Small Town, Nice Big Cocks

I had been traveling in the Far Western U.S. for a
week, a few days longer. Although with a nice, friendly
lady who pleasured me as I pleasured her most every
night, sometimes in the day, I was horny for some dick.
She sucked me. I licked and fondled her tits, ate her
pussy. We fucked, in her cunt, her ass, between her
ample titties, but cock was on my mind.

We were busy sightseeing all day every day, usually
tired in the evenings, but not too tired to get each
other off, then cuddle in bed swapping our cum in our
mouths. Often in the mornings we took advantage of my
wake up wood to enjoy a fresh cum - her usual two or
more, my one big, healthy series of jism shots filling
her quim or back-hole with lots of creamy juice.

We arrived finally in a small town, really small town
in California. The name of the town I will not reveal
to protect the guilty, and to save the good cock there,
selfishly for me. I am sure though I am not the first,
nor will I be the last to be sacked by the few men in
the town.

We hit town, checked into our accommodations, and
headed for the nearby wild desert to enjoy the scenery.
Before leaving we made arrangements with Bill - the
owner, manager, cook, and busboy - hardly a boy - of
the only restaurant in town. He promised he would wait
up for us if we got back later than his usual dinner
preparation and serving hour. I thought that was a bit
unusual and told him there was no need, we would catch
a meal somewhere before coming back to the town if we
saw we were going to be late. He insisted, so I agreed,
still thinking it was a bit odd though.

While waiting for my travel companion to get dressed,
isn't that always the case, I walked around the small
town area. Coming around a corner I heard before they
realized I was there, the restaurant guy - Bill - and
another fellow - Jim - who had shown us to our room,
talking with one of the few women in the town. Jim had
given me an interesting, or perhaps interested look,
while showing us to our room. Bill, I think it was, had
just said to the rather ragged out looking woman, "So
you gave up your pussy just to have a place to stay?"

She agreed, chuckling and answering the usual response,
"A girl has to do what a girl has to do."

As I rounded the corner, not to embarrass them or to
interfere with their chat, I interjected into the
conversation, "Haven't we all given up some, and traded
a little sex for something we need or want?"

Bill nodded in greeting. Jim nodded, more in agreement,
it seemed, and gave me the look again.

I sat and talked with the guys after the woman left.
Soon my woman appeared ready for a tour of the desert,
and we left.

We got back late of course, and hungry. We went to the
restaurant although we could see no lights inside. Bill
was sitting on a sofa watching a video on a small TV.
He clicked to a regular channel as we opened and
entered the door. He brought us a menu and two glasses
of welcome water, told us to have a seat at any of the
tables since we were the only visitors that night. We
ordered his specialty and chatted while Bill prepared
and served our meals.

The food was delicious. While we ate, Bill went back to
watching the video, but with no audible sound to us.

Being a rather smart mouth Eastern guy, I guess, and a
jokester, often with innuendos, I praised the meal,
giving Bill a left handed compliment. "Bill," I said,
"that meal was delicious. If you turn your underwear
around, I'll marry you."

Bill grinned, removing the empty dishes and glasses
from the table, and answered, "That can be arranged."

"I guess so," I added. "It must be lonely out here in
such a small town. How many people live here anyway?"

"Ten of us," he answered, "and we do get tired of the
same old stuff."

"Well, too bad we are only here for the night," I said.
"We might work out something for a few more of these
meals if we were staying longer, and something like
marriage too, some new stuff for you."

He just chuckled.

My travel partner and I left the restaurant, found the
hot tub, fired it up, stripped, sat naked for awhile,
and played a bit while emptying a bottle of wine. Then
she declined, claiming much fatigue after the drive and
some walking in the desert. Hard as a rock, my cock
leaking pre-cum into the tub, I told her I was going to
bask in the tub a bit more before coming to bed. She
left, went to our room and was no doubt soon asleep.

