settled for the customer one. The bathrooms were always kept neat. They were mopped 2 times a day, and scrubbed down accordingly. They always smelled of a fresh scented Pine Sol, and the earthy smell of flowers from our air fresheners. The bathroom was relatively wide, but decently small. It had about 4 stalls, and three standing urinals, plus a 5-person hand-washing sink. I went into a stall, and closed the door behind me. I unzipped my pants, and started letting it fly. I must’ve had to go badly because after only 5 seconds I was far too into it. My head flung back as the urine kept flooding out. To the point where I didn’t even hear my stall door open. The last few seconds of pissing felt like the last moments of a quick orgasm. I tucked my cock back into my pants, and flushed the toilet, only to turn around and face the guy whom I had my eye on for hours. I leaped back out of initial fear, but he grabbed me and covered my mouth.

“Sshh, don’t scream” he said, “I’m not here to hurt you.”

“What do you want?” I asked. My voice trembling, but I wasn’t sure if it were fear or excitement. The guy licked his lips in anticipation as if he’d been wanting to say this to me all the while we were out in the diner.

“I want you.” He whispered to me. His breath grazing my ear as his words came forth. I felt a weakness in my knees, and a quiver in my throat. I didn’t even answer him back; I just began to slowly remove his pants from his lower body.

Our bodies were closely entwined to each other, both of our voices moist in each other’s presence. The very idea of this kind of closeness, this sense of danger, excitement, and sexual passion between us in this very moment was almost too much to believe. And almost too much to contain. We kissed. Our bodies lit aflame at the long awaited embrace of our lips. His body was crested in hard work. He worked out obviously, but small scars showed that he was a extremist, and that excited me further.

My mind still couldn’t fathom the idea that I was in a bathroom stall, making out with another guy while stroking his penis in my hand. For some reason, still unknown to me, I was enjoying it. I slowly slipped down to my knees, and locked eyes with a gorgeous instrument of passion and lust. His thick white meat of a cock stood its erect 8 inches in my face, and my tongue could only oblige by stuffing it full. I went to deep throat him first, not realizing how difficult a task that was. I yanked myself back, and began again slowly. Licking the head, and sides, and warming his smooth cock to the taste of my mouth and throat. He loved it. In mere seconds, his hand was on the back of my head trying to force more of his cock into my mouth. He moaned loudly, but only loud enough for us to hear, or the unfortunate individuals who happened to be in the same vicinity. I decided to try, and deep throat him again, but again was unsuccessful, but I don’t believe he cared. The effort I put forth was more than enough to raise him over the edge. He yanked his cock back, and plunged it back into my mouth with incredible vigor. For a few more seconds, he fucked my face incessantly. His adolescent pubes graving the tip of my nose each time he pulled back in. Then, he yanked his cock out again, and plunged it deep down my throat. I had finally deep throated him, and I loved it. His legs began to buckle as I realized he was releasing his semen down my throat. I felt the jizz spasm down my throat as I struggled to adjust to the taste of it. He pulled his dick out of my mouth when he was done. His body slid away from me as he tried to balance himself from the orgasm he just experienced.

“That was amazing.” He whispered. I could only smile. Stunned at what I just did. For the first time in my life, I sucked another man’s dick and swallowed his load. And I think worst than that, was the fact that I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. His cock was dripping wet from my saliva, and losing its hardness. The look in those sparkling eyes told me that he didn’t want it to end here. He wanted more, and truthfully, so did I. I stood up off my knees, as he removed my pants and boxers from my ankles, and lifted my sculpted 5’8 frame against a wall. My legs wrapped around his waist instantly as if I’d known what to do. His ass curved perfectly to the weight of my calves. Everything about him stimulated my sexual appetite further than it may ever have been. Now, is when I should’ve been more afraid than I was. I had never been penetrated in the ass before, so I wasn’t sure how it would feel, or if it would hurt, swell, burn, or itch or anything.

I saw his member rise back to its full girth at the sight of my puckering asshole. It wasn’t until now that I realized how sweet of an ass I have. I pressed my arms against his shoulders to pause him for a moment. “Wait!” I whispered. As bad as we both wanted it, I couldn’t let it continue without knowing one thing. “Who are you? What is your name?” I asked him.

I would’ve guessed that at the moment, the questioned would’ve startled him, but he only smiled gingerly, and responded, “I’m Bryant”.


“Kris. I know.” Bryant interrupted. “I’ve wanted you for so long, but wasn’t sure if I could have you. That’s why I finally got up the nerve to come to your job today.” He explained. The deepness of his eyes couldn’t compel me to reject him even if I wanted to. Even if by now I decided that this had gone too far, and I was not this sort of person…I couldn’t. I wanted it more than maybe even he did. My legs found their way back across Bryant’s gorgeous ass, and I felt the hardness of his prick edge towards my asshole.

“Go slow” I whispered. Bryant nodded, and slipped his cock head into my ass first. Pain wrenched my face as my ass was undertaken by this heavy white meat. Bryant pushed a little further, but as my cries of agony grew louder, he withdrew. Waited for me to settle down, and tried again. After about 10 minutes of slow fucking, the entire length of Bryant’s cock had found it’s way inside of me. He had buried his cock in me down to his balls. Once I adjusted to the size, he began to do swift long strokes.

My moans had reached momentous heights. At this moment, I couldn’t have cared who heard, who walked in, or who disapproved. I was drowning in the power of this cock. Bryant started to gain momentum, and began plowing my ass with his dick. I was in ecstasy. The furious sound of his balls smacking against my ass was unbelievable. I grabbed his head, made him look at me and kissed him on his lips. My legs still clenched themselves around the structure of Bryant’s insatiable body. He teased my hardened nipples with his tongue, as he held one of my legs over his shoulders and drilled into me further.

He started shrieking with delight at the feel of my incredibly tight ass. He wasn’t slowing down either. He clenched my ass with his nails, and drove deep into me, with 7 or 8 hard, quick, painful strokes into my ass with this massive dick of his. My mouth stayed wide open at the feel of this plunder. I was jerking my cock off at the same time, and released my orgasm on both mine and Bryant’s chest. Now Bryant had both my legs over his shoulders, and he was plummeting my ass with all the strength he had. It felt so good that tears began to fall from my face.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was being fucked by another guy, and I was loving it. Finally, I could sense Bryant preparing to finalize this session. His voice began to rise with every thrust, and 10 seconds later, he was filling my ass with hot sticky cum juice. We both panted hard, as Bryant released my legs. Standing up, I looked Bryant in the eye and kissed him. I was never happier in my life than that day.

Ever since then, Bryant and I have fucked on many occasions. Sometimes at my job, or his job, or in his car. Until we were both 26, and then we moved in together.

I look back on it now, and can’t understand how I let it happen. I wanted a life with a wife and kids, and I ended up with a terrific guy, whom I love dearly. I suppose it’d be stupid to see things differently now huh?

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