I got out of the tub still naked and headed for the
room my towel slung over my shoulder. As I rounded the
corner of the building, I saw lights on in the
restaurant and the flickering of the TV. I wrapped the
towel around my waist and cinched it up, headed for the
restaurant, thinking I might have a nightcap with Bill,
or more. My erection was tenting the towel.

I opened the restaurant door, never locked I guess, and
entered. Bill was sitting on the sofa again, naked also
this time and stroking his cock as he watched a video
of three men getting it on together.

"Hey," he said, "thought you might come back." Wasting
no time, he added, "Come over here and sit with me.
Help me with this," he added, shaking his hard meat at

How could I resist such an invitation. I sat beside him
and took over with my hand what he had been doing with
his hand. His cock, like mine was average length - 6
1/2-7 inches, circumcised, but thicker than mine. His
big balls, the size of well-developed walnuts, hung
loose in his hairy sack, the hair matching but thinner
arrayed than his mass of dark public hair setting off
his jutting, slick meat stick.

He reached underneath my towel and started stroking me.
Leaning close we talked. He learned what I liked and
wanted. I learned what he liked and wanted. We both
liked and wanted what we heard.

"Get down here then," he said, "between my legs and
suck me." He tossed a pillow on the floor for my knees.
I knelt on the pillow, grasped his rod at the root, and
cupped his nuts. I kissed his flared crown, licked off
the dollop of pre-cum bubbling from his slit. It tasted
good. Clean cock, slimy, clear juice. I covered his
mushroom head with my lips, tongued his slit, feeling,
tasting more of his natural lube. I swirled my tongue
around his knob end, feeling the ridge between his
cockhead and shaft.

Extending my tongue along the thick vein on the
underside of his cock, I slid more of his throbbing rod
into my mouth, to the back of my throat, coating my
tongue with his pre-cum, tasting it, feeling it.
Breathing through my nose, I swallowed. His helmet
entered my throat. Fondling his balls, I held his cock
there, gulping.

"Umnh, oh," he moaned. "Ahh. Done this before," he

"Umnh, muff, glub," I answered, mouth filled with his
hard yet soft fleshy, smooth meat. I shook my head up
and down, both answering him with the head gesture and
sliding his cock in my mouth. Saliva dripped down my

I moved up slowly, sucking, licking, swallowing his
copiously flowing juice. His legs shaking, he held the
sides of my face and humped up, then relaxed fucking my
face in time with my movements on his pulsing pole.
When I felt him close to cumming, I eased my mouth off
his cock, squeezed the base gently, still massaging his
balls, letting his urgency fade a bit. I kissed,
licked, mouthed his balls. I worked his cock and balls
like that for 15 minutes or so, until he said, "Oooh,
oooh, I can't take it anymore. I want to fuck you. May
I fuck you?"

I let his cock slide out of my mouth and stood. He got
off the sofa and guided me to kneel on it. He pressed
on my shoulder leaning me on the back of the sofa. He
went down and kissed, licked my butt cheeks, then
licked my crack, tongued, rimmed my puckered,
quivering, brown hole. He kissed, tongued my asshole.
Then he backed away, came up with some lube. He
squirted it onto his fingers as I looked over my
shoulder at him. He eased a finger into me, another,
another, worked my rectum, opening it for his fat cock.

My dick had been leaking pre-cum on the floor while I
sucked him. Now it was leaking onto a towel he had
covering the sofa underneath me. He reached around and
stroked me with his other hand while fingering my ass.
Then his knob was at my back door.

"Umnh, umnh, oooh yeah," he breathed into my ear.
"Relax, relax, take it."

"Wait, wait," I said urgently. "We need a rubber."

"I don't think so," he said. "There are so few of us
here, we are clean. If you are clean too which I
believe you probably are since you have a woman with
you, we fuck without a condom, bareback. Much better
that way."

"It is," I agreed, "but it has been so long. You sure
it is okay?"

"It is okay with me as long as it is okay with you," he

Eloquent as all get out in my horniness, I said, "Okay.
Fuck me."

He pushed his cock up against my tight orifice again. I
sat back toward him.

"Ungh," I grunted. "Oh, oh, ungh."

His thick, blunt mushroom head breached my anal
opening, ovaling it around his stiff invader.

"Aaaaaaaah," I breathed as his cock slid right up into

His public hairs pressed into the crack of my ass, his
balls rested against mine. He was all the way in with
one smooth, insistent stroke.

"Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah," I breathed, "fuck me. Fuck my

Bill wormed his cock around in my hole. He adjusted,
readjusted, got it just right, working my hole open
like a pussy to fuck. This man knew how to fuck a man

With his cock buried in me, he played with my erect
nipples, stroked my cock, fondled my balls. He kissed
me on the back of my neck, on my shoulders. He withdrew
his cock slowly until only the helmet was lodged at my
stretched sphincter. Still kissing, feeling me with his
hands, he arched his lower body toward me, driving his
cock back into my man-pussy. Slowly, he set a rhythm,
moving back and forth, in and out, fucking up into me
and pulling back.

My cock, fully erect again, was bobbing up and down,
slinging pre-cum onto the towel, the back of the sofa,
on my stomach, balls, legs, on him as he held onto my
shoulders and slammed his cock into my man-cunt. I
thought it was about over. His cock was throbbing,
pulsing, jerking in me. He was going to cum. I was too.

I had laid my head on the back of the sofa, loving the
hard fucking. I felt a gentle hand touch the back of my
head, two hands on my cheeks, lifting my face. Right
there before my eyes was Jim, his long, uncut cock, the
knob covered still by skin as he was semi-erect. His
pubic hairs outlined the root of his meat and lightly
fuzzed his big, hanging ball sack.

"Suck it man. Suck my cock," Jim said, lifting it,
rubbing it on my face, lips.

"Umnh, yeah," I said.

Jim peeled back the skin covering. He revealed his
pink, slick knob. I licked it, tasted his man musk,
slurped the pre-cum bubbling on the head, closed my
lips over it and pushed the foreskin back further.

Behind me, his cock buried to the hilt in me, Bill
waited patiently. I moved my head up and down sucking
on Jim's stiffening meat. He pulled the fleshy skin
back, locking it behind his bulbous head. As Bill
resumed a now gentler rocking back and forth in my
asshole, Jim moved his hips back and forth fucking my
face with his long, thin cock.

Pre-cum and saliva drooled from my mouth. Bill's cock
squished in my still tight pussy, stretched around his
thick cock as he fucked me more. Bill reached around
again to stroke my cock. Moving his hand faster, his
cock faster in my hole, he pumped until I started
shooting my cum. I felt the long, ropy strings of my
jism jetting out of my cockhead, then the clear juice
at the end of my cum oozing over Bill's hand.

Bill fucked furiously into me. Slamming his cock back
and forth he flooded my bowels with his spunk. I felt
each thrust, each shot as he pumped me full of his hot,
creamy cum.

Bill held his still stiff cock deep up into me,
draining every drop into my twitching, grasping and
releasing hole. Then he eased out with a juicy plop.
Some of his cum slithered over my balls, down the
inside of my legs. He and Jim switched places as I
relaxed on the sofa in the afterglow of the glorious
mouth and ass-fucking.

Bill brought his slimy cock to my mouth. As I cleaned
it with my lips and tongue, Jim mounted me and slid his
cock into my splayed open gushy hole. They fucked, Bill
in my mouth, Jim in my ass, Jim stroking my tender cock
back to erection, feeling my balls. Jim added his cum
to my filled asshole.

I laid over on the sofa, panting after cumming for the
second time from Jim fucking my ass, Bill my mouth.
They got onto the floor into a 69, sucking each other.
I watched them for awhile, hoping for more, then
realized I was wasted, fucked out. I got to my feet,
told them goodnight and wobbled away to my room and to
bed. They hardly broke their mutual sucking rhythm,
just waved a free hand each at me as I left.

[Maybe we can fuck, suck more at breakfast. Maybe I
will stay for lunch, dinner again.]

